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the bleeding lover's w......406 t W., concentred all in self...547 8 write anything worthy.....753 the short sleep of life our..761 o wretch condemn'd with life307 4 write his own Dispensary1.429m wept o'er his w., or tales...443 d Wretched-can not be w....

write much, and to write...428 8 what deep w. ever closedl..671 e forsakes the wretched..

.736 €

w. so fast as men run mad.430 a with wounds in His side....165 0 give to the wretched... .679 w, the characters in dust...6586 wounds cannot be cured...688 Í in his conception wretched.345 write till your ink be dry* .663 1 w. nine miles point-blank.. 439 8 it is a wretched thing to.... 696 write to the mind and heart426 r wounds of civil war. .7750 u life ! long to the wretched.722 k write with a goose-pen*....471 wounds of deadly hate** ...295 e most w. men are cradled ..

...480 o

yourself w.nothing, your..175 d wounds of fire are hard to .355 n never to scoff at the w......780 j ye who write, choose a.....753 h wounds of the mind ...725 n only wretched are the wise. 314 ♡ you w. with ease, to show..471 u wounds the body of a state. 125 c peace may be so wretched. 731 k Writer-of a writer's genius..514 d w. with incessant strokes..105 v the wretched he forsakes. .564 e one w. for instance, excels.428 h Wrack-blow, wind! come, w*.638 v very wretched fortune. ....703 n regard the writer's endt....125 p Wrangle-and w. and jangle.. 56 j was wretched ev'n as we...182 e men will w. for religion....520 w.are the minds of men....713 p so must the writer, whose..429 w people, how they wrangle..668m wretched before evening...701** that writer does the most..427 1 that makes us wrangle. ....101 8 wretched for his mind*.....343 9 work regard the w.'s endt .429 h Wrap-wrap myself up in my.749 wretched fortune is safe. ..702 0 w., like a priest, must be...428 d Wrapped-w. away from life. .220 n wretched hasten to hear of.748 r Writers-in ink what w. think.471 n

w. in the spotless ermineg..532 h wretched is that poor man*535 most popular writers ......435 8 Wrapper-your folded w...... w. love to think of thee.....141 s souls of all the writers that344 v Wrath-bruising irons of w...639 wretched thing forlorn?....246 style ! why, all w. will tell. 581 9 dews his wrath allay.... ....... 17 n ,

that readeth good writers..514 e grapes of wrath are stored.527 v w. whom none can please ..748 p the greater part of our w...518 % heat, О intermit thy wrath.543 f Wretchedness-estate of......488 8 turn to w. of an abler sort..515 w I told it not, my w. did grow 17 e waves of w.swell..

writers against religion ...519 I told my w., my w. did end 17 e Wretches-feel what w. feel* .441 k writers cannot them digest 125 b measure of my wrath*..... 17 , to wretches such as I...

..346 s.

W., especially when they...427 e now wild in wrath....... ..449 w. hang that jurymeni.....330 i Writes-a strange hand writes640 r. nursing her w. to keep it... 17 | Wrinkle-sigh in w.of a smile*569 2 but he writes nothing who. 175 n red with uncommon wrath,607 p time writes no w, on thy 1..599 1 but writes in dust. ....345 ) their bowels full of wrath*.639 what stamps the w. deeperi..9 g for one who writes amisst..125 wan with w. of wind and...544 with the first wrinkle......656 a is vain who w. for praise. .486aa wrath consume me quite...852 w on fair Venus' brow.. .327 thinks he writes divinely...427 b Wreath-beauty to forego her 8 Wrinkled-are w. like mys.

thinks he w. reasonably....427 b fan with pensile w. their ...615 e smoothed his w. front* 639 think that what he w. is....428 6 is but a wreath of thorns**.534 ? | Wrinkles-and w., the d-d[...215 a w, because his father writ. 430 0 rosy-tinted wreath..

despite of w. this thy*.

.673 )

w. himself "Armigero"*....271 j Sir Proteus to w. your* 56 6 let old wrinkles come*

...384 p

writes them in return.... .254 2 thinking of a wreath.....

.231 r

make w. and not dimples ..387 0 w. to make his barrennessf.480 h wild-flower wreath.

thick rows of wrinkles.....455 j Writest-what w. thou?. ...634 s wreath of Harmodius......236 k try to conceal your w.......175 V Writing-an art of writing... 28 a wreath of roses.. ....240 d Wrist-earth a trinket at my..669 angel, w, in a book of gold.634 s w.'s of brightest myrtle....219 ; falling down to your wrist. 291 s appear in writing or int....429 i Wreaths-blooming w. from..530 c gave a thumb to his wrist..370 art of writing billet-doux..448

entwined in duskier w......625 O ladies ride with hawk ong..533 h bear the toil of writing.....753 € grac'd with w. of victory*..631 1 the shoulder to the wrist...647 u conversation than in w.....113 g our w. of parsley spread...395 ? Writ-holy saws of sacred w.*303 e easy w.'s curst hard........471 26 sweet garland wreaths**...219 a one writ with me in sour*. .388 1 for your w. and reading* ... 842 p woodbine w, that bind hert610 1 proofs of holy writ*. 828 h masterpiece is w. well......429 8 wreaths for each toil.......307 i so holy writ in babes*. .331 o no talent at writing.. .427 C wreaths of camomile.......440 1 stol'n out of holy writ*..... quick hand in writing.

