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Gentlemen ard Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige, the Conducters of the Eclectic Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its plan.

A new Work by Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar, (author of " Maternal Solici. tude,”), entitled Practical Hints to Young Wires, Mothers, and Mistre9868 of Painilies, will be published in a few days.

In the press, and shortly will be published, “ An Easy Systein of Short Hand, exhibiting all the latest improvements, upon an entirely new plan, founded on long practical experience, from its simplicity and facility of acquirement peculiarly calculated for persons who study by themselves." By James Mitchell, M.A. Teacher of Short Haud.

Mr. Cortle's Poem of Mess'ah, in tweaty books, will be published on the first of January.

Mr. Wm. Jaques, Private Tutor, and Editor of Professor Franck's Treatise on the Reading and Study of the Holy Scriptures, has in tbe press, (to be published in the early part of 1815) An Abridgement of the venerable John Arodi's True Christianity.

Mr. Arthur Taylor has in the press, in an octavo volume, an Historical Trcatise of the Unction and Coronation of the Kings and Queens of England; with an Appendix of curious documents. "Dr. C. Wordsworth, Dean of Bocking, is preparing to publish, Sermons on Practical Subjects for the Use of Families, in two octavo volumes.

Speedily will be published in 4to. il. lustrated by engravings, Theory on the Classification of Beauty and Deformity, and their Correspondence with Physiognomonic Expression. By Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck, author of a Tour to la Grande Chartreuse and Alet.

Mr. Forster will soon publish an en. larged edition of his Researches concerning Atmospheric Phænomena; with engravings illustrative of Mr. Howaril's Nomenclature of the Clouds, &c.

Succes ivæ Oper&; or, Selections from Ancient Writers, sacred and prefane, with translations and notes, by the Rev. Henry Meen, are in the press.

Select Poems of Synesius, and of Gregory Nazianzen, translated from the Greck, by H. S. Bogd, Esq. with soup original poems, will suon be put to press.

The Rev. J. J. Holmes has in the press, an Elucidation of the Revelation of St. John.

Essays, Moral and Entertaining, on the various faculties and passions of the human mind, by Edward, Earl of Cla. rendon, will soon appear in a foolscap octavo volume,

A Diary of a Journey through North Wales, is printing from a manuscript of the late Dr. Samuel Johnson; with prefatury observations, anecdotes, and notes by the Rev. Henry White.

The Rev. R. Want has in the press, a third volume of Parochialand Domestic Sermons.

A General History of Swisserland, as divided into nineteen cantons, with a description of the scenery, manners, customs, laws, &c. of the inbabitants, and coloured figures of the costume, is preparing for publication.

The Cadet, a poem, being Remarks on British India, as ir respects the hap: piness of those who go thither as cadeis, is printing in two small octavo volumes.

Mr. Win. Anderson has in the press, a Description of the Cyclometer, a new invented machine for dividing a circle into any number of e.jual paits, &c.

Mr. John Cooper will soon publish a translation of Prolemy's. Quadripartite, with notes and observations.

The Fourth Volume of Hutchings' History of Dorsetshire, with additions by Mr. Gough, is nearly rearly for publication ; to which will be pretincu, a life of the author, &c.

A new edition of Ritson's Biographia Poetica, with very considerable additions, and a few occasional specimens, is preparing for the press.

Mr. Norris has in the press a second edition of a Practical Exposition of the Tendency and Proceedings of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

Proposals have been issued for pub. Jishing by subscription at Paisley, by S. and A. Young, Lectures upon the principal Prophecies of Revelation. By Alexander M-Leod, D.D. Pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, New York.--To be reprinted, by the author's permission, from a copy that bas reached this country in compliment.

We hear that there will be published immediately, An Essay on the Doctrine of the Trinity, arranged in the form of Propositions ; attempting to prove the Doctrine by Demonstration, founded upon the Divine perfections, natural and moral; some of the powers and faculties of the human soul; the language of scripture; and tradition among all nations. By the Rev. Janies Kidd, Professor of Oriental Languages in the Marischal College, Aberdeen.

Preparing and speedily will appear, a Translation of the Memoirs on the Campaign in the year 1796, by his Imperial Highness i he Archduke Charles of Austria ; to which will be arided, an Introductory Preface of the Life, Character, and Military Career of that illustrious Personage. This Work of the Archduke has already been finished by him several years ago, but owing to poJitical motives, the Manuscript thereof remained hitherto confined to bis desk, and is only now on the changes of the situation of Europe suffered to be printed.

A new work from the pen of Mrs. Hannah More, may be expected in the course of the present month.

