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Dictation.-If you prise open the lid of the box you will find the prize there. She pries about very cautiously. He spoke as a prophet when he told me I should gain no profit frora the transaction. The rain began to pour, so I drew rein and put up at the next inn. I bought a quire of music for the choir. Lesson 95.– Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply nine thousand, seven hundred and six pounds and three halfpence by 59, 65, 98. (2) 257,896 x 826, and prove.

(3) John has five half-crowns and a threepenny piece in his pocket, and Frank has 12 sixpences and three halfpence. Who has the most, and by how much ?

TWENTIETH WEEK. Legson 96.-Learn for Monday Morning.

ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH. Be very careful to speak the truth, and beware of lying. Lying is displeasing to God, and offensive to man, and no trust can be placed in a liar. Be careful that you do not believe strange news, and strange stories, and be still more careful that you do not repeat them.-Sir M. Hale. The real nobility of birth, The very crown of centre worth,

To age, maturity, or youth, Is easy, guileless, open truth.

OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XXV., verses 14–20. Lesson 97.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* In the voyagel the ship came to an island, and the captain3 went on shore. The king invited him to dine at his palace ;? and the captain was surprised to find numbers of rats and mice running about. He sent for puss, who soon scared or drove them away, and the king was so pleased with her performance, that he offered the captain a large amountio of money for her.

voyage, a journey by sea. 2 island, land surrounded by water. tain, the master or chief officer of a ship, &c. 4 on shore, on land.

5 invited, asked, 6 dine, get dinner, palace, the residence of a king. 8 scared, frightened. o performance, things done. 10 amount, sum. Lesson 98.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £379 18s. 104d. by 38, 47, 68, 53. (2) How much must I pay for 6 lbs. cheese at 8}d. per lb.; 4 lbé. currants at 3}d. per lb. ; 3 lbs. tea at 3s. 74d. per Ib., and 15 stone of flour at 2s. 114 d. per stone ? (3) Take the half of two-and-sixpence from three crowns.


3 cap ...did rap

.a way


Lesson 99.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. rapt..... ..enraptured rode did ride rapped

road wrapped ... did wrap rood ..the 4th part of an right .just rite ....a ceremony rude ......rough write .to express by root ......of a tree or plant

writing route.. ... Way, direction wright

..... a workman Dictation.-The sailors were so reckless that the vessel became a total wreck. Wrap up your knuckles before you rap on the table, or you will hurt them. Tyrants wrest from the people their rights and give them no rest. The poet made a rhyme on the rime-covered hills.




Lesson 100.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £2,789 8s. 10 d. by 76, 86, 47, 93.

(2) Find the difference between thirty thousand seven hun. dred pounds and £19,097 11s. 103d. (3) 827,649-378. (4) What do a week's wages come to at 5s. 4d. per day?

TWENTY-FIRST WEEK. Lesson 101.-Learn for Monday Morning.

EARTH HAS ITS JOYS. Earth has its joys : let fools main- But when returned to earth again,

Mute is her animating strain. That every earthly wish is vain,

Yet, though the lark exults in air, That all our thoughts should ever

Her chiefest pleasures rise,

there ; Far from the earth towards the

Her home delights on carth are skies.

found ; The lark when into air she springs, She builds her nest upon the Sings as she soars, soars as she sings; ground.

OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt. XXV., verses 20-23. Lesson 102.—Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* Some of your playmates may be idle, proud, cruel, selfish, and revengeful ;1 others may be diligent, humble, kind-hearted, generous, and forgiving. A boy's companions may encourage him in all that is good, cr may lead him astrays into all that is evil and wicked. If you are at school pick your road among your school-fellows, and keep your character unsullied.



3 I revengeful, wishful to do harm to any one in return. generous, liberal, giving freely. 3 companions, friends. encourage, help and cheer on. o lead astray, lead from the right way. & unsullied, pure, good. Lesson 103.— Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £478 1s. 9 d. x 620, 540. (2) £294 12s. 0fd. 790, 380. (3) If you have three guineas and I have eighteen half-crowns, who has the most, and by how much?

(4) Mary's father earns £1 4s. 5d. per week ; how much is that in a year ? Lesson 104.–Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. rote.... .to get off by heart sale .... the act of selling wrote ..did write


.....of a ship rung......... did ring

seed ..that which is sown wrung ... did wring

cede ...... to give up rye ......... a kind of grain seem appear wry ......... crooked

seam ...... a kind of sewing Dictation.—War wrings the heart, but peace rings the bells. Two travellers rode rapidly along the road. What a rude, uncultivated piece of ground that rood of land is ! The fantastic root of a tree stands on the direct route to the town. Our guide piqued himself on being the first who had ascended the peak. Lesson 105.-Friday Morning Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply five hundred pounds thirteen shillings and sevenpence farthing by 750, 680, 490.

