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Lesson 32.–Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

* But what struck the travellers more than anything else was the hearing a foreign language spoken all around them. Every one was talking, yet not a word could they understand ; they felt that they were indeed in a land of strangers. At length4 Elizabeth reminded them that they must not stand on the quay," and asked if she should inquire the way to an inn.

1 struck, surprised. ? foreign language, the speech of other people than ourselves. 3 indeed, truly. + length, last. quay, a landing-place. 6 inquire, ask. Lesson 33.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £21 188. 9fd. + £3,678 + £146 0s. 104d. +138. 103d. + £500+ £684 13s.+ 198. 9 d. + £6,862 17s. 8}d.+ £484 138. 04d. + £6 10s. 2d. + £49.

(2) £9,000 --- £862 13s. 9 d. (3) £978 Os. 10ļd. - £396 13s. 43. (4) £862 6s. — £82 0s. 10d. (5) 8,621,934 ; 786. Lesson 34.–Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. crews ..ships' companies dye ......colour cruise to sail about

doe...... a female deer dear ..costly, beloved dough ...unbaked paste deer... .an animal

draught..a drawing, a drink, dew. . vapour, moisture

a current of air . die give up life, a draft......a bill of exchange stamp

due.. ..something owing Dictation.-Though I threatened to cite him before a magistrate, he fixed upon a site, and commenced building in my sight. His manners are coarse, and his conversation is, of course, similar. The scent I sent you for your handkerchief cost me ten per cent more than what I charged. Lesson 35.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) A large school cost for building, &c., the following sums ; what was the total cost ? Land, £4,672 3s. 9d. ; mason, £2,684 138. 102d. ; joiner, £573 11s. 91d. ; glazier, £90 0s. 10d.; painter, £82 16s. 10d. ; plumber, £104 133. 28d. ; plasterer, £59 11s. 2d. ; ironmonger, £32 178. 0fd.

(2) £50 — 18s. 101d. (3) £10 6s. 17d. £2 13s. 4£d. (4) From twenty pounds and twopence take half-a-crown. (5) Divide 38,274 by 789, and prove.

EIGHTH WEEK. Lesson 36.-Learn for Monday Morning.

WHO IS THY NEIGHBOUR? Thy neigh-bour? It is he whom Whom hunger sends from door to thou

Hast power to aid and bless, Go thou and suc-cour him.
Whose ach-ing heart or burning brows
Thy sooth-ing hand may press,

Thy neighbour? 'Tis that weary man,

Whose years are at their brim, Thy neighbour? 'Tis the fainting Bent low with sick-ness, cares, and poor,

pain : Whose eye with want is dim, Go thou and com-fort him.

OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke XV., verses 11–17. Lesson 37.—Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

There was a flock of lapwingsl upon a marshya part of the heaths that amused' me much. They kept flying round just over my head, and crying peewit5 so distinctlyo one might fancy they almost spoke. I thought I should have caught one of them, for he flew as if one of his wings were broken, tumbling close to the ground, but as I came near he made a shift? to get away.

1 lapwing, the plover, or peewit. 2 marshy, wet, boggy land. 3 heath, waste land, moor. + amu.sed, pleased. 5 peewit, the cry of the plover. 6 distinctly, plainly. ? made a shift, contrived. Lesson 38.–Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) How many times can 369 be taken from three hundred and sixty-nine thousand and nineteen?

(2) What does the following bill come to : sugar, £1 118. 2 d.; rice, 14s. 61d. ; sago, 198. 101d. ; pepper, 1s. 6d. ; mustard, 28. 41d.; tea, 30s. 10d. ; coffee, 15s. 4fd.; currants, 5s. 9d. ; butter, 78. 6d.

(3) £500 – £50 0s. 04d. (4) £82 198.11d. - £64 18s. 114d.

(5) What change will you get out of 10s., if you pay 4s. 9fd. ? Lesson 39.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. fain .........glad, desirous fare food, cost of confane.. ...a temple

veyance feign .to pretend

flew faint to swoon

flue ....a chimney feint ..a pretence

fore front fair from rain, just, four ..twice two

a market Dictation.-In running up the creek, the vessel struck the ground with such force that the timbers began to creak and strain. At the price I paid for them, the two deer were much too dear. The crews were glad to return after such a long cruise.

.did fly

Lesson 40.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £46 18s. 2 d. £20 19s. 11 d. (2) £392 Os. 0fd. - £80 Os. 4 d.

(3) How much does the following bill come to : coat, £2 198. 6d.; trousers, 188. 10d. ; waistcoat, 78. 3 d.; hat, 5s. 2 d. ; necktie, 2s. 3 d. ; gloves, 3s. 7d. ; silk handkerchief, 5s. 9fd. ; shirt 4s. 114d. ; collar, 7d. ; and boots, 21s. 3d. ?

(4) A gentleman has £350 a year; he spends £204 33. 9{d., and puts the rest in the bank. How much does he save ?

(5) Multiply 78,264 by 30,009, and prove.

NINTH WEEK. Lesson 41.-Learn for Monday Morning.

WHO IS THY NEIGHBOUR—(Continued). Thy neighbour? 'Tis the heart Whose hopes are all beyond the be-reft

grave: Of every earth-ly gem;

Go thou and ran-som him.
Wid-ow and or-phan, help-less left:
Go thou and shel-ter them.