Lieut.-General G. Cockburn's Narrative of his Voyage up the Mediterranean in 1819 and 1811, will be shortly published: it contains an account of a tour in Sicily, Malta, and the Lipari Islands, undertaken at a very interesting period, and will be accompanied by numerous well executed iews and Plans taken on the spot, descriptive of a bea's. tiful and romantic country, and illustra. tive of recent events.

The Rev. W. Shepherd, the Rer. Lapt Carpenter, LL.D. and the Rev. J. Joree, will publish at Christmas, in 2 rols, Sro. illustrated with Plates by Lowry, Syste matic Education, or Elementary Instruction in the various Departments of Literature and Science, with Practical Rules for studying each Branch of Useful Knowledge. The important period of human life which commences when young persous are freed from the restraint of school discipline, is often ill spent, for want of some useful object of inental pursuit. The living instructor is, perhaps, not at hand to point out a course of study; and many an ioge. mous youth falls into the habit of desoltory and baneful reading, who, with proper guidance, might have formed a decided taste for the acquisition of wholesome knowledge, in the prosecution of which he might have improved his mind, and bave been preserved from frivolity and vice. In Auenced by these considerations, the Authors of Systematic Education have had it in view to supply those who are between sixteen and twenty-five years of age with such guidance. They have endeavoared to offer such elementary instruction as may afford a good preparative for future reading, and to point out the best sources of farther information on the subjects of which they treat. It has been their aim to compress within a narrow compass, a great fund of important knowledge, which could only be obtained by the perusal of a multitude of volumes; and they Aatter themselves that, on some topics, their Elements will supply materials not unworthy of the attention of the Preceptor, who may be engaged in conducting the studies of pupils some what advanced in scholastic attainments. Having thus briefly detailed the objects of their work, they respectfully submit the decision, as to its merits in point of plan and execution, to the candour of an eoligbtened public.

The Rev. Archdeacon Coxe has just completed a new edition of Memoirs of the Kings of Spain of the House of Bourbon, from the Accession of Philip the Fifth to the Death of Charles the Third, 1700--1788. Drawn from unpublished Documents and secret Papers. In six vols, 8vo.

The Velvet Cushion. Second Edition. 5s.

A Collection of Scripture Maps; exhibiting the principal Places mentioned in the Old and New Testament, accue rately coloured. 8vo. neatly half-bound, 14s. 60. 4to, 18s.


A Letter to the Earl of Liverpool, the probable Effect of a great Reduction of Corn Prices, by Importation ; upon the relative Condition of the State and its Creditors; and of Debtors and Creditors in general. 8vo. 3s.


Roderick, the last of the Goths; a tragic Poem. By Robert Southey, Esq. P.L. 4to.

Dermid ; or, Erin in the Days of Boru: a Poem. By John D'Alton, Esq. Barrister at Law. 410. 21. 5s. bds.

The Modern Danciad; a Satire. With Notes, Biographical and Critical. In foolscap 8vo. 5s.6d, bds

A New Edition of Lara ; a Tale. By Lord Byron. 8vo. 5s, 6d. sewed.

Poems, by Hugh Lawton, Esq. Royal 4to. ll. 5s. bds.


Strahan's Pearl Bible; the smallest ever printed, Price in boards, 18s. ; in silk, 193. ; red morocco, 11. 4s.

Parts XI and XII, which conclude Mr. Frey's Hebrew Bible. The whole may be had in 2 vols. bds. Common, 31. 3s. royal, 41, 10s.

Also, A Hebrew Grammar; together with the whole Book of Psalms. 10s. 6d.

The Fourteenth Edition of Lexicon Novi Testamenti Alphabeticum; omnes Voces tam primitivas quàm derivativas, anomalas atque communes, in sacro Textu occurrentes, com earum Resolutione grammaticâ, complectens. Studio et Labore Joan. Dawson, A.B. 8vo. 9s. bound.

Eight Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford; together with a Sermon delivered at an Ordination, bolden at Christ Church by the Bishop of Durham, on Trinity Sunday, in the year 1810. By Edward Garrard Marsh, M.A. 8vo, 7s, 6d. bds.


Memoirs of the Lives of Dom Annaud
Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé, and of
Thomas à Kempis. By Charles But-
ler, Esq. cr. 8vo. 4s, sewed.


A Series of Questions upon the Bible, by the Rev. E. Stanley, Rector of Alderley, for the Use of Families and Upper Classes of Sunday and other Schools. 3s. 6d.

With a separate Key of Reference to each Verse, containing the Answer. Is. 6d.

