Facing the Truth About Healing

Lulu.com, 2011 - 195 sider
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If you are in need of healing then this has been written with you in mind. Discover the keys to receive Divine healing which is God's will for your life. Do not let the devil deceive you and rob you of what Jesus left you as an inheritance paid for and sealed in His own precious blood. Do we consider it of no effect that Jesus suffered those flesh ripping stripes in His body. Did He go through such pain and torture for nothing. By His stripes you are healed provided you accept the truth of it and do not doubt in your heart. This book will reveal the truths that will set you free from fear, worry and anxiety, those enemies of receiving from God. Operating in faith and not fear will bring about the promises of God provided you do not shrink back. Author Richard Owen B.Sc. CeMAP

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