The Enigmatical Entertainer and Mathematical Associate ..., Oplag 1

Sherwood & Company, 1827
Each volume in two parts: The enigmatical entertainer and The mathematical associate.

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Side 59 - And Solomon's wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt.
Side 62 - Fox declaring that it was the Holy Spirit ; and in the following year, being brought before two justices in Derbyshire,' one of them scoffing at George Fox, for having bidden him and those about him to tremble at the word of the Lord...
Side 56 - As we ascend in the atmosphere, the deepness of the blue tinge gradually dies away ; and to the aeronaut who has soared above the denser strata, or to the traveller who has ascended the Alps or the Andes, the sky appears of a deep black, while the blue rays find a ready passage through the attenuated strata of the atmosphere.
Side 62 - ... 2. Pet. i. 19. was the scripture ; George Fox declaring that it was the Holy Spirit ; and in the following year, being brought before two justices in Derbyshire, one of them scoffing at him for ha\ing bidden him, and.
Side 108 - The dauncing past, the board was laid, And siker such a feast was made, As heart and lip desire ; Withouten hands the dishes fly, The glasses with a wish come nigh, And with a wish retire. But now, to please the fairy king.
Side 56 - We have already seen that the red rays penetrate through the atmosphere, while the blue rays, less able to surmount the resistance which they meet, are reflected or absorbed in their passage. It is to this cause that we must ascribe the blue colour of the sky, and the bright azure which tinges the mountains of the distant landscape.
Side 57 - ... of other countries, whose national traditions ascribe their most beautiful churches to English artists, adds great weight to this assertion, and peculiar propriety to the term " English," now proposed to be substituted for the word
Side 59 - My son be admonished by these, for of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh,
Side 153 - Te , dulcis conjux , te solo in litore secum , Te , veniente die , te , decedente , canebat.
Side 57 - there is very little doubt but the light and elegant style of building, whose principal and characteristic feature is the high pointed arch struck from two centres, was invented in this country ; it is certain that it was here brought to its highest state of Spect.

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