Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, Bind 8


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Side 594 - Physiological Lectures, exhibiting a general view of Mr. Hunter's Physiology, and of his Researches in comparative Anatomy ; delivered before the Royal College of Surgeons, by J.
Side 323 - ... suffering, such as I have rarely had occasion to witness elsewhere. These unhappy objects seem under the influence of an invincible despondency ; they seek to be alone, scarcely answer the questions put to them, and often shed tears without any obvious cause. Their faculties and senses become alike impaired, and the progress of the disease, where it does not carry them off from debility and exhaustion of the vital powers, generally leaves them incurable idiots, or produces occasionally maniacal...
Side 560 - Although the secondary symptoms do for the most part yield to simple remedies, such as venaesection, sudorifics, the warm bath, sarsaparilla, &c. without much loss of time, that is, in the course of from one to four and six months; yet, as in the primary ulcers, a gentle course of mercury will frequently expedite, and in particular persons and states of constitutions is necessary to effect a cure; and that a repetition of it will even, in some cases, be requisite to render it permanent.
Side 325 - ... spring, and disappearing again in the autumn. In other cases, where it has been found possible to remove the patient to a new situation and mode of life, the disease is still further arrested in its progress. It rarely happens, however, that these means can be practically adopted; and the constitutional malady is generally so far established in the third or fourth year, that little hope remains of benefiting the patient, either by medicine, or change in the mode of life.
Side 246 - ... up the back of the arm to the neck and head, producing a sensation at the roots of the hairs as if they had become erect. To these feelings succeeded a dimness of sight, and the pain afterwards went suddenly into the stomach, followed by sickness and vomiting.
Side 215 - ... and pubic bones. But in the median you have to extract towards the summit of this space, at the apex of a narrow triangle having the transverse muscles forming a tense bar along its base, and offering a material obstacle to the introduction of the forceps and the extraction of the stone. The second obstacle lies in the prostate ; but as it is easily removable by dilatation, it cannot be considered a serious one. The third, the deepest and most important, is situated at the neck of the bladder....
Side 177 - ... past has not been the case with me. " 6th. I have not bathed again, but I still feel the effects of the bath in my mouth. My appetite is now good, and I sleep with tranquillity, which I had not done of late. With all this my pulse is quicker than usual, and I am sensible of some degree of languor. It is, however, to be observed, that the weather is very hot; the thermometer being, during the day, in the shade, from 92 to 96 degrees of Fahrenheit.
Side 558 - We reluctantly pass over several other remarks, to find room for the author's concluding paragraphs : — " 1. Every kind of ulcer of the genitals, of whatever form or appearance, is curable without mercury. This I consider to be established as a fact, from the observation of more than 500 cases •which I am acquainted with, exclusive of those treated in the different regiments of Guards, and which occurred in consequence of promiscuous intercourse.
Side 594 - On the Phenomena of Insanity : being a Supplement to Observations on the Casual and Periodical Influence of peculiar States of the Atmosphere on Human Health and Disease. By THOMAS FOHSTEU, MB No.
Side 322 - The constitutional malady shews itself under a variety of forms ; some of the symptoms having considerable analogy to those of scorbutus ; all of them indicating a general cachexy of habit, and more particularly a lesion of all the voluntary functions. The debility now becomes extreme : the...

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