British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review: Or, Quarterly Journal of Practial Medicine and Surgery, Bind 6


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Side 318 - ... too bright, nor good, for human nature's daily food, it is fitted in all its functions for the perpetual comfort and exalting of the heart, for the soothing it and purifying it from its dross and dust. Sometimes gentle, sometimes capricious, sometimes awful, never the same for two moments together ; almost human in its passions, almost spiritual in its tenderness, almost divine in its infinity, its appeal to what is immortal in us, is as distinct, as its ministry of chastisement or of blessing...
Side 236 - A UNIVERSAL FORMULARY, containing the methods of Preparing and Administering Officinal and other Medicines. The whole adapted to Physicians and Pharmaceutists.
Side 73 - The patient is thus exposed to the influence of three agents, heated air, common steam, and the vapour of mercury, which is thus applied to the whole surface of the body in a moist state. After the patient has remained in the bath from five to ten minutes, perspiration generally commences, and by the end of twenty or thirty minutes, beyond which I do not prolong the bath, it is generally excessive.
Side 3 - This is no denial of the mathematical proposition that the whole is equal to the sum of all its parts...
Side 92 - ... are also very powerful men. I have seen two of these men stow off a full cargo of brandy and wine in casks (after it was hoisted on board and lowered into the hold) apparently with as much ease, as two American sailors would stow away a cargo of beef and pork. They brought their food on board with them; which consisted of coarse, brown, wheat-bread and grapes.
Side 91 - This was all their nourishment for the day of sixteen or eighteen hours labour. They were astonishingly powerful and active, and endured severe and protracted labour far beyond any of my men. Some of these men were eighty and even ninety years old ; and yet these old men would do more work than any of the middle-aged men belonging to my ship. In handling and stowing away iron, and in stowing away hemp with the jackscrew, they exhibited most astonishing power. They were full of agility, vivacity,...
Side 284 - MOORE.— HEALTH, DISEASE, AND REMEDY, Familiarly and Practically considered in a few of their Relations to the Blood. By George Moore, MD Post Svo. 7s. Gil. cloth. MOORE.— THE POWER OF THE SOUL OVER THE BODY.
Side 455 - I was liable every day on occasions and in a manner very disagreeable and alarming to me, and also to avert, for so long a time at least, the fulfilment of recent threats of severe measures. I did not expect to be able to pay him when Friday should arrive. My purpose was, if he should accede to the proposed interview, to state to him my embarrassments and utter inability to pay him at present, to apologize for those things in my conduct which had offended him, to throw myself upon his mercy, to beg...
Side 284 - ON THE CONTAMINATION OF WATER BY THE POISON OF LEAD, and its Effects on the Human Body. Foolscap 8vo. cloth, 3s.
Side 458 - ... after the lecture — at which persons having business with me, or in my rooms, were always directed to call. I looked into my rooms on Sunday afternoon, but did nothing. After the first visit of the officers, I took the pelvis and some of the limbs from the upper well, and threw them into the vault under the privy. I took the thorax from the well below, and packed it in the tea-chest, as found. My own impression has been, that this was not done till after the second visit of the officers, which...

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