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The legend of ILyn ILech Owen .

The parallels of Lough Neagh and Lough Ree

Seithennin's realm overwhelmed by the sea .

Seithennin's name and its congeners

Prof. Dawkins on the Lost Lands of Wales .

Certain Irish wells not visited with impunity

The Lough Sheelin legend compared with that of


The priesthood of the wells of St. Elian and St. Teilo

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Triumphs Of The Water-world

The sea encroaching on the coast of Glamorgan .

The Kenfig tale of crime and vengeance

The Crymlyn story and its touch of fascination .

Nennius' description of Oper Linn Liguan compared

The vengeance legend of Bala Lake

Legends about the ILynclys Pool . .

The fate of Tyno Helig

The belief in cities submerged intact
The phantom city and the bells of Aberdovey
The ethics of the foregoing legends discussed
The limits of the delay of punishment
Why the fairies delay their vengeance
Non-ethical legends of the eruption of water
Cutting the green sward a probable violation
ancient tabu avenged by water divinities .
The lake afanc's role in this connexion .
The pigmies of the water-world ....
The Conwy afanc and the Highland water-horse .
The equine features of March and Labraid Lore .
Mider and the Mac Oc's well horses
The Gilla Decair's horse and Du March Moro
March ab Meirchion associated with Mona .

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Welsh Cave Legends 456

The question of classification 456

The fairy cave of the Arennig Fawr .... 456

The cave of Mynytf y Cnwc 457

Waring's version of Iolo's legend of Craig y Dinas 458

Craigfryn Hughes' Monmouthshire tale . . . 462

The story of the cave occupied by Owen Lawgoch . 464

How London Bridge came to figure in that story . . 466

Owen Lawgoch in Ogo'r Dinas 467

Dinas Emrys with the treasure hidden by Merlin . 469

Snowdonian treasure reserved for the Goidel . . 470

Arthur's death on the side of Snowdon .... 473

The graves of Arthur and Rhita 474

Elis o'r Nant's story of ILanciau Eryri's cave . . 476

The top of Snowdon named after Rhita.... 477

Drystan's cairn 480

The hairy man's cave 481

Returning heroes for comparison with Arthur and

Owen Lawgoch 481

The baledwyr's Owen to return as Henry the Ninth . 484

Owen a historical man = Froissart's Yvain de Gales . 487

Froissart's account of him and the questions it raises . 488

Owen ousting Arthur as a cave-dweller . . . 493
Arthur previously supplanting a divinity of the class

of the sleeping Cronus of Demetrius . . . 493

Arthur's original sojourn located in Faery . . . 495

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