The German Classics: Schiller

Kuno Francke, Isidore Singer
German Publication Society, 1914

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Side 40 - As when fire is with water commixed and contending, And the spray of its wrath to the welkin up-soars, And flood upon flood hurries on, never ending ; And it never will rest, nor from travail be free, Like a sea that is labouring the birth of a sea.
Side 115 - There exist moments in the life of man, When he is nearer the great Soul of the world Than is man's custom, and possesses freely The power of questioning his destiny...
Side 87 - No longer draw back at my liking ? I Must do the deed, because I thought of it, And fed this heart here with a dream ? Because I did not scowl temptation from my presence, Dallied with thoughts of possible fulfilment...
Side 323 - But whither shall I tell her you have fled ? TELL. You'll find her father with her, and some more, Who took the oath with you upon the Rootli ; Bid them be resolute, and strong of heart, — For Tell is free and master of his arm ; They shall hear further news of me ere long.
Side 274 - The sacred cause of thy wrong'd native land ! I am the last of all my race. My name Ends with me. Yonder hang my helm and shield; They will be buried with me in the grave." And must I think, when yielding up my breath, That thou but wait'st the closing of mine eyes, To stoop thy knee to this new feudal court, And take in vassalage from Austria's hands The noble lands, which I from God received, Free and unfetter'd as the mountain air ! Run.
Side 290 - Were it not well to make one last attempt, And lay our grievances before the throne, Ere we unsheath the sword ? Force is at best A fearful thing e'en in a righteous cause ; God only helps, when man can help no more.
Side 116 - To meet me with a token of his love : And thinking this, I fell into a slumber. Then midmost in the battle was I led In spirit. Great the pressure and the tumult ! Then was my horse...
Side 40 - And all as before heard in silence the king — Till a youth, with an aspect unfearing but gentle, 'Mid the tremulous squires, stepped out from the ring, Unbuckling his girdle and doffing his mantle ; And the murmuring crowd, as they parted asunder, On the stately boy cast their looks of wonder.
Side 276 - Learn, foolish boy, to know this shepherd race! I know them, I have led them on in fight, — I saw them in the battle at Favenz. What! Austria try, forsooth, to force on us A yoke we are determined not to bear!
Side 87 - And fed this heart here with a dream ? Because I did not scowl temptation from my presence, Dallied with thoughts of possible fulfilment, Commenced no movement, left all time uncertain, And only kept the road, the access open ? By the great God of Heaven! it was not My serious meaning, it was ne'er resolved. I but amused myself with thinking of it. The free-will tempted me, the power to do Or not to do it.

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