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There never was heard a much lustier5 shout,
As the apples and oranges trundled about ;
And the urchins that stand, with their thievish eyes

For ever on watch, ran to catch each a prize. 1 bustle, hurry and noise. ? whisking, sweeping. 3 merciless, without taking any care. * squalls, gusts of wind. 6 lustier, louder and merrier.

trundled, rolled. ? urchins, children. Lesson 73.— Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £876 12s. 94d. by 20, 30, 40, 50.

(2) How much must be taken from £40 138. 61d. to make it £19 18s. 73d.

(3) Take £8,000 and eightpence from £10,000 0s. Ofd. Lesson 74.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn, nave ...... the middle of a


...... time of darkness wheel

knight.... a title of honour knave......a rogue

not a word of denial need ...want

knot ......a tie, a difficulty knead work dough

for rowing with new.. .fresh, novel, unused o'er..

.......over knew ...... did know

...unrefined metal Dictation. The flowery mead sends forth its meed of praise. The lady's mien was noble, though her dress was mean. A mote flew into my eye out of the dry moat. I went and sauntered on the cliff to watch the sea-mews circling around, and to muse on the changes of weather. Lesson 75.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £3,976 10s. 31d. by 40, 50, 60, 70.

(2) A gentleman has £250 per year, and wishes to save £60. How much has he to spend ? (3) Add together the answers to all the multiplication sums.

SIXTEENTH WEEK. Lesson 76.-Learn for Monday Morning.

ON BEING GOOD. It is never too soon to be good ; and it is never too late to amend. I will not, therefore, neglect the time present, nor despair of the time past. If I had been soonor good, I might, perhaps, have been better; if I am longer bad, I shall, I am sure, become worse.- - Warwick. 'Tis not enough to say,

1 “We're sorry, and repent,”

Yet still go on from day to day

Just as we always went.

Lesson 77.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* There was a certain slave named An'-dro-clēs, who was so ill-treated by his master that his life became insupportable.? Finding no remedy for what he suffered, he at length said to himself, “It is better to die than to continue to live in such hardships and misery4 as I am obliged to suffer. I am determined,5 therefore, to endeavour to run away from my master.

1 ill-treated, badly used. ? insupportable, unbearable. s remedy, cure. • misery, great trouble. 5 deter.nined, resolved. 6 endeavour, to try Lesson 78.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply four thousand and ninety pounds by 60, 70, 80. (2) Subtract the least of the above answers from the greatest.

(3) Divide 97,862 by 879, and prove the answer. Lesson 79.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. pale ..... whitish, an enclosure cut off the skin pail a wooden vessel pair ......a couple pane......a square of glass pear

.a fruit pain......ache


.... the feet of a beast palette..a board for painters' pause ..... to stop colours

peace...... rest, quiet pallet ...a small, mean bed piece.. part

Dictation.—The bleeding stag uttered a moun as he fell bleeding in the mown field. You need not knead the dough so much. I should kuow the old knight even in the dark night. That knave of a fellow broke the nave of the waggon-wheel through his carelessness.


Lesson 80.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply forty-six thousand and eight pounds five shillings and three farthings by 70, 80, 90, 100.

(2) What change will there be out of a £5 note after spending 9s. 2 d., 13s. 54d., Is. 644., 11d., and 19s. 5d.

SEVENTEENTH WEEK. Lesson 81.-Learn for Monday Morning:

ON BAD THOUGHTS, Be very careful not to lodge any evil thoughts in thy mind. Remember that though men say "Thoughts are free,” yet they ON BAD THOUGHTS--Continued. are known by God, and are not free from His law, which binds the heart, nor from His justice, which will call us to account for wicked thoughts. Let it be thy care to crush bad thoughts as soon as they arise.—Cradock.

Never forget that bad thoughts quickly ripen into bad actions.Bishop Porteous,

OR ELSE LEARN St. John XV., verses 9-15.


Lesson 82.- Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* When we come near to the sea, we generally find the trees stunted in growth, and scarcely a plant, à shrub, or flower will flourish3 close by the seashore. We are told that this is owing to the salt water ; and when we look out upon the broad sea, stretching: far away, we fancy, perhaps, that it is like a great desert, with nothing living in it except a few fishes.

stunted, stopped from growing, dwarfed. 2 shrub, a bushy, woody plant. * flourish, grow. + owing to, caused by. 6 stretching, extending. Lesson 83.– Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £ fifty thousand and seventy by 40, 80, 30, 90.

(2) A owes me 870 198. 64d.; B, £6 138. 28.; C, £984 ; D, 175. 10}d. ; E, £82 9s. 17d. ; and F, 100d. How much is due to me?

(3) How much greater is £18 10s. than 45s. 9 d. ?

