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Condition. Thou mayeft not probably be fit for Long Prayers and Exercises of Devotion; but Ceafe not with fervent and frequent Ejaculations to Lift up thy Soul to God, for the Comfortable Refreshings of his Holy Spirit; earneftly befeeching him, That he would fend thee his Holy Ghost to Sanctify and Comfort thee, and his Holy Angels, thofe Blessed Spirits, that are sent Heb.i.14. forth to minifter unto them who shall be Heirs of Salvation, to minister to Thee, and conduct thee to the State and Society of the Bleffed above: Still begging all of him, not for any Merit that is in thee, but for his Mercy's Sake in Chrift Jefus.

When thou haft thus Prepared thyself for God, Rely upon him without Wavering: P. Iv. 22. Caft all thy Burden upon the Lord, and he will Suftain thee; With full Trust and Confidence in him, fly into the Arms of his Mercy; Looking up ftedfaftly with an Eye of Faith, to Heaven thine Inheritance, to God thy Father, to Chrift thy Saviour, and to the Holy Ghost thy Comforter; who are there Cor.v.1. ready, fo foon as thine Earthly Houfe of this Tabernacle fhall be diffolved, to open to thee the Everlasting Doors, and receive thee into thine Heavenly Inheritance, with the Saints in Light, the Kingdom Prepared for thee. There fix thy Eye, and fix thy Thoughts, and keep thyself in this Dying Posture, till thy Departing Hour is come; Then with


thy Laft Breath Commit thyself to God, as 1 Pet. iv.
into the Hands of a Faithful Creator; and 19.
let thy Soul depart (as St. Stephen's did,)
calling upon God, and faying, Lord Jesus Acts vii.
Receive my Spirit. Then mayeft thou enter
into the Joy of thy Lord, with Joy unspeak- 1 Pet.i.
able and full of Glory; There to Receive 8,9.
the End of thy Faith, even the Salvation of
thy Soul; There to Live for ever with Him,
who with the Father, and the Holy Ghoft,
Liveth and Reigneth for ever and ever.

God grant that all that bear This, may fo
Prepare themselves to Dye the Death
of the Righteous, that they may have
their Latter End thus Like His: And
that I myself, after I have preached to
Others, may be found fo Doing when
my Time fhall come. Amen, Amen,

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And on the



House of GOD..

In Five Practical SERMONS.

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