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the efforts of such as have felt an ardent concern for the welfare of others, a zeal for the cause of truth and the progress of religion, and a spirit of persevering prayer, the blessing of God has generally and often signally rested.

Notwithstanding the number and variety of those objects of benevolence, which the piety and the enterprise of our country are continually inventing, all are supported with a prompt and growing liberality. The noble design of placing a copy of the Holy Scriptures in every family, though necessarily attended with great perxonal labor, as well as great expense, has been formed in almost every part of our country, and in the great and precious cause of the Bible, the Assembly are happy to say, that the people of our communion are almost universally bearing an active part.

The American Tract Society has spread its active and efficient auxiliaries over almost every part of our coutry; and this, as well as the Sunday School Union, has during the last year, acquired in our churches a great and gratifying accession of public favor and attention, and disseminated to the most distant extremities of the land, the ardor of a high engagement in its cause.

To the great and important cause of the education of poor and pious youth for the gospel ministry, most of our Presbyteries appear to be giving some attention, but the General Assembly feel it to be an imperious duty, to repeat with increased earnestness all their former recommendations on this subject. To employ every possible means to provide and perpetuate in the church, so far as human instrumentality is concerned, an able and devoted ministry, for the existing and growing demands of our church, and for the vast and Splendid enterprises connected with the conversion of the world to God, is a matter of the deepest interest, and most solemn responsibility. While thousands of immortal beings are annually dropping into the grave, and going to their last account, uncheered, and unblessed with the gospel’s joyful sound, can an object so inseparably connected with the glorious things spoken of Zion ever be absent from the thoughts and the prayers of christians?

While the American Colonization Society is to a very creditable extent receiving the countenance and assistance of our churches, the importance of the religious instruction of slaves is more and more deeply felt, by our ministerial and christian brethren in the South and West--and in some of their congregations more than one half of the communicants belong to this unhappy class of peo, ple.

The sacred cause of Foreign and Domestic Missions is continually Becoming dearer to the hearts of all among us that love our Lord Jesus; and the last year has witnessed, in respect to both a measure of public munificence which forms a new era in the history of the Missionary spirit of the christian world. We allude to the unerampled contributions made within our bounds the last year, to the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, and the rapid fulfilment in New Jersey, of the pledge to raise in two years, 840,000 for the moral and religious instruction of the destitute in that state. In connexion with this last particular the Assembly would express the hope that the time is near when every state and territory in the American Union will, in like manner, resolve and pledge themselves, by the blessing of God, to extend the blessing of gospel instruction and ordinances, through every part of their limits. And while in connection with this, we notice the extended operation of the American Home Missionary Society, and of the Board of Missions connected with the General Assembly-we would with great satisfaction mention the still increasing munificence of our brethren of corresponding churches, in the same great and good cause, and here record to the honor of the gospel, as communicated by the Delegate from the General Convention of Vermont, the distinguished gift of the late Joseph Burr, Esq. of that state, of 891,000 to the greai purposes of christian benerolence. The Assembly would also here notice, with approbation, the determination of the Synod of Kentucky, to raise 820,000 for the endowment of Centre College, and that of the friends of the Bible in Ler. ington, and its vicinity, in the same state, to collect a like sum for the purpose of furnishing every family in the state with a copy of the Bible. The coinpassionate regards of God's people in most of the Atlantic cities continue to be directed to the moral improveznent of seamen; and, although we are now called to number with the honored dead, one whose memory will long be precious to that formerly neglected class of our fellow men; we rejoice to say, that the good work of God's converting grace prospers among them, and the moral influence on the world, which seamen must exert, and especially on those parts of it, where missionary establishments are formed, should stimulate the friends of Zion to pray, that along the extended shores of this continent, the gospel may display its sanctifying por

It affords the Assembly great satisfaction also to state, that to such humane and benevolent purposes, as stand in no way connected with the extension of ecclesiastical intluence, and of course, address zip appeal to sectional feeling, the people of our congregations are accustomed to yield prompt and persevering assistance. The




education of the Deaf and Dumb, the relief of suffering both at home and abroad, and the establislıment and support of moral, charitable and literary societies and institutions, derive as well from congregational collections, as from individual contributions, the constant streains of our bounty. These things we mention, not to boast of a measure of public charity, as yet far below our real ability, but to encourage our people to patronize all those institutions of piety and benevolence which adorn the churchi, and bless the world, at the present age.

The Theological Seminaries of our own, and of sister churches, are more and more becoming the nurseries of Missionary zeal and enterprise, as well as the fountains of sacred learning. Princeton has already sent forth heralds of salvation into almost every part of the master's vineyard, and under her distinguished professors, if she continues to be remembered of God, what may she not yet do? From the reports which have at this time been received, it appears that the highest number of students in the Theological Seminary at Prince

year, was 110:-in that of Auburn, 70:-of the Union Sem. inary in Virginia, 21:-in the South Western Theological Seminary at Maryville, 45:-in the Western Theological Seminary, 4:-in Auburn, 110:- in Yale College, 40:-in that of the German Reformed Church, 15:--and in that of the Reformed Dutch Church, about 20.

"It not in so general and distinguislıcd a manner, as in some former years; yet, to an extent demanding the warmest gratitude of his people, the Father of mercies has been pleased to grant the special effusions of his Holy Spirit to many congregations. While in some of our Presbyteries, new congregations have been auspiciously formed, and others greatly strengthened and increased, both ministers and active members of the church have in sonic others, been greatly stirred up to carnest prayer and holy effort. Concerts of private prayer, for particular blessings, days of fasting and humiliation, and pastoral visitations, have been owned and blessed of God, to the quickening and encouragement of his people, and the conversion of sinners.

