The Power of the Blood Covenant: Uncover the Secret Strength of God's Eternal Oath

Destiny Image Publishers, 15. aug. 2006 - 304 sider
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Is it possible that one message exists that has not been fully realized by the Christian market at large, but its implications posses the power to transform the Body of Christ in the twenty-first century? Unraveling the Mystery of God's Eternal Oath is that message. If you are searching for more meaning in your Christian walk, you will be drawn to the deeper revelation found in the power of the New Covenant that was sealed by the Blood of Jesus on the cross. In Unraveling the Mystery of God's Eternal Oath discover a thrilling page-turner that illuminates the intrigue surrounding the subject matter of the blood covenant.

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A book of deep spiritual truth!

Brugeranmeldelse  - Ching Say -

Everybody would love to discover the mystery and all the benefits God had for mankind behind the veil (the scene) of His great covenant. Læs hele anmeldelsen

The book is on target

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This book has allowed me to tap into the full meaning of the Blood Covenant with God as it applies to me as a Christian serving the Lord in all that I do. The book is an eye-opener for all who are believers of Christ Jesus! Læs hele anmeldelsen

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The World of the Living Dead
The Lovingkindness of God Chapter 5 The Core of the Covenant
The Representative
The Story of Mephibosheth
The Blood of
The Oath of
Entering the Covenant
The Covenant Meal
I in YouYou in
The Summation of the Christian Life
How To Walk in the Spirit
The People of the Spirit
The Friend of
Prayer of Salvation

Sin Is Remembered No More

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Om forfatteren (2006)

Malcolm Smith was born in London, England. He came to the United States in 1964. While the pastor of a church in Brooklyn, New York, his ministry was radically changed by the revelation that the heart of the gospel was found in the unconditional love of God, expressed to mankind through Jesus Christ in the covenant. He became involved in teaching the charismatic renewal in the 1960s and 70s and was known throughout the world to many thousands on radio, TV, and through seminars and retreats. He is currently a bishop in the Community of the Holy Spirit. He is based in San Antonio, Texas, where with his wife, Nancy, heads of the Zoe Community of the Holy Spirit. There, he conducts retreats, seminars, and gives spiritual direction.

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