(2) I bought a horse for £23 138., and then sold it for two cows worth £15 Os. 6d. each. How much did I gain ?

(3) What does the following come to : 108lbs. tea at 4s. 3}d.; 741bs. currants at 5d. ; 43lbs. soap at 31d. ?

Lesson 106.-Learn for Monday Morning.

From the low prayer of want and plaint of woe

O never, never turn away thine ear !
Forlorn, in this bleak wilderness below,

Oh! what were men, should heaven refuse to hear ?
To others do—the law is not severe-

What to thyself thou wishest to be done ;
Forgive thy foes, and love thy parents dear,

And friends and native land-nor these alone;

All human weal and woe learn thou to make thine own. OR ELSE LEARN St. Matt XXV., verses 24–30. Beattic.

Lesson 107.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

It is high time to write about my birthday, for my grey hairs tell me there must needs be some uncertainty? as to its return. An hour ago the postman gave his spirited? double rap at the door, and my table is tolerably well covered with letters and packages, the winged messengers of friendship, and the kind offerings of affection and interest.8

1 high time, quite time. ? uncertainty, something not sure or certain. spirited, lively. 4 tolerably, moderately. packages, small parcels. o winged messengers, because letters are sent quickly from one place to another as though they flew. ? affection, love. 8 interest, concern.



Lesson 108.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £872 198. 11d. x 390, 470, 660. (2) £1,006 — 1,006s. (3) Add £30, 30s., 30d., and 30f., and take 3 florins from the


Lesson 109.—Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. sees. beholds

scene. ..a view or prospect seas ..plural of sea sell

to give for money seize to take by force cell ......a cellar, a prison see to behold


...... a hundred sea .the ocean

sew ...... to join with a needle seen ...beheld

SOW ...... to scatter seed Dictation.-It is quite riyht for you to go and see the marriage rite performed. Write a letter to your uncle, the wheel. wright, about it. He made a wry face when his mother gave him a piece of rye bread. I bought a sail for my boat at the sale of the old ship. Can you repeat by rote the verses I wrote out for you ?

Lesson 110.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply two thousand and ninety-nine pounds nineteen shillings and a farthing by 9, 99, 990.

(2) What do 26 gallons of brandy come to at 18s. 41d. per gallon, and 19 pints of wine at 58. 6d. per pint ?

(3) Divide ten thousand pence among eighty-nine boys.

TWENTY-THIRD WEEK. Lesson 111.-Learn for Monday Morning.

THE TRUTH. Why should you fear the truth to So long as you your crime conceal, Does falsehood ever do so well? (tell? You cannot light and gladsome feel: Can you be satisfied to know Your little heart will seem oppress'd, There's something wrong to hide As if a weight were on your breast; below?

And e'en your mother's eye to meet let your fault be what it may, Will tinge your face with shame To own it is the happy way.

and heat. OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke XIII., verses 24–30.


Lesson 112.-Tuesday Morning. Dictation,

Middle age? is a time of action, and it is important to lay up knowledge and wisdom in youth,4 that we may act well and wisely in these after days. Old age is the evening or winter of life. It is dimmed 5 with the shadows of coming night, or chilled by the frost of coming death ; yet it is not a period from which we should shrink,8 unless, indeed, we have wasted our time.

I middle age, a man's life from about 30 to 45.2 action, doing. 3 knowledge, learning. * youth, early life. 6 dimmed, made sad. 6 chilled, stawed made sorrowfui. ? period, time. 8 shrink, turn away in fear. Lesson 113,–Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £389 16s. 04d. by 243, 651. (2) 286,485; 938.

(3) Mr. Wilks paid Mr. Johnson 10 five-pound notes; seven sovereigns; 3 half-sovereigns ; 3 crowns; 5 half-crowns ; 13 shillings and 3 sixpences. How much did he pay altogether ?

(4) What do 19,000 bricks come to at 158. 111d. per thousand ? Lesson 114.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. sight........ appearance, a thing | slow .....not quick

sole ..only, part of the foot, site .situation

a flat fish cite summon


......the spirit. sleight. .a trick

shear clip slight weak, small, to think sheer

pure, unmixed little of


...... a prop sloe .........a wild plum shore...

...... the coast Dictation.-The seam does not seem to be well sown. The pirate thinks he may seize on everything he sees on the open seas. You may see the sea from the top of the hill. The prisoner was allowed to sell me some little carved images he had made in his cell. This is the most beautiful scene I have ever seen.


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