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181. et seq.

of, 446.

not the work of one individual, Vaults, See Toulouse.
but assigned to Baron Hol- Veiled Prophet of Khorassan, ex-
bach, 458.

tracts from that poetic tale,

Uranium, on the oxyd of, 246.
Tadpole, on the fat and the egg Uses, obs. on the Statute of, 368.

of, 52.
Tasso, supposed poetic lament

of, during his confinement in Wardrop, Mr. on the Laceration
Ferrara, 425.

of the Muscles, 165.
Telluriun, on a new ore of, 258. Waterloo, farther particulars re-
Tetens, J. N. notice of, 460. lative to the battle of, 100.
T'iedeman, M. on the organs of Watson, Mr. specimen of his
respiration, 537:

Sermon, 334.
Tonga or Friendly Islands, when Wedgwood, Mr. obs. on his py-
first discovered, 337. Recent

rometer, 533
account of, and of their inha- Wehabees, anecdotes of that
bitants, 340-359.

people, 32:
Tonga-taboo, desperate conflict Weights and Measures, account

among the natives of, 349.
Toulouse, account of the vaults Whitchurch, Mr. his reclamation.

of the monks there, and anec- of verses taken from a pubļi-
dote respecting, 482.

cation by him, 224..
Traill, Dr. on the Salt-mines of Wieland, the celebrated German
Cordona, 258.

writer, biography of, 490:
Trap, in the Isle of Sky, obs. on, Wigs, anecdote of a Parisian
242. On a bed of, in Staf-

maker of, 21. note.
fordshire, 251.

Wind, extraordinary, in Pro-
Travelling, mode of, in Turkey, vence and Languedoc, 476.

39. In the dominions of Ali Wines of France, account of, 466.
Pacha, 230.

Wollaston, Dr. on the cutting
Travers, Dr. on the Ossification Diamond, 49. On the native
of the Larynx, 162.

iron in Brazil, 50.
Tremolite of Cornwall, observe Wood, Mr. Kinder, on an affec-
ations on, 257

tion of the Pudendum of fe-
Tumour, See Goodlad.

male children, 161.' On Cho-
Turkey, mode of travelling in, rea Sancti Viti, 164. On the
and the inns described, 39. Cæsarean operation, 165.

Wyatt, Sir Thomas, a poet of
V and U

the reign of Henry VIII., ac-
Vaccination, on the effects of, count of, and of his works, 402

Vanini, specimen of his profanie
coarseness, 455.

Varicose veins, on the treatment Zemzem, a well near Mecca, its

water used to poison the vic-
Vaucluse, on the wines of that tims of the Scheriff of Mecca,
department, 473•


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of, 163

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