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Constant de Rebecque, M. ac- Egypt, campaign of the English
count of, 506.

in that countrymisrepresented.
Cook, Captain, discovery of his by Ali Bey, 47. w

narrow escape from assassi. Elastic surfaces, obs. on, 536.
nation at the Friendly Islands, Electricity, See Poisson.

England, opinions of its consti-
Coray, Dr. a modern Greek, no- tution, and of its conduct in
tice of, 51.

the American war, by Dr.
Corn-laws, remarks on, 327. Franklin, 22. 135.
Corundum, Swedish, account of, Esmark, Professor, on a new ore

of Tellurium, 258. Od to
Corvorant, crested, anecdotes of, Eton, Provost of, dialogue re-
384. .

specting that office, between
Côte Rotie, on the wines of, 472. Henry VIII. and Sir T.
Crystals, See Biot.

Wyatt, 405. 30
Curse,poetic, by Lord Byron,302. Evening-star, verses to, 95.
Cuvier, M. his eulogies on De-

sessarts and Cavendish, 531.
Cyperex, on that family, of plants,

Farmers, observations on their

general capital, 327.
Dallas, Mr. his vindication of the Feder, J. G. H. account of, 460.

Jesuits controverted, 269. Ferguson, Dr. his extraordinary
Damascus, particulars respect- case, 164.
ing, 40.

Fiji, or Fejee, particulars of
Dangeau, Marquis de, specimen those islanders, 345. 348.
of his diary, 515.

Finow, king of the Tonga Islands,
Decazes, Minister of Police in account of, 341. 344. 346.351

France, notice of, 505. . -355.
Deglutition, observations on, in Fire, mode of kindling, by a na-

hydrophobia, 398. .. tive of the Aleutian islands,
Delambre, M. his éloges of Bou- 309. -

gainville and of Maskelyne, Fire-Worshippers, a poetic tale,
527. Of Malus and La Grange, character and specimens of,

Delfau, M. his ascent of the Fluid, in the brain, &c. obs. on,
Pic du Midi, 478.

besessarts, M. eulogy on, 531. Fætus, monstrous, case of, 164.
Diamond, cutting, account of, 40. Foot, of the horse, remarks on
Dress, obs. on the want of dis the diseases of, 436.
tinction in, among the English Forest, submarine, in Somerset-

of the present day, 360. shire, described, 2
Dubois, Cardinal, his character, Fox-hunting, allegorical strica

by the Marq. de Dangeau, 517.. tures on, 362..
Dykes, in the North of Ireland, Franklin, Dr. specimens of his
observations on, 249.

private letters, 20--28. 1334

139. His religious creed, 25.

Frontignanwine, account of, 473.
Earle, Mr. on the influence of Functions, on the calculus of,
the nervous system, 162.

Part 11. 54.
Eberhard, J. A., notice of, 459.
Edinburgh, history of the Uni-

fluents of, 58.
versity of, 415.


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and on Gout, 48. On the Tad-

pole, 52. On the fossil re-
Gay-Lussac, M. on Iodine, 538. mains of an animal, 54. On
Geronstere water, at Spa, ana- . the feet of animals moving
lysis of, 159. .

against the law of gravity, ib.
Glen Tilt, on the geology of, 251. Horner, Mr. on the geology of
Good, remarks on the power of a Somersetshire, 255.
man to do good, 23.

Horse, good and bad qualities
Goodlad, Mr. on a tumour in the of, 447. See Foot.
face, 161.

Hottentot, on the anatomical
Government, new, not to be structure of, 162.

formed without faults, 134. Hyde-Park, delights of a fashion-
A virtuous may be a cheap go- able drive in, 364.
vernment, 135. Remarks on, Hydrocharides, memoir on those

: plants, 532.
Gout, on the effect of Colchicum Hydrophobia, cases of and ob-

Autumnale in that disease, 48. servations on, 397.
i On the cooling treatment of, Hypersthene, account of that
434. -

mineral in the Isle of Sky, 244.
Greeks, modern, on the habits.
of, 234. Account of two

I and J
learned individuals, 511, 512. Ice, at the bottom of rivers, re-
Gregor, Mr. on Tremolite, 257. marks on, 51.
Gunpowder, improved mode of Ice-house, natural, near Besan-
:- keeping in Walker's patent çon, 480.
barrels, 109.

..Jerusalem, account of its great
Guyton-Morveau, M. on Pyro. Temple, 37. Of the city, 38.
metry, continued, 532. Jesuits, origin of that order, 270.

Their effect on society dis-

cussed, 272-285..
Hailstone, Mr, on the geology Jews, estimate of their numbers
of Cambridgeshire, 251.

in the whole world, and con-
Hallé, M. on Vaccination, 539. siderations respecting, 543,
Heat, observations on, 537.
Heerat, description of that east- Ilderim, his attack on Abdallagh
ern city, 264

poetically depicted, 372.
Hermitage, account of the wine Inclosure-bill, general, observa-
so called, 472.

tions on, 216.
Hillsborough, Lord, anecdote of, Insects, new species of, 332,333.
by Dr. Franklin, 27.

Interjection, observations on that
Hinda, daughter of an Arab part of speech, 86.

Emir, poetic delineation of, Iodine, memoir on, 538...

Jones, Dr. E. G. on the waters
Hippopotamus, account of, 144. of Spa, 158.
History, antient and modern, Ionian Islands described, 235.-
philosophical views of, 150— Ireland, on the geology of its

: N. E. counties, 246. 249.
Holland, Dr.on the manufacture Irish-Inn, dramatic scene in, 317-

of Sulphate of Magnesia, 52. Iron, native, on a mass of, 50.
Home, Sir Ev. on the effects of Ithaca and the neighbouring -
medicines through the blood, islands described, 235.




reached the natives of the Philosophy, antient and modern,
Tonga islands, 356.

sketch of, 450..
Muscles, See Wardrop.

