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Test laws, their repeal would not en-

danger the church, 162; their real

erils, 164-5
Thornton's fruits of the Spirit, 193
Thornton's Repentance explained and

einforced, 29*; analysis and charac-

ter of the work, 295
Tillard's narrative of the eruption of a

volcano in the sea, off the island of St.

Michael, 250
Time, expedients 10 impress on the mind

considerations oj ils transitoriness, 379
Tıxall poetry, by Arthur Clifford, Esq.

267, el seq.; charter of the composition,
ib.; ils authenticity, 268; extracts,

269, et seq.
Trojań, his palace, or ship in the lake of

Memi, 556
Treaty of peace with France, observa-

tions on it, 197, el seq.; exiled Portu-
gal busied in enslaving the Africans,
leaving England to fight its European
battles, 198; caution against impli-
citly confiding in any set of inen, 200 ;
the enforcement of national murality,
zh.; power possesstd by the English
to prevent the renovation of the slave
trade by the Freuch,204 ; allied sove.
Teigus neglec: to require its abolition
by the French, 205

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Valican, remarks on some paintings in il,

550; Raffaello's painting of the ETER.

Vaughan's Lesson of our times ;

thanksgiving sermor for the late

peace, 420; erbraci, 421
Velvet Cushion), 335, et seq.; outline of

term rebellion, 347; extract froin
Burke's address to the King, 348;
charge egainst Dissenters for contempi
of forms, 349; for their conduct to their
ministers, ib. el seq.; invidious allack on
the meeting house, 352 ; charge that
declining societies among Dissenters
never recover themselves, examined,
35+, et seq.; Dissenters undervalue the
importance of prayer, 357; consider-
ed as auxiliaries to the church, 359;
Vicar's remarks on Calvinism and Armi-
niunism, 360-1; extract from the obi-
tuary of Mr. Sutcliffe, ib.; general
character of the work, 362; biots to

controversialisis, ib.
Venice, causes of its decline, 475

dependent on foreign states for
its supply of corn, 8
Verona, its amphitheatre, and an account of

two modern exhibilions in it, 472
Virgil, his tomb, 557
Virgil's pastorals and georgics, remarks on

the scenery of, 478 9
Volcano in the sea, off the island of St.

Michael, Tillard's narrative of, 250
Warburton, melancholy complexion of

his literary history, 293 ; extract, ib.
Water, the beauty and force of the scrip-

ture allusious to its beneficent effects,

peculiarly felt in the East, 443
Wesley's, John, excellent letter to :

bishop; expostulating with him os
account of the persecuting of some of
bis preachers, 214
West's hiztorical pieces, objections to

them, 187
Whip-snake described, 411
Wollaston on the primitive crystals of

carbonate of liose, bitter spar, and
iron spar, 251

ou a periscopic camera ob-
scura and microscope, 388
Worsley's rules for pronouncing and

reading the French language, 495 ;

origin of the work, 496
Ximenes, Cardinal, Barrett's life of,

325, el seq.; founds the university of
Alcala, 330; compiles the Complutensiar
Polyglott Bible, ib.

the work, ib. el srg.; objections to its
construction, 337; indefinite sense
lately at:ached to the term 'Disseria
ter,' 358; suihor's epigram on the reli-
gion of cathedrals, huises, and barns,
339; examined, 339; and contrasted,

Vicar's remarks upon Popery,
310; excellencies of the Reformalion
prruchers, 341 ; anthor's apology for
Charles I. 342; Burnet's character
of Charles, ib.; remarks on tlie appli-
carion of the terinis martyr aud saint
to Charles, 343; puritans unjustly
aicused of the death of the King, &c.
3.4; extracts froin Lord Clarendon,
Burnet, and Towrood, on the cause
of the troubles of that period, 345-6;
uuconstitutional application of the


Youle's arithmetical preceptor, 496, es


ERRATA in the December Nomber.
Page 5*3, line 4. for similar, seni s mp'er.- Page 939, line 1, for instigation, reed

negut un.-- Pay 039, line 0, frula bultjai, for denomination, read domination.

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