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Copyright, 1907 and 1908, by




Abbott, Meribah, France-1792. Illustrated,

Across Europe by Motor Boat, Henry C. Row-
land. Illustrated, 518; The Maiden Voy-
age of the Beaver. II. From Ramsgate to
Paris. Illustrated, 664.
Across the Track of Sherman's Army, Eliza
Frances Andrews, 303.

Adams, Franklin P., Xanthias Jollied. Illus-
trated, 190.
After Dinner, Theodore Roberts. Illustrated,

Andrews, Eliza Frances, Across the Track of
Sherman's Army, 303; The Passing of the
Confederacy, 450; The Dust and Ashes of
Defeat, 580.

Anthony, Geraldine, The Filigree Cross, 539.
Aspiration, Frederick Truesdell, 735.
Astrologer, The, Frederick Truesdell, 475.
Atherton, Gertrude, Is Fiction Fact? Isabel
Otis in "Ancestors," 346.


Amalgamated Revolutionists; and How They Chamberlain, Lucia, The End of the Rainbow,

Took New York, The, M'Cready Sykes,
American Wife, The: A Woman's Criticism,
Amy Foster Corbin, 597; A Man's Defense,
Lyman Beecher Stowe, 601.

Ample Atonement, An, Porter Emerson Browne.
Illustrated, 746.

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Brown, Demetra Vaka, A Flight from the
Harem, 110.

Beard, Wolcott Le Cléar, La Maestra. Illus-
trated, 92.

Bolce, Harold, The Horse vs. Health, 532.
Box of Tricks, The, Owen Oliver, 298.
Bread Line, The, James Oppenheim. Illus-
trated, 116.

Browne, Porter Emerson, The Fist of Fate. Il-
lustrated, 145; Concerning the Company,
567; An Ample Atonement. Illustrated, 746.
Burnett, Frances Hodgson, Is Fiction Fact?

Bettina Vanderpoel in "The Shuttle," 345.
Burnham, Clara Louise, How to Keep Your
Child from Fear, 426.

Bugaboo of a Presidential Year, The, 385.


Chambers, Robert W., Is Fiction Fact? Eileen
Erroll in "The Younger Set," 344.
Child's Right to the Bible, The, 513.
Color Song, Red, Archibald Sullivan, 179.
Color Song, Yellow, Archibald Sullivan, 108.
Concerning the Company, Porter Emerson
Browne, 567.

Confession and a Conclusion, A, 131.

Corbin, Amy Foster, The American Wife, A
Woman's Criticism, 597.

Cornwell, William C., Why Mr. Morgan? The
Fact, 164.

Crane, Leo, The Man Child, 168; Mademoiselle
of the Cross, 311.

Currie, Barton W., The Iron Pig, 550.
Cy Whittaker's Place, Joseph C. Lincoln. Il-
lustrated, 646.

Deakin, Dorothea, The Way of Musette, 528.
Delano, Frederic A., Perkins of the Burlington,


Dimock, A. W., The Tarpon and the Shark.
Illustrated, 3.

Divorce or Devotion: The Wife Must Decide,
Lucy M. Saunders, 472.

Do Your Own Thinking, 641.

Donahey, Mary Dickerson, Mrs. O'Halloran's
Christmas Party. Illustrated, 17.
Doublets and Hose, H. C. Bailey. Illustrated,


Duchess Explains, The, Myra Kelly. Illustrated,

Dust and Ashes of Defeat, The, Eliza Frances
Andrews, 580.


Elizabeth's Diamonds, Owen Oliver. Illus-
trated, 716.

End of the Rainbow, The, Lucia Chamberlain,

Evans, Walter Reece, Waste: Woman's Oppor-
tunity, 339.

Filigree Cross, The, Geraldine Anthony, 539.
First Twentieth Century Revolution, The, Ker-
cheval Wolff, 752.

