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Commodore Wilkes, his officers, and the consul, he published a law prohibiting his subjects from making and using intoxicating drinks. The evil by this means has in a good measure been arrested, and order and quiet nearly restored.

Still,” adds the writer, “ we are not without our trials. Romanism has been and is still making considerable progress among us. Its priests are flocking in upon us from France, and are organizing a deadly opposition against us among the natives. By the most deceptive arts they are enticing to their embrace this simple people. Numbers who have long and perseveringly withstood the Word of God and continued in impenitence, are now flaming Papists, going about the country seeking proselytes, on the promise of health to the sick, and life and salvation to all, and denouncing us as blind deceivers of the blind. These prepare the way for the priest, who follows after in his long robe, with crucifix in hand, baptizing all who apply, and urging those who do not, to come and receive the water of regeneration.”

In regard to grants of land in New Zealand, we have only to state that the government has nominally resumed all such tracts as were purchased from the natives, to be restored to settlers at a fixed price, and in quantities suited to their means of cultivation. The sum demanded by the public agent is very moderate, not being meant as a source of revenue, but simply as the means of promoting colonization, and of securing the comfort of immigrants.



ments in the Sandwich Islands
ADAMS, John, the only survivor of noticed by him, 319. His opinions

the Bounty mutineers, visited by referred to, 325. His candour
Sir Thomas Staines, p. 202.

gives weight to his testimony,
Africa, progress of the gospel in, 107. 326.

Cause of the failure of missions to Bemoy, motive which induced this
this continent, 110.

prince to receive baptism, 107.
Aimata, this princess succeeds to the Bennett, Mr, his account ofthe Men-

throne of Otaheite and Eimeo, 175. dana or Marquesas Isles, 190.
Aitutaki, situation of this island, Bishop, Captain, his arrival at Ota-

224. Gospel introduced by Wil- heite in the Nautilus, 141.
liams, 225.

Bligh, Lieutenant, appointed to the
Alfoorees, notice of the, 45.

command of the Bounty, 96. His
America, South, proselytism in, 106. account of their reception at Ota-
American missionaries, their success heite, ib. Singular custom in the

in the Sandwich Islands noticed, burial of the dead related by him,

ib. His second expedition, 100.
Anaa or Chain Island. Christianity Boki, his testimony to the character

introduced, 194. Visited by Mr of the English, 322. Fate of this
Crook, 195. Interesting account chief, 402.

of a missionary in this island, 197. Bolabola, missionaries from this
Anglican Church, success attending island proceed to Rimatara, 216.

its labours in the South Sea Bolatoo, the imaginary paradise of
Islands, 416. Efficient manner in the Polynesian inhabitants, 36.
which government is carrying out Boston, statement of the missionary
the plan of christianizing these board of this place, 312.
colonies, through the ministry of Bougainville, discovery of New He-
this body, 419.

brides by, 280. His name given to
Anura, conduct of this chief, 213. a strait near the Solomon Islands,
Archipelago, Low. These islands 288.

noticed, 192. Formation, 193. Bounty, mutiny of the, 96. First
Idolatry renounced, 194.


account of the mutineers, 200.
group of islands discovered, 218. Bow Island, geological formation,198.
Areois, account of this fraternity, Brahmins, their theory of the crea-
84-88, 380.

tion, 63. Similar tradition found in
Atiu, one of the Hervey Isles, de- Polynesia, ib.
scribed, 222. Visit of missionaries, Bread-fruit tree, desire to trans-

plant this remarkable tree led to
Auckland, present state of this town, the fitting out of the first expedi-

tion to the Polynesian Islands, 95.
Austral Islands described, 206. Britain, Great, seems destined to
Australia, Bishop of, his report re- be the diffuser of the gospel to
specting New Zealand noticed, 358. the distant corners of the earth,


Britain, New, one of the Solomon
Beechey, Captain, great improve- Isles, 288.

Byam Martin Island, notice of, 196.

Byron, Lord, appointed to carry out Easter Island, antique busts found
the bodies of Tamehameha and his in, 48.
consort to the Sandwich Islands, Edinburgh Review referred to,
315. His counsel to the regent, 114.

Eimeo, account of converts in this

island, 110. Pomare II. retires

hither, 154. Christianity intro-
Caledonia, New, discovery of this duced, 159. Mr Ellis arrives, 161.

island, 289. Description of na- Printing begun, 162. Meeting held
tives, 290.

in this island for the purpose of
Cannibalism prevalent in the South assisting the missionaries to pro-
Sea Islands, 266-270.

mote Christian knowledge, 165.
Christian, Thursday October, son Elizabeth, peculiar formation of this

of the mutineer of that name, ac- island, 193.
count of, 201.

Ellis, Mr, his conclusion as to the
Christianity, increase of, in all parts origin of the inhabitants of Poly-

of the world, 91. Its depressed nesia, 32, 33. Remarks on the tra-
condition in the dark ages, 92. ditions current in the South Sea
Cause of the little effect produced Isles, 67, 68. His works referred
by its introduction into uncivilized to, 75, 80. His vindication of mis-
countries, 385-391.

sions referred to, 117. Arrival of
Christina, Santa, or Ohittahoo, one this missionary in Eimeo, 16).

of the Marquesas Islands, 182-184. His statement as to the causes
Circumcision, rite of, observed in which led to the missionaries be-

several islands of the South Sea, 36. coming traders, 166. Character of
Climate, remarks on, 19.