Oh, pass not, pass not heedless by ;

Perhaps thou canst re-deem Thy neighbour? Yon-der toil-ing The break-ing heart from mis-er-y : slave,

Oh, share thy lot with him. Fet-tered in thought and limb,

Anon. OR ELSE LEARN St. Luke XV., verses 18---24.

Lesson 42.-Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

The fly-catcherl is the most silent bird we have. It generally catches its flies in solemn silence, though now and then it may give out a faints and brief: twitter. When its eggs or young are molested, however, it utters, like the robin, a mournful cry; 80 we know that it, too, has a heart to feel, though it has not the powers of pouring out its voice in song like other birds.

Ay-catcher, a kind of bird. 2 solemn silence, perfect stillness. 3 faint, not loud. 4 brief, short. 5 twitter, a noise made by birds. 6 molested, disturbed, touched. mournful, sad, sorrowful. 8 power, ability.

Lesson 43.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) Frank's mother went to the grocer's and spent £2 13s. 4fd. : what change will she get out of a five-pound note ?

(2). Add £309 16s. 8!d.; £2,000 0s. 7įd.; 14s. 6fd.; £7,800 £9 4s. 104d. ; £306 10s. + 178. 113d. ; £8,064 138. 4£d.

(3) From a sovereign subtract three halfpence. (4) £9,000 138. 8 d. - 138, 8fd. (5) £8,600 - £1 118. 30.

Lesson 44,-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn. freeze ......... to turn to ice grate......for holding fire, to frieze ...., a coarse cloth

rub on

a rough gait .manner of walking

surface gate. ....a kind of door guest......a visitor gilt ..covered with gold guessed...judged at random guilt ....sin, crime

hail ..frozen rain, to salute great .large, grand hale ...strong, healthy

Dictation.—The fue took fire and the sparks flew in all directions. The colonel eat the kernel of the walnut and cast away the shell. If you use that poisonous dye in your clothes you will die. Her attempt to faint was a mere feint. Whether it is fair or wet you pay the cabman the same fare. Lesson 45.–Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £397 13s. 81d. + £6,782 178. 8}d. + £4,086 198. 114d. + £10 Os. 100. + £862 138. 9fd. + 198. 13d. + 7{d. + £400+ £6,827 198. 104d.

(2) If I divide thirty-seven millions, six hundred and fortynine thousand, four hundred shillings, among 479 persons, how many will each get? (3) £3,820 8s. 74d. — 368. 7 d.

(4) How much must be added to twenty pounds and sixpence to make it forty pounds and sixpence farthing ?

(5) £397,862 138. Od. - £47,897 198. 08d.

TENTH WEEK. Lesson 46.-Learn for Monday Morning.

HOW TO BE LOVED. The only way to be loved is both to appear lovely and to be 80 ; to poseess and dis-play kind-ness, be-ne-vo-lence, and tender-ness; to be free from sel-fish-ness, and to be alive to the wel-fare of others.—Joy. It is not in the mountain,

But in weak and humble natures Nor the palaces of pride,

His home is ever found, That love will fold his wings up As the lark that sings in heaven, And lovingly abide.

Builds its nest upon the ground. OR ELSE LEARN St. Luko XV., verses 25—32. Blanchard.

Lesson 47.--Tuesday Morning. Dictation.

The musicians, who had heard of this bird-catcher's fame," asked permission to remain ; and the master of the house, who had a great share of good-nature, allowed them to stay. All that we DICTATION-Continued. have heard or seen of learned pigs, goats, dogs, and horses was said to be extinguished 3 in the wonderful wisdom which blazed in the geniuss of this curiouss bird. 1 fame, renown, speaking well of. ? permission, to be allowed.

3 ectinguished, put out, put in the shade. * blazed, shone, showed itself, genius, superior powers. 6curious, singular. Lesson 48.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) From £869 188. 104d. take £9 198. 101d.
(2) From £300 take 1058,
(3) Find the difference between 458. and 45d.
(4) Take five half-crowns from forty florins.

(5) Divide 397,864,206 by 8,369, and prove.
Lesson 49.-Thursday Morning. Write and Learn.
hair .........of the head, &c. heal cure hare animal

heel ........ a part of the foot hall ......... a large room


........ to cut haul .to pull down Hugh ......a man's name hart ...... a stag or male deer hue

.........a colour heart ......the seat of life


.a tree Dictation.-His gait is very awkward, he swings like a gate on its hinges. The hale old man walked six miles through the hail. He found it was freezing so he put on his frieze coat. Guilt was pictured in his face when charged with stealing the gilt mirror. You cannot clean the grate if you make a great fire. Lesson 50.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums.

(1) £6,782 108. + £394 17s. 7d. + £6,485 13s. 109d. + £10 0s. 9£d. + 14s. 6 d. + £21,967 13s. 11}d. + £464 128, 770. + £2,786 178. 11 d. +9fd. +14s. 64d.

(2) John borrowed £34 18s. 6 d.; he paid back 468., and then borrowed £5 178. 102d. How much does he now owe ?

(3) Divide ten thousand and three pounds among nine men.

(4) Take 1 d. from 458., and find the difference between seventeen farthings and 107 shillings.

ELE VENTH WEEK. Lesson 51.-Learn for Monday Morning.

CONTENTMENT IS WEALTH. A poor man who has little, and de-sires no more, is in truth rich-er than the greatest mon-arch who thinks he has not what he should have, or ought to have; or who grieves that there is

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