Fist of Fate, The, Porter Emerson Browne. Il-
lustrated, 145.

Flight from the Harem, A, Demetra Vaka
Brown, 110.

France-1792, Meribah P. Abbott. Illustrated,

French, Allen, The Weaker Vessel. Illustrated,

Garrison, Theodosia, The Silent, 566.

Gift of the Sea, The, Edith Rickert. Illus-
trated, 40.

Gilbert, Alexander, How a Panic Was Arrested,

Girl at the Window, The, James Barr. Illus-
trated, 320.

Gold, Herbert Kaufman, 91.

Good Out of Evil, Henry Lee Higginson, 157.
Graduation Day, John T. McCutcheon. Illus-
trated, 691.

Grasping an Opportunity, 618.
Grasses, The, Curtis May, 701.

Hall, G. Stanley, Must Your Child Lie? Illus-
trated, 543

Hanshew, T. W., The Under Dog. Illustrated,


Harvey, William S., A School for American

Business Men. Illustrated, 216.

Have Women a Sense of Honor? Mary Heaton
Vorse, 316.

Hell of War, The, Louis Livingston Seaman,

Henry Hudson, Dreamer and Discoverer, Agnes
C. Laut. Illustrated, 118.
Higginson, Henry Lee, Good Out of Evil, 157.
Hold Thou My Hands, James Terry White,

Hopkins, L. C., A Small Vacation with No Ex-
citement, 204.

Horse vs. Health, The, Harold Bolce, 532.
Hostage, The, Ottilie A. Liljencrantz. Illus-
trated, 209.

How a Panic was Arrested, Alexander Gilbert,

How the Newspapers Handle Conventions,

Trumbull White, 675.

How the Truth Saved the Day, George C.
Lawrence. Illustrated, 136.

How to Keep Your Child from Fear, Clara
Louise Burnham, 426.

Humanizing a Corporation, George W. Perkins,

Impossibility of Living on Anything a Year, The,
Edward S. Martin, 327.

Intentions of Raoul, The, H. C. Bailey. Illus-
trated, 442.

Iron Pig, The, Barton W. Currie, 550.

Is Fiction Fact? Eileen Errol in "The Younger
Set," Robert W. Chambers, 344; Bettina
Vanderpoel in "The Shuttle," Frances Hodg-
son Burnett, 345; Isabel Otis in "Ancestors,'
Gertrude Atherton, 346; Clem Merritt in
"Clem," Edna Kenton, 347; Rosalind
Hartridge and Her Double, Helen Holbrook
in "Rosalind at Redgate," Meredith Nichol-
son, 348; Justine Brent in "The Fruit of the
Tree," Edith Wharton, 349.

Island Corner, An, John Oxenham, 621, 756.

Jebb: And the Light-Devils, Francis Lynae.
Illustrated, 330.

Johnson, Charles Culver, A Short Cut to Boston.
Illustrated, 182.

Justice, Owen Oliver, 56.

Kaufman, Herbert, Gold, 91.

Keep the Corporation or Kill It, George W.
Perkins, 466.

Kelly, Howard A., My Faith, 722.
Kelly, Myra, The Duchess Explains. Illus-
trated, 284; Usurpation of Office. Illustrated

Kenton, Edna, Is Fiction Fact? Clem Merritt in
"Clem," 347.

Kinnosuké, Adachi, The Mercantile Command
of the Pacific, 104.

King, Gertrude E., The Old Woman, 429.
Kingsley, Florence Morse, The Wooing of
Patricia. Illustrated, 574.

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MacCulloch, Campbell, The Little Woman's
Check Book. Illustrated, 273; The "Squar-
ing" of Brennan, 77.
Mackellar, Dorothea, Two, 690.
Mademoiselle of the Cross, Leo Crane, 311.
Man Child, The, Leo Crane, 168.
Man in the High Place, The, 257.
Marsh, Richard, Who Killed Lady Poynder?
225, 355, 483.

