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amounted to 502,925, and of deaths and forty ; 22,606 between forty and to 314,513, the increase being no fifty ; 27,969 between fifty and sixty; less than 188,412. In 1823, the num- 35,364 between sixty and seventy ; ber of births was 498,643, the num. 30,295 between seventy and eighty; ber of deaths, 318,878, the increase 13,064 between eighty and ninety; being 179,765. In 1824, the number and 2,019 above the age of ninety. of persons born was 505,335, and of It is not stated how many there were deaths 318, 535, being an iucrease of above the age of one hundred. 186,800. In 1825, the number of births was 523,614, and the number

LACONICS. of deaths 327,343, making an in- The love of money is praiseworthy crease of 196,271. In 1826, the when it emanates from a desire to number of births was 525,585, and perform uses ; but contemptible when of deaths 355,114, giving a difference arising from a fondness of self and of 170,471 in favour of the former. the glitter of the coin. In 1827, the number of births was In all the affairs of life, firmness 490,660, and the number of deaths is necessary. When satisfied that 365,578, bearing an increase of 125, you are engaged in a right cause, 082 on the year. The population let neither threats nor persuasions has increased no less than 1,450,877 induce you to deviate from it. Yield during the eight years, and at the only to the dictates of truth. commencement of 1828 amounted to We are too apt to believe reports 12,552,278. Of the 365,578 deaths which are prejudicial to a man's in the year 1827, 16,726 were still- character. We should winnow the boro ; 130,735 died under the age information we receive of its chaff of three ; 34,504 under the age of before we decide upon the substance ten ; 14,914 between the ages of ten it contains, and if we did so invariaand twenty ; 18,889 between twenty bly, it would often be found that it and thirty ; 18,473 between thirty possessed but few solid grains.


Died in January last at Edinburgh, after a very long illness, Mr. George Dicbmont. This Gentleman had been a receiver of the doctrines of the New Church about 14 or 15 years, and he never appeared more happy than when he was actively engaged in promoting the interests, and spreading a knowledge of the doctrines, of the New Jerusalem. The writer of these few lines has, on many occasions, experienced his Christian-like kindness and generous bospitality.

If I each false and evil sbun-
In virtue's path shall daily run,

And thus for heav'n prepare ;
What joy shall fill this soul of mine
When I, in realms of bliss divine

Live free from earthly care.


When ev’ning draws her curtain o'er the scene

Which charm’d the eye with ev'ry varied hue,
While gentle breezes blow, and high is seen

One twinkling star to meet the day's adieu :
What calmness reigns ;—now look, the stars increase,
And hail their lovely queen,-is this not peace ?

Yes; but the landscape only is at rest,

There is a peace more soothing to the mind; It is when passions cease to wound the breast,

And man in heav'nly joys can pleasure find : When sin's subdu’d, and painful conflicts cease, When God is felt within ; this this is peace!



Morn breaks upon the waters ! and the sky
Glows with the herald beams of coming day,
And the loose dappled clouds, which slumbering lie,
Are waked to beauty by the kindling ray.
Now, see the life-inspiring orb appears,
Slowly emerging from the azure main!
And while his fount of light all nature cheers,
The silvery mist curls off the glossy plain ;
The flattering sea-gull flaps his heavy wing
Far in the distance—and amid the spray,
Gamboling joyously, the fishes fling
White sparkling foam upon the matin ray;
White greeting smiles seem flashing from the skiffs,
And morning's beams glance joy from yon bright cliffs,

[blocks in formation]

Shall we whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high,
Shall we to men benighted

The lamp of life deny ?
Salvation, oh, salvation !

The joyful sound proclaim,
Till each remotest nation

Has learnt Messiah's name!
Waft, waft ye winds, His story,

And you, ye waters roll,
Till, like a sea of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole;
Till o'er a ransom'd nature

The Lamb for sinners slain,
Redeemer, King, Creator,

In bliss returns to reign.


An Heir of Immortality.
GRACIOUS God, how large, how rich the boon!
Who, to attain a mansion in the heavens,
Would faint, or falter in fair virtue's path ?
Ecstatic thought that bliss on earth unknown,
Shall be our portion endless, unalloy'd !
How unsubstantial seems all earthly good,
While feeding on the hopes that reach to heaven.
Eternity !-and shall we still consent
To barter for time's frail satisfactions,
Our chiefest good; and vainly think such joys,
So transient at the best, and oft impure,
Can satisfy the soul, which born for heaven,
Is longing after blissful immortality ?

T. L.

The light of heaven unheeded shines,

If cloudless be our skies :
But when it beams on life's dark clouds,

What rainbow beauties rise.


The request of A cannot be complied with.
L. C. came safe to hand, and will be considered in the present Month.

The Communication signed " A Young Person," is not exactly suitable for the Magazine,

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