Pic du Midi, dangerous ascent

of, 477.
· N

Pitch.fountain, in France, de-
Natural History, great recom- scription of, 480.
mendations of the study of Pitt, Mr. his communications

with Dr. Price on the Sinking
Nervous system, on the influence Fund, 80, 81.
of, 163.

Plants, on the action of leaves-
· Nickel, mode of detecting it in of, 51. .
iron, 50.

Plattner, Ernest, account of, 459.
Night, oriental, poetic repre- Poetry, by a native of Afghaun,
sentations of, 375. 379.

translated specimens of, 13,'14.
Nitrat of silver, obs, on its effect, of England, before the
internally taken, of blackening 16th century, obs. on, and
the skin, 165.

specimens of it in the time of

Henry VIII. 124. 129–131.

Poisson, M. on the distribution
Odier, Dr. on the death of Saus of electricity, 527. On elastic
sure, 164.

substances, 536.
O'Donnel, General, account of, Pope, documents relative to his-

disputes with Bonaparte, 484.
Oil, its use in stilling the waves, Population of Bokhara, 17. Of
310. Its specific gravity a the principal towns under Ali
great obstacle to swimming in Pacha, 230...
it, 341.

Pouhon water, at Spa, account
Orleans, Regent Duke of, his of, 159.

character drawn by the Mar. Price, Dr. particulars of his life
quis de Dangeau, 517.

and character, 77.

' Privateering, Dr. Franklin's sen-

timents on, 138.
Palestine, deseription of, 35. Pronoun, English, remarks on,
Patisot, M., on the leaves and 88. .
medulla of plants, 533. On Providence, Divine, observations

the Cypereæ, 538. , on the agency of, in particular
Paradise and the Peri, account cases, 438.

and specimens of that poetic Prussia, on the present state of,

tale, 285-290.
; Parliaments, annual, shewn to Prussian Edict, written by Dr.

have existed in this country, Franklin in 1773, his anecdote

respecting, 27.'
Penitence, beautiful poetic deli. Pudendum, on an affection of,
neation of, 289..

Percy, M. on vaccination, 539. Pyrola Umbellata, on the diure-
Peri, poetic tale of, 285.

tic effects of, 162.
Peshawer, account of that city Pyrometry, continued essay on,
in Caubul, 7.

Phillips, Mr. on the Oxyd of

Uranium, 246.

Ramond, Baron, his meteorolo-
Philo, obs. on the works of, 453. gical observations, 335.


520. 523


Reforin, Parliamentary, Dr. Shoulder-joint, case of its re-

Franklin's opinion on, 21. · moval, 161.
Reimarus, H. S. works of, 460.


Sighs, a poem, 96.
Respiration, remarks on the Sinde, remarkable form of go-
organs of, 537.

vernmentof that oriental state,
Revolution, French, observations 263.

on its causes, 523. On its al- Skey, Dr. on the structure of
leged termination, 524. On the Barbadoes, 250.
employment of persons who Sky, Isle of, account of its mine-
had been engaged in it, 525. ralogy, 237.
Richard, M. on the Hydrocha- Small-pox, antiquity and pro-
rides, 532.

gress of, 72.
Riddle, by Sir T. Wyatt, 409. Somersetshire, on the geology of,
Rivesaltes, famous sweet wine of, 255.

Somerville, Dr. on the Pyrola
Roget, Dr. on Nitrat of Silver, Umbellata, 162. On anato-

mical peculiarities in the Hot-
Rollock, Mr. first professor in tentot, 162.

the University of Edinburgh, Sovereignty, and government,

maxims respecting, 520.
Ruff, account of that bird, and of Spa, on the mineral waters of, 158.
the trade of catching it, 387. Spar-Cave, in the Isle of Sky,

described, 239.

Speech, on the gradual formation
Salt, remarks on the repeal of of, 85.
the duties on. 201.

' Stadion, Count, his intercourse
Salt-mines of Cordona, obs. on, with Wieland, 497. Character

of, 498...
Sandwich-islands, ready appre- Stansfield, Mr. on a fracture of
hension of the natives of, 314. the Os Humeri, 161.
A British vessel presented to Stones, meteoric, obs. on, as
the King of, ib. Remarks on mentioned in the Psalms, and
the probability of their being by Joshua, 146.
seized as a colony by some of Subscriptions for relieving the
the European powers, 339.

poor, good obs. on the appli-
Savings'-banks, obs. on, 336. cation of, 330.
Saussure, Prof. account of his Sugar-islands, Dr. Franklin's opi
death, 164.

nion respecting them as colo-
Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, pedigree nial possessions, 139.

of the Princes of, 68. Por- Sulzer, J: G. memoir of, 450.
trait of the present Prince, Sun, on the nature of that celes-

tial body, 435
Saxony, history of the Princes Surrey, Earl of, temp. Henry
of, 64.

VIII. particulars of his life,
Scotophaga Ceparum, characters and specimens of his poetry,
of that new species of insect, 113-132.

Swan, wounded, curious physio-
Seton, its use in fractures, 161.. logical facts exemplified in the
Seymour, Lord Webb, on a cli case of, 389.
nometer, 257.

Swedenstierna, M. on the Swedish
Shoeing of horses, remarks on, Corundum, 258.

Systéme de la Nature, probably

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