Repertorium der physik: Enthaltend eine vollständige zusammenstellung der neuern fortschritte dieser wissenschaft ... hrsg. von Heinrich Wilhelm Dove und Ludwig Moser

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, Ludwig Ferdinand Moser
Veit & comp., 1844
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Side 155 - ... as the square of the distance ; but that the action of the particles of the fluid in the wire is neither to attract nor to repel either poles of a magnetic particle, but a tangential force which has a tendency to place the poles of either fluids at right angles to those of the other ; whereby a magnetic particle, supposing it under the influence of the wire only, would always place itself at right angles to the line let fall from it perpendicular to the wire, and to the direction of the wire...
Side 219 - An Attempt to Explain Some of the Principal Phenomena of Electricity by means of an Elastic Fluid.
Side 220 - An Essay on the application of Mathematical Analysis to the Theories of Electricity and Magnetism...
Side 182 - Additional Experiments and Observations on the application of Electrical Combinations to the preservation of the Copper Sheathing of ships, and to other purposes.
Side 237 - Elektricitätsverdoppeler von einer neuen Einrichtung nebst einer Anzahl von Versuchen über verschiedene Gegenstände der Elektricitätslehre.
Side 282 - On the Variable Intensity of Terrestrial Magnetism, and the Influence of the Aurora Borealis upon it.
Side 272 - The Bakerian Lecture. An account of Experiments to determine the amount of the Dip of the Magnetic Needle in London, in August, 1821, with remarks on the Instruments employed in such determination.
Side 2 - Die Bewegung eines Systems materieller, auf was immer für eine Art unter sich verknüpfter...
Side 177 - Austandes der Oberfläche des Zinks in Berührung mit alkalischen Flüssigkeiten unter Mitwirkung des elektrischen Stromes.
Side 280 - ... Observations on the Variation, and on the Dip of the magnetic Needle, made at the Apartments of the Royal Society, between the Years 1786 and 1805 inclusive.

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