Number in Scripture

Cosimo, Inc., 1. nov. 2005 - 316 sider
Six hundred and sixty six is "the number of a name." When the name of Antichrist is known its gematria will doubtless be found to be the number 666. This may be the most famous number in the Bible, but it is by no means the only number to be found therein. Number in Scripture provides a complete and exhaustive synopsis of the spiritual significance of every number found in the Bible. This classic reference book on biblical numerology is one of the most famous and helpful reference books on numerology ever written.E. W. [ETHELBERT WILLIAM] BULLINGER (1837-1913) was a Vicar of the Church of England, a Biblical scholar, and dispensationalist theologian. Educated at King's College, London, he was a recognized scholar in the field of biblical languages. In 1881, the Archbishop of Canterbury granted him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in recognition of his biblical scholarship. Bullinger also wrote the notes and appendixes of The Companion Bible and is the author of numerous other works including Commentary on Revelation, Great Cloud of Witnesses, and How to Enjoy the Bible.

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Very interesting and easy to read.

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Numerical understanding gives good insight to Scripture and specific references. This was recommended to me and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to get a grasp on the significance of numbers in ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

learning alot that i did not know from the book

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when i got the book in i started studing it and told my assist pastor at church who had helped me find the book some of the stuff that i have already found in my study and he want to get a copy of the book for himself Læs hele anmeldelsen



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