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A Summer Evening, page xi. The Backsides of an American City, xii.

Present State of Polite Literature, xiii. Criticism of the Day, xiv.

Cant, xiv. Moral and Religious Sentiment, xv. Hypocrisy in Public

Speakers, xvi. The Price of Public Favor, xvii. The Fate of a Re-

former, xviii. England vs. other Nations, xix. Rash Criticism, xx.

CAMPBELL, as a Poet, xxi. CAMPBELL, as a Prose Writer, xxii.

American Critics, xxiv. Germanized English, xxv. British Critics,

XXV. Consequences of the Neglect of Verbal Criticism, xxvi. Art

and Nature, xxvii. Powers of the Imagination, xxviii. The Imagina-

tion, in the Composition of Poetry, xxix. The Poet is born, not made,

Puerile or Commonplace Poetry, xxxi. The Author's Juvenile

Poetry, xxxii: The Farewell. The Ride, xxxiii. ; The Camp by Moon-

light, xxxiv.; Death in a Dungeon, xxxv.; Death in the Wave. Death

in Battle, xxxvi.; Battle. The Night March, xxxvii.; The Conflagra-

tion, xxxviii. The Poetry of a Man, xxxix. The Danger of opposing

Popular Taste, xli. MOLIÈRE's Misanthrope, xlii. TASSONI'S Fig,

xliii. The Amend, xliii. The Present Volume, xliv.: Epistle to Satan,

xlv.; Arthur Carryl, xlvi. Revenge not always Malice, xlvii. Double

Rhymes, xlviii. Inexactness of Rhyme in English Poets, 1. The Pres-
ent Volume Epigram XV., lii. Independence of Thought in the
UNITED STATES, liii. Fame, lvi. Immortality, lvii.



Descriptive Poets, 6. Proem, 7. The Dover Packet, 8. The Hunch-

back, 9. The Aldus, 10. The Struggle, 11. The wounded Eye, 12.

The Defiance, 13. FELIX, 14. GRENVILLE SUTTON, 15. The

Cousins, 16. EPICURUS, 17. DIOGENES, 18. The Passengers, 19.

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