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SEC. 2. The deliberations of this Society shall be governed by parliamentary usage, as contained in Roberts' Rules of Order, unless otherwise determined by a vote of the Society.


SEC. 3. The Secretary shall employ a short-hand reporter at an expense not exceeding ten dollars per day, to report to him the proceedings of the Society, and such report, when revised by him, he shall submit to the Publishing Committee for preparation for publication in the Transactions. In all cases where the debate on a paper read before the Society is published in the Transactions, it shall be placed in the volume immediately following the paper that caused it.


SEC. 4. The names of all members in good standing, and of all honorary members, shall be published annually in the Transactions, in alphabetical order, with their postoffice addresses, and also the names of the members, with the county societies to which they belong.

SEC. 5. Every county society shall, at least thirty days before the annual meeting of this Society, make a full and correct catalogue of its members in good standing at the time, and transmit the same at once to the Secretary of this Society. If the name of a member is omitted from this catalogue that was contained in the last preceding catalogue, the county society must explain the omission by stating whether the member whose name is omitted is dead, has withdrawn, has been expelled, suspended, or whatever is the fact; and no one not a member in good standing in his county society can be a member of this Society.

Where a member of an auxiliary society has had any right of membership abolished or abridged, on account of non-payment of a pecuniary obligation to such society, such member shall be restored to all the rights thus abolished or abridged by the payment of such obligation at any time before such society makes its next annual report to this Society, and such member may be restored at any time thereafter on a majority vote of such society and the payment of such obligations.

Any member from this or of any society subordinate hereto, against whom has been or may hereafter be pending, in any of the courts of the State, any action for any violation of any of the laws of the State, shall not, while such action is pending, or after trial, if the result is an acquittal, be subjected in this or any subordinate society to any charge or investigation concerning any matter involved in the issues under which he is to be subjected to trial, or upon which he has been found not guilty by the court.

SEC. 6. The names of members who have served this Society as President or Vice-President shall be incorporated in the Transactions annually, prefacing the list of members, and showing the year in which they served.


SEC. 7. Any member of a county society who has been expelled, or otherwise brought under discipline and condemned, shall have the right of appeal to this Society.


SEC. 8. All assessments of money made by this Society shall be per capita on all the members of all the county societies, and each county society shall collect the assessment on its members and forward the same to the Secretary of this Society within the time named, and any county society that fails to comply with this requirement shall be held to be in contempt, and none of its members shall be allowed to participate in the business of this Society until such county society shall have purged itself of the contempt.

SEC. 9. The annual assessment on each member of the county societies for the use of this Society shall be one dollar, which shall be forwarded to the Secretary of this Society with the annual catalogue of members, as provided in Section V, hereof.


SEC. 10. The delegates to this Society shall be appointed by the county societies at the time the county societies are required to make this annual catalogue of members, and the names of the delegates, one of whom shall be designated to act as a member of the Nominating Committee to be appointed at the next meeting of the Society, shall be forwarded to the Secretary of this Society as soon as they are appointed.

Regarding the appointment of delegates to the American Medical Association, hereafter the several county societies shall be required, at the time of appointing their delegates to this Society, to nominate and forward to the Secretary of this Society the names of the delegates to the American Medical Association, the number of such nominations to be governed by the rules of said association; and all the nominations for such delegates shall be confirmed by this Society, which shall have power to fill all vacancies and supply all omissions of the county auxiliaries.

The names of all the delegates to the American Medical Association appointed by the different county societies, must be sent to the Secretary of the State Medical Association at least thirty days, with report of delegates, etc., before the yearly meeting of said State Society.

No voluntary papers shall be read before this Society, or printed in the Transactions, unless such paper shall have been read before the society of

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the county in which the author lives, and by such county society referred to this Society, and no paper so referred shall occupy more than twenty minutes of time in its reading.

No paper which is presented to the Society and referred to the Committee on Publication shall be allowed to appear in print before the publication of the Transactions, without the consent of the Committee on Publication.


SEC. 11. The scientific communications to this Society shall consist of such papers as the county societies may order to be presented here, and the report of such special committees as may be appointed to write on selected subjects, and voluntary papers. All such papers shall be sent to the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements at least twenty days before the annual meeting of this Society.

SEC. 12. The Committee of Arrangements shall examine all the papers submitted to them under the provisions of Section X, and determine the order in which they shall be presented to the Society. The Committee of Arrangements shall have printed a programme of business for the use of members at each annual meeting.


SEC. 13. Any county society desiring to become auxiliary to this Society may file a certificate of its compliance with the conditions of Article IV of the Constitution, and the Secretary of this Society shall be the judge of the sufficiency of such certificate until the next meeting of this Society.

The Secretary is instructed to restore all county societies, which have been regularly admitted into the State Society, and whose names have not appeared in the last volume of the Society's Transactions, to the roll of County Auxiliary Societies in the forthcoming Transactions of the Society.

When any county society shall fail to send delegates to the annual meetings of the State Society, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to open correspondence with such society and use his best influence to induce it to assume and exercise its normal functions and relations to the parent body; such service not to transcend the finances of the Society to compensate for the same, and report at the succeeding annual meeting the result of his labors in this direction, in order to maintain the integrity and prosperity of the Society.


SEC. 14. The Committee on Publication shall construe Section 5 of Article VIII of the Constitution to authorize them to alter, curtail or reject any and all papers referred to them that do not belong to the business pro

ceedings of the Society; and any paper referred to them which they deem meritorious, but not suitable for publication in the Transactions, they may, in their discretion, return to its author and authorize him to offer it to a medical journal for publication, with the announcement that it has been read before the Indiana State Medical Society.





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