Among those congregations in which the gospel has been eminently clothed with a divine power to awaken, melt, and renew the hearts of sinners, we mention Stephentown, Hartford, and the village of Albia, in the Presbytery of Troy; Watertown, Denmark, and Wilna, in the Presbytery of St. Lawrence; nearly all the congregations in the Presbytery of Ogdensburg; Bridgewater, Union, Rome, and Litchfield, in the Presbytery of Oneida; Otsego, in the Presbytery of Otsego; Lexington, in that of Columbia; Salina, Jamesville, Pompey 1st church, and Lenox 2d church, it Onondaga Presbytery; Berkshire, Owego, Candor, and Chenango-point in Cayuga Presby tery; Hopewell, Newark, Sodus, Marion, and Port-Bay, in Geners Presbytery; Richmond, Geneseo 'Ist church, Lima and Victor, in Ontario Presbytery; Poughkeepsie, Wapinger's Creek, Smithhelu and South Salem, in the Presbytery of North River; Freehold, Lrence, Trenton 1st church, Dutch Neck, and Upper Freehold, in New-Brunswick Presbytery; Cape May, Ist church in the Northern Liberties, and the Mariner's church, in that of Philadelphia; Wilmington, in Newcastle Presbytery; 3d in the City and Presbytery of Baltimore; Huntingdon, in the Presbytery of Huntingdon; Mercei in that of Erie; 1st and 2d Presbyterian churches in the City of Pitts burg, in that of Ohio; Neshanuch and Eden, in the Presbytery o! Buffalo; Cross Creek, Cross Roads, and Washington, in that of Washington; Hudson, Talmadge and Franklin, in that of Portage: Nicholasville, Lexington ist church, Bethel, Versailles, Winchester and Hopewell, in that of West Lexington; Paris, Flemingsbur. Ven Concord, Springfield, Millersburgh, Stoner Mouth, Mount Pleasant, and Maysville, in the Presbytery of Ebenezer; Portsraouth, Petersburg, Norfolk, and the churches in the city of Richmond, in Hagover Presbytery; Shiloh, Ebenezer, Columbia, Bethel, Harrodsburg. Leb anon, New Providence, Danville, Lancaster, Paint Lick, Harmony. Buffalo Spring, Richmond, Silver Creek, and Hanging Fock, in the Presbytery of Transylvania; New Providence, Baker's Creck, Euse

bia, Tellico and Chestuee, Monmouth and Bethel, in the Presbytery . of Union; Columbia in that of Holston; Elk-Ridge, Greensborough.

Danielsvills, Augusta, Washington, Milledgeville, Macon, and those in the counties of Gwinnett, De Kalb, llenry, Butts, Jasper, Moryan and Crawford, in the Presbytery of Hopeweil; and the congregation of Mount Zion in the Presbytery of Harmony; Lebanon and Sprios field, in the Presbytery of Miani; Smyrna, Spring Creek, Shelby ville, New Providence, Stones River, Hopewell, Murfreesboro, and Mlinville, in the Presbytery of Shiloh. The work of the Holy Spirit in these places exhibits indeed great diversity of circumstances in the time, and manner and extent of its influences, and the na pidity and power with which it has advanced. In some cases. crowds of sinners of every age and character, bathed in tears, ane bowed in deep aud trembling anxiety in the dust, have suddenly appeared in the house of God, at times and in places where such an event was least expected; and the firmest unbelievers and the boldes transgressors been melted and subdued by the mighty pouver of Gent

In other instances beautiful and refreshing, like the dew that fell on the mountains of Israel, where the Lord commanded his providential blessing, the reality of the gentle operations of the God of Zion has been chiefly discernable in their gradual but real and precious effects. Among the several instances of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of which the Assembly have at this time heard, there are two which awaken the liveliest feelings of adıniration. Some of the mutes in the Asylum of the Deaf and Dumb in Danville, have been hopeful subjects of renewing grace in a late awakening in that place. At the mis. sionary stations within the bounds of the Presbytery of Buffalo, the Holy Spirit has in a remarkable manner stirred up the hearts of the Heathen to seek the Lord, and more then 40 of these children of the forest have been united with the church: and in the State Prison'at Wethersfield, Connecticut, from 12 to 15 convicts have been hopefully brought into the liberty of the gospel; so great a general reformation occurred that the practice of chaining the prisoners at night has been discontinued, and a Bible Society formed among them, by which $25 have already been contributed.

Events like these not only solemnly rebuke the stupidity of those who misimprove better privileges, and hold back their liberal contritutions, amidst ample means, but they demonstrate the precious truth, that, under God, there is abundant encouragement to attempt the salvation of the most benighted, and the conversion of the most depravedl.

Of revivals of religion in general, connected as they seem to be with the destinies of unborn millions, and the prospects of the church throughout the world, the Assembly cannot cease to speak without earnestly and affectionately entreating all the ministers, the elders, und members of our church, to beware of employing any questionable means to produce religious excitements—and of countenancing at any stage of their progress, measures, however apparently successful, which the word of God does not sanction; as, in either case, discredit may be brought upon one of the most invaluable mercies of heaven, and the Divine author of these sweet and saving influences be grieved.

Within the limits of the General Association of Connecticut, God continues to reveal the wonders of his redeeming love. Out of 212 congregational churches in that State, from forty to fifty have the last year shared in seasons of special reviving and enlargement, and from 3 to 4000 souls have been added to the churches, of which number more than 250 are teachers and pupils in the Sabbath Schools. The College and Theological Seminary at New Haven, are sending VOL. II.


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