'Martin, Edward S., The Impossibility of Living
on Anything a Year, 327.
May, Curtis, The Grasses, 701.
Mayo, Earl, Taking the Railway to the People,

Reaching the Millions, J. Walter Thompson, 610.
Richardson, Josephine Welles, On the Beach.
Illustrated, 128.

Rickert, Edith, The Gift of the Sea. Illustrated,


Rider, Fremont, The Battle of Sexos Port. Il-
lustrated, 37.
Righteousness of Doctors' Fees, The, George
C. Lawrence, 409.


McCutcheon, John T., The Rise, Fall, and Re-
habilitation of Grover Cleveland. Illus-
trated, 262; Who Shall Drive the Band
Wagon? Illustrated, 388; Baseball. Illus-
trated, 556; Graduation Day. Illustrated,

Rise, Fall, and Rehabilitation of Grover Cleve-
land, The, John T. McCutcheon. Illus-
trated, 262,
Roberts, Douglas, The Wind and the Rain and
I, 408.
Roberts, Lloyd, The Voice of the Waters. Illus-
trated, 350.

Mercantile Command of the Pacific, The,

Adachi Kinnosuké, 104.

Mr. Hicks Branches Out, Carrington A. Phelps, Roberts, Theodore, After Dinner. Illustrated,


Rowland, Henry C., Across Europe by Motor

Boat. Illustrated, 518; The Maiden Voy-
age of the Beaver. II. From Ramsgate to
Paris. Illustrated, 664.

Mrs. O'Halloran's Christmas Party, Mary
Dickerson Donahey. Illustrated, 17.
Music, Louis Untermeyer, 549.

Must Your Child Lie? G. Stanley Hall. Illus-
trated, 543.

My Faith, Howard A. Kelly, 722.

[blocks in formation]

Passing of the Confederacy, The, Eliza Frances
Andrews, 450.

Pendexter, Hugh, The Spirit of the Day, 460;
Sentiment and the Senior. Illustrated, 736.
Perkins, George W., Keep the Corporation or

Kill It, 466; Humanizing a Corporation, 175.
"Perkins of the Burlington," Frederic A.
Delano, 294.

Phelps, Carrington A., Mr. Hicks Branches Out,

Philanthropist, The, Anna McClure Sholl.
Illustrated, 476.

Prayer to Spring, A, Frederick Truesdell, 614.
Price Women Pay for Liberty, The, Lucy M.
Saunders, 711.

Oh! Just to Be Young, Helen A. Saxon, 465.
Old Woman, The, Gertrude E. King, 429.
Oliver, Owen, Justice, 56; The Box of Tricks,

298; Elizabeth's Diamonds. Illustrated, 716.
On the Beach, Josephine Welles Richardson.
Illustrated, 128.

Open, The, Adele Lippincott, 755.
Oppenheim, James, The Bread Line. Illus-
trated, 116.

Oxenham, John, An Island Corner, 621, 756.

Saunders, Lucy M., Divorce or Devotion: The
Wife Must Decide, 472; The Price Women
Pay for Liberty, 711.

Saxon, Helen A., Oh! Just to Be Young, 465.
School for American Business Men, A, William
S. Harvey. Illustrated, 216.
Seaman, Louis Livingston, The Hell of War,

Seawell, Molly Elliot, The Last Duchess of Bel-
garde. Illustrated, 399, 604, 683.
Sentiment and the Senior, Hugh Pendexter.
Illustrated, 736.

Sholl, Anna McClure, The Philanthropist. Il-
lustrated, 476.

Short Cut to Boston, A, Charles Culver Johnson.
Illustrated, 182.

Silent, The, Theodosia Garrison, 566.
Singer, The, Lewis Worthington Smith, 55.
Small Vacation with No Excitement, A, L. S.
Hopkins, 204.

Smith, Lewis Worthington, The Singer, 55.

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