Pomare II. by this gentleman,
Congo, King of, baptism of this 173. Visits Rurutoo, 215. Native
prince, 108.

opinion regarding missions stated
Cook's Islands discovered, 219.

by him, 314. Character of Riho-
Cook's opinion as to the coral poly- riho given by him, 316. His ac-

pes, 25. Remarks on the devo- count of the conversion of many
tional character of the South Sea of the South Sea Islands,

Islanders, 67. His visit to Ota- Erromango, murder of Mr Williams
heite in 1777, 98. Account of his in this island, 284.
voyage quoted from, 100. Dis- Etus or idols, 68.
covers New Caledonia, 289. Sand- Europe, its condition in the dark

wich Islands discovered by him,296. ages, as affecting missionary enter-
Coral polypes, Polynesia owes its

prise, 91.
present form to the, 23. Account
of, 25. Opinions of Lyell, Forster,

and Dalrymple on, 26.

Fanah, a native Christian, intro-
Coral strata, direction of the chains duces missionaries into the Mar-
of, 23, 24. Growth of, 30.

quesas, 189.
Crook, Mr, excellent conduct of this Fatalism, this doctrine held in some

missionary, 187. Visits Anaa or islands, 74.
Chain Island, 195.

Fatouiva, this island visited by Eu-
Crozet, statement of this officer re-

ropeans, 188.
specting the massacre at New Zea- Fijee Islanders, costly sacrifices of
land, 342.

the, 72. Notice of this race, 264.
Crusades, how they affected the pro- Finou, character of this chief, 255.
pagation of Christianity, 92.

Particulars respecting the first mis-

sionaries related by him to Mari-

ner, 258.
Dædalus, this store-ship stops at Finou II., his speech on his acces-
Otaheite, 134.

sion to power, 256. Prevents the
Dalrymple, his opinion as to the introduction of the gospel at Va-
coral polypes, 25.

vaoo, 261.
Deluge, traditions in Polynesia re- Folger, Captain, his statement re-
specting the, 64.

specting the mutineers of the Boun-
Divination practised in Otaheite, 84.

ty, 200.
Dramatic entertainments, 85. Franklin, Dr, scheme of this states-
Duff, landing of missionaries from man for colonizing New Zealand,
this vessel noticed, 135.


Friendly or Tonga Islands, when , Huntingdon, Countess of, her efforts

discovered, 242. Visited by Cook, to convey a knowledge of Christi-
243. Missionaries murdered, 259. anity to the South Sea Islands, 100.
Wesleyan missionaries remain,
400. Code of laws issued by King

George, ib.

Idolatry can only be extirpated by

the religion of the Cross, 93. Abol-

ished in the Society Isles, 159. De-
Gambier, Captain, his account of a caying in all parts of the world,
trial by jury in Otaheite, 171.

Gambier Island, account of the na- Idols, 63, 68.
tives, 195.

Infanticide, remarks on this practice
Georgian Isles, first discovery, and in the South Sea Islands, 379.

by whom, 131. Establishment of Ireland, New, notice of this island,
Christianity effected by Pomare 289.
II., 158. Demoralization of the Islands of the South Sea, remarks
inhabitants from various causes, on climate, 19. Their former
after the death of Pomare II., 174. and present state, 20. Conical
Desire for ardent spirits begun form, 24. Volcanoes, ib. Posi-
to prevail, 176. Heresy appeared, tion, 25. Volcanic origin, 27. Di-

vision into classes, 28. Origin and
Gospel, its humanizing effect on character of the inhabitants, 31.
savage nations, 94.

Distinction of caste among the
Guam, notices of this island, 292, 295. people, 35. Form of government,

51. Religious notions in, 63. Mar-

riage ceremonies, 78. Christianity
Hamanemane, high-priest of Ota- established, 158. New laws intro-

heite, assists the missionaries, 138. duced, 170.

Murdered, 145.
Hanover, New, description of this

isle, 289.

Kahumana, this princess as joint-
Haraforas, notice of this tribe, 45. regent protects and favours the
Harris, Mr, his reluctance to be left missionaries, 326.

as missionary in the Marquesas Karaimoku acts as regent during
Isles, 186.

the minority of Kiaukiauli, 322.
Haweis, this vessel built at Eimeo, Kiaukiauli succeeds to the crown
the launch noticed, 164.

on the death of his brother Tame-
Heath, Mr, appointed to succeed hameha II., 321.
Mr Williams, 285.

King, high respect shown in Poly-
Hebrides, New, situation,

280. nesia to the, 51. Ceremonies con-
Cook's opinion of the natives, 281. nected with the inauguration of
Cannibalism, ib.

the, 57. Revenues of the, 58.
Hervey Islands, the principal group Kotzebue, his opinion of the change

of Cook's Islands, 219. Natives effected by missionaries, 113. De-
described, 221. Gospel preach- scription of the Ladrones by this
ed, 225. Result of missionary navigator, 293. His account of

labour in this cluster, 236-240. Rihoriho, or Tamehameha II.,317.
Hindoos, resemblance between them
and the Polynesians noticed by

Bishop Heber, 64.

Ladrones, the discovery of these
Hiro, the god of thieves, 70.

islands, 291. Productions, 292.
Hobson, Captain, appointed govern- Character of the people, ib. Proas

ment agent at New Zealand, 365. or canoes, 294. Religion, ib.
Hog, a sacred animal in the Poly- Language of people of Polynesia,
nesian islands, 74, 87.

observations on, 38.
Holland, New, fisheries on the coast Lee Boo, Prince, brought to this
of, 43.

country by Captain Wilson, 290.
Honoruru, apparent thirst for reli- Lewis, Mr, death of this missionary,

gious knowledge displayed in this 146.
town, 325.

Drive or mall near, Lima, missionary council held at
409. Billiard-room, 410.

this place, 107.
Huaheine, one of the Society Islands, Liturgy, translation into the language

progress of Christianity there of New Zealand, 417.
noticed, 172.

Louisiade, situation of this island

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