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Over ten years ago a certain idealist named Harrower set out “to develop information pertaining to the internal secretions in general practice.” His aim was the establishment of a non-commercial, philanthropic institution devoted to the study and development of practical knowledge in endocrinology.

Subjoined is a record of the mile-stones of accomplishment which led to the realization of this ideal: 1914–Publication of “ Practical Hormone Therapy.” 1916- Founding of the Association for the Study of Internal Secretions. 1917—Establishment of the first journal in this special field.—“ Endocrinology." 1918-Founding of Tb. Harrower Laboratory. 1919-Erection of first building. 1921-Erection of administration building.

Inauguration of " The Harrower Foundation," a charitable organization incorporated under

the laws of the State of California. 1923—Establishment of THE ENDOCRINE SURVEY, as a convenient, inexpensive survey of the

interesting and the practical in endocrinology. 1924—(November)— Inauguration of THE HARROWER FOUNDATION CLINIC.

The new Clinic, which is supported by selves of these unexcelled advantages for the The Harrower Foundation, makes possible. complete investigation of their problem cases, under ideal conditions, the furtherance of research work in endocrine problems of a

for laboratory research in connection with their clinical and laboratory nature.

own diagnostic efforts and for postgraduate In this Clinic are found the best facilities

study. Lectures and clinical demonstrations, for the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine which are open without charge to any medical disorders, and physicians may avail them- practitioner, are held from time to time.

For further information address:

123 South Belmont Street Glendale


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