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...... a fruit

to peep

Lesson 84.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn.
...... a ring of bells


smooth, level peel. skin

plum.. peer a nobleman, an equal, plumb ...a leaden weight

pole ......a long staff, 5ļ yards pier ...... a landing place, a mass poll ...the head, to take of stonework

votes plane ...a carpenter's tool, a prey ...spoil, plunder

level surface, a tree pray ... ... to supplicate Dictation. --She looked quite pale when she dropped her milk pail. He feels great pain from that awkward cut on his finger from the broken pane. Did you ever see a person pare an apple or a pear with a pair of scissors ? Watch Carlo beg ; he sits on his haunches, and then after a pause wags



Lesson 85.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £ twenty-one thousand and twenty-one three and fourpence farthing by 70, 80, 90.

(2) What does the following come to :-40 yds. of cloth, at 68. 11 d. ; 3 pairs gloves, at 2s. 99d. each ; and 12 shirts, at 78. 9d. each?

(3) From one hundred thousand take five hundred and nine, and divide the answer by five thousand and six.

EIGHTEENTH WEEK. Lesson 86.-Learn for Monday Morning.

SPEAK GENTLY. Speak gently-it is better far Teach it in accents soft and mildTo rule by love than fear ;

It may not long remain. Speak gently-let not harsh words

Speak gently to the young, for they The good we might do here.

Will have enough to bear :

Pass through this life as best they Speak gently to the little child,

may, Its love be sure to gain ;

'Tis full of anxious care. OR ELSE LEARN St. John XV., verses 16-22.


Lesson 87.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

The nettle teaches a useful lesson. Grasp it firmly, and it does not sting you, touch it lightly and you feel the pain. Many little trials3 of the world are of the same character. 4 Give way to them, they annoys you; meet them bravely, they injure? you not, for you overcome, and in time completely conquer them.

grasp, seize. a firmly, without fear. 3 trials, troubles. character, of a similar kind or nature.

annoy, trouble.

6 bravely, without fear. ? injure, hurt. conquer,

to master.


4 same



Lesson 88.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £8,647 195. 10 d. by 42, 36, 45, 84. (2) Add together £63, 63 shillings, 63 pence, and 6 farthings.

(3) A coat and waistcoat cost £3 138. 4d., and the waistcoat cost 16s. 9d. What did the coat cost?


Lesson 89.—Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. prize ......... a reward

choir body of singers prise wrench off rain ..water from the clouds pries rule profit ..gain

rein ... part of a bridle prophet who foretells rap...... to strike quire...24 sheets of paper wrap ... to fold in or up

..does pry

Tictation. There will be no peace till you give Tommy a piece of apple. He knew nothing about the new chisel. A peal of laughter arose when the monkey picked up the orange peel and began nibbling it. The mason gave Tommy six plums for fetching his plumb-line. A plane tree grew on the wide plain, Lesson 90.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £60,090 78. 9 d. by 49, 64, 72, 81,

(2) I have 11 half-sovereigns in my pocket, and I buy four hats at 13s. 2}d. each. How much money have I then left ?

NINETEENTH WEEK. Lesson 91.-Learn for Monday Morning.

SPEAK GENTLY_(Continued). Speak gently to the aged one, Perchance, unkindness made them Grieve not the care-worn heart; O win them back again!

(80 ; The sands of life are nearly runLet such in peace depart.

Speak gently, 'tis a little thing

Dropped in the heart's deep well; Speak gently to the erring ones, The good, the joy that it may bring, They must have toiled in vain ; Eternity shall tell.

Bates. OR ELSE LEARN St. Mark XII., verses 1-8. Lesson 92.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

This was repeated by the dog for several days ; but the rogue? was at length detected. It was thought, however, so ingenious* and clevers a thing, that he was permitted to take his regular turn at dinner, and for a long time regularly rung the bell and took his meal with the other beggars ! At last old age prevented him coming for food, and at length he died quite peacefully.

repeated, done again. _ rogue, a sly, cunning person. 3 detected, found out. * ingenious, wise. o clever, sharp. 6 permitted, allowed. Lesson 93.–Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Multiply £3,827 14s. 9fd. by 49, 86, 94. (2) How much will 84 pints of milk cost at 3fd. per pint ?

(3) My income is £200 per year, and I spend £186 13s. 4}d. How much do I save ? Lesson 94.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. raise

wrest ... to wrench or force rays .beams of light

from raze .to pull down rhyme ...similar sounds at read .as a book

ends of verses reed.. .a kind of grass

rime reck to care

ring ......a round figure, to wreck. to ruin, destroy

sound, as a bell rest ..quiet

wring twist, to squeeze

.to lift up

...... hoar frost

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