A New Edition, revised, of An Explanatory Pronouncing Dictionary of the French Language, in French and English; wherein the exact Sound and Articulation of every Syllable are distinctly marked. To which are prefixed, the Principles of the French Pronunciation, Prefatory Directions for using the Spelling Representative of every Sound, and the Conjugation of the Verbs, regular, irregular, and defective, with their true Pronunciation. By l'Abbe Tardy, late Master of Arts in the University of Paris. 12mo. 7s. bound.


Picturesque Views of Public Edifices in Paris. By Messrs. Segard and Testard; aquatipted in imitation of drawings, by Mr. Rosenberg. 4to. 11. 11s. 60. coloured, 21. 12s. 6d.

IT ISTORY. History of England, from the Northern Conquest to the Accession of Ej. ward the first. By Sharon Turner, F.S.A. 4to. 11. 16s.

MISCELLANEOUS. The London Catalogue of Books, with their Sizes and Prices. 1814. 8vo. 8s. half-bound.

*** A few Copies on thick Post 4to. 148. in sheets.

Rules of Life; with Reflections on the Manners and Dispositions of Mankind. 12mo. 8s. boards.

The Biographical Dictionary; Vol. XVIII. Edited by Alex, Chalmers, F.S.A. 8vo. 12s. bds.

Sermons by the late Rev. Samuel Palmer, of Hackney. Edited by the Pev. Samuel Paliner, of Chigwell. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Dictionary of Religious Opinions; or, Concise Account of the Various Denominations into which the pro. fession of Christianity is divided ; including a View of the Ecclesiastical Government, and Order of Worship peculiar to each Sect. Alphabetically arranged By William Jones, Author of the History, of the Waldenses, &c. 12 mno. 5s, 6.1. Plain Discourses; delivered

to a Country Congregation. By the Rev. William Butcher, M. A. Rector of Ropsley, Lincolnshire. % vols. 12mo. 10s. bds.

Elements of Hebrew Grateinar, in Two Parts, Part 1. The Doctrine of the Vowel Points and the Radiments of the Grammar. Part 2. The Stracture and Idioms of the Language, with an Appendix, containing the Notation of the Hebrew Words iu Roman Letters. By J. F. Gyles, Esq. A.M. 8vo, 12s. bds,

Christian Morals; or, Practical Pre. cepls and Rules of Duty ; selected from the Epistles of St. Paul, St. James, St. Peter, and St. John. 8d. or 9s, a dozen.

A New Erlition, being the Sixth, of A Key to the New Testament, giving

Account of the sereral Books, their Contents, their Authors, and ur the Times, Places, and Occasions on which they were respectively written. By Thomas Percy, D.D. late. Lord Bishop of Dromore. 1200. 3s. od. bouud.


Vol. II. of A Summary of the History of the English Church, and of the Sects wbich have departed froin its Communion; with Answers to each Dissenuing Pody relative to its pretended Grounds of Separation. By Johnson Grant, M.A. of St. John's College, Oxford. Carrying down the Narrative to the Reigu of Charles II. and introducing Discussions of the Principles held by Presbyterians, Independents, Autinomians, Millenarians (including Southcottians) and Quakers. 8vo. 14s, bds.

A Brief and Connected View of Prophecy : bring an Exposition of the Second, Seventh, and Eighth Cbapters of the Prophecy of Daniel; together with the Sixtcenth Chapter of Revelation. To which are added, some Obscrvations respecting the Period and Manner of the Restoration of the Jews. By Captain Maitlaud, Royal Artillery. 39. Od.

TOPOGRAPHY AND TRAVELS. Letters from Albion to a friend on the Continent. Written in the years 1810, 11, 12, and 13. 2 vols. foolscap 8vo. 14s.

Alpine Sketches, .comprised in a short Tuur through Parts of Holland, Fland. ers, France, Savoy, Switzerland, aut Grrmany, during the Summer of 1814. By a Member of the University of Orford, 8vo. 9s. bds.

Lithgow's Travels and Voyages through Europe, Asia, and Africa, for Nineteen Years. Twelfth Edition. 8ro. 12. bds.

A Visit to Paris in June 1614. By Henry Wonsey, sen. F.A.S. Sro. 5s. sewed.

phy, &c.

P. 487, line 12 from boitom, for any one, read one.
The price of Lacey's Discourses, should have been slated to be 125.

P. 340, 1. 18 from bottom, for arts, read acis.

* Aticles on the following works have been received, and are des gned to ap. pear in our January Number. Bill on Insanity, Alison's Sermons, Penn on Ezekiel's Prophecy, Keith's Geometry, Stewart's Eleinents of Intellectual Pbilose

The following are preparing for the early Numbers of the ensuing volunie.

Voyage of the Moravian Missionaries to Ungewa Bav; Barun Grimini's Corre pondence; The Excursion, by William Wordsworth; Don Rod rok, by Rowe Southev, Esq.; Dunlop's History of Fiction; Northern Antiquities ; Brooks Lives of the Puritans; Toulmin's History of Dissioters ; Miss Edge worth's Patron age; Wardlaw's Lectures on the Socinian Controversy ; Principles ont christian Philosophy ; Chalmers on the Evidence of Christianity ; Laurea e's Diss rtation #pon Griesbach; Philosophical Transactious for 1813 and 1814; The Works of Edmund Burke; Dr. E. D. Clarke's Travels jo Egypt and Palestine ; Lwis and Clarke's Travels; Hoare's Wiltshire; Jainiesou's Hermes Scythicus; Brown'a History of Missious; Lamotte's Norway; Humboldi's Personal Narrative, &c. Sc.



“ A Brand plucked out of the fire,” or

a brief account of Robert Kendall.

By W. P. Davies, 213, 219
Alps, defiles of, near Reichenshall, 470
Amour, its strong current, 156
Antwerp, Buonaparte's commission to the

Commandant of, 945
Appel aux Souverains réunis à Paris,

pour en obtenir l'abolition de la traite

des Negres, 103, et seq.
Approbation of the conduct of young

persons, great caution requisite in

administering it, 19
Archbishop Sancroft's Fur predestinalus,

see Predestined Thief.
Arithmetical Preceptor. By Joseph

Youle, 496, et seq.
Arius, his opinions, 489; modifications

of Arianism traced, 490
Armstrong's facts and observations rela-

tive to the fever called puerperal, 400,
et seq.; its two stages, ib. ; symptoms
in its first stage, 401; Dr. A.'s treat.
ment, 402; its success near Sunder-
land, and extract, ib. et seq. ; farther
reinarks on its symptoms and treat-
ment, ib. seq.

posed to have been poisoned, 332; in-
gratitude of Charles V. 333; his
death, ib.; estimate of his character,

Belsham's memoirs of thelate Rer. Theo.

philus Lindsey, 117, et seq.; Mr. Linde
scy's reputation accidental, 113; com-
plimentary style of his biographer,
114 ; sketch of Mr. L.'s life, ib. e: seq.;
entertains scruples concerning the law-
fulness of Trinitarian worship, 115; re-
news his subscription, 116; his unjus-
tifiable prevarication, ib. ; his exem-
plary conduct as rector of Catterick,
117; renounces his living, 118; founds
the chapel in Essex-street, 118; So-
cinianism in England on the decline,
119, el seq.; extravagance of the boast
of its pretended increase, 122; con-
duct of the Puritats and Socinians
contrasted, 123 ; Mr. L's qualifica-
tions as a writer, 124 ; his mal-treat-
ment of Mr. Robinson, ib.; character
of Mr. Belsbam as a writer, 125; he
asserts that God is the Author of nalural
and moral evil, 126; denies the external
authority of Jesus Christ, 128; Mr.
Lindsey not entitled to rank among
the ejected ministers, 130
Bhauls, their peculiar character and manners,

633; Tarakrw, a mode of murderous re-
venge inflicted on themselves when op-
pressed by tribute, $c. 634 ; dreadful in-

stance of it, ib.
Bible Society, real cause of the opposi-

tion to it, 584; alleged cause of the
clergy for withholding their co-opera-

tion, 585
Bible Societies, on the influence of,

on the temporal necessities of the
poor, 168, el seg. ; effects of the oh.
jections against the Bible Society, 169;
funds for its support do not encroach on
those for the relief of the poor, 170; ils
moral effects on the poor, ib. et seq. ; its
principle of combination, 170 ; its
tendency to meliorate the temporal

Banian, a description of a most beautiful

specimen on the banks of the Nerbudda,

Banian hospital (for brates) at Surat, 442
Barrett's life of Cardinal Ximenes, 325,

et keq.; sketch of his early life and
studies, 326 ;, enters the convent of
Qbservantines, ib.; author's comment
on religious seclusion, ib. ; Ximenes' au-
struly of life, 327; chosen confes-
sor to the queen, and Provincial of his
convent, ib.; visits the convents, and
reforms their abuses, 328; appointed
Archbishop of Toledo, ib. ; continues
his austere mode of life, 329; forms a
university at Alcala, 330; compiles the
Complutensian polyglott Bible, ib. ; sails
to Barbary and reduces Oran, 331;
appointed regent of Spain, ib. ; sup-

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