753 72 wreaths that endurel......198 u was ever writ in brass......550m source of good writing.....753 9. Wreck-creates from its own.308 z whose name was writ in....183 h true ease in w.comes from 429

escapes the w. of worlds. ..572 words writ in waters.......664 g
in the w. of noble lives

writing an exact man.......341 76

w. comes by the grace of...428 own wreck the thing it. ..308 and write mine epitaph*...184 g w. well; I say nothing......753 e the wreck of power to rest. 396 o as though I lived to write..429 y Writings-comprehension of8.428

till o'er the wreck.. ...188c but to w. and read comes* 170't publishing of his own w....452 e Wrecked-men have oftest**. 388 h certain he could write and.342 d steal from the writings.....474 0

w, with a week of teen* .569 8 could souls to bodies, write 448 e writings survive the years. 753m Wrecks-rising on its w. at8...190 7 dare to write as funny as 1.310 y w.that convict you of theft180 e

the w. of matter, and the...570w devise, wit; write, pen* ....429 the wrecks of time. ........250 c

Written-a well-written lite is346 1 for this men write, speak]..200


erased nor w. o'er againg...428w vomitest thy wrecks on its .603 1 hand wherewith I write....3336 refuse to be written........

.621 a Wren-a musician than the*.. 52 a he can write and read and* 170 u should be written on air....722 p

and then the wren gan..... 59 1 he who would write andtt..125 s whatever hath been w.....4289 I took the w.'s nest, Heaven 59m he will write a book....... 427 C “w. in water," swiftly, poor wren the most.*.

into thine heart and write$.428 u Writhed-w. not at passed joy329r robin-redbreast and the w.. 56 e is but a desk to write upon 662 d Wrong-all right and wrong..707 n the wren with little quill*.. 58 9 look in thy heart and w.. ..429t almost seems a wrong...... 97 m with the little wren'sT.... masters of the things they.342 1 always in the wrong...

.212 a w, mounted as high as the.. 590 may be glorious to writett.428 x and other than the wrong. .410 h Wrens-as little w, but newly, 59 k no man can write anything 428 h answering one foul wrong*382 8 wrens be wrepst..

provoke the skew'r to w...429 k both are w. but in different694 n wrens make prey where*...187 % sit down to write..... .480 t by going wrong all thingstt 75 c Wrestled-w. with him as the. 1418 so may he cease to write....429 n condemn the w. and yet.... 82 k Wrestles-he that w. with us.. 112 9 some w.confin'd by physic 4300 cradled into poetry by w...480 0 Wretch-curs'd be that wretch480 d speak or write to him...

dally with w. that does no..596 i is a wretch whom it were..122 n that w. in rhyme still make476 € day of w.through the little*156 a live like a wretch

.320 T the Angel says “write"$..479 despite thy w., my love*...603 j meanest wretch they scorn. 61 w their stars, to write..

do wrong to none*.

.511 8 miser; base, ignoble w.*...387 1 though an angel should w..452 a easily things go wrong.....151 d O dishonest wretch*.

to write I should be dumb. 753 1 every one is in the wrong..765 € the poorest wretch in life..374 ) virtues we write in water*, 84 c find herein a wrong

vengeance on the w. who...5:28m why did I write ? what sint429 1 flight to do thee wrong..... 56 p SHAKESPEARE *




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for every social w. there...565 g y. make another yawn.....188 ) flag has braved a thousand. 444 y have a wrong sow by the...586m Year-all the daughters of the.543 j fleeting years are passing..746 have done the wrong... almanacs of the last year... 4 i flight of years..

267 he rises early to do wrong..416 9 and the year on the earth..544 o form the circles of our y...584 his can't be w, whose life1..349 i a y. hence, but this evening 681 m years beyond our keng.319 Q if I am w., o teach myt....489 bier of the dead cold year..544 o fourteen hundred y. ago*.. 92 in a wrong Boxe..

birds of this y, in the nests.502m full of years and of honors.712 inflicts no sense of wrong..448 d comes but once a year...... 95 h gleam on the y. that shall..464 p is the tender fear of wrong. 671 n crowns the youthful year. .540 grave was the man in years 760 h lawful that law bar no w.*.439 c days will finish up the y.*...602 r. grow faster than the y.* ...626 i make w. conduct appear...691 n decorate the fading year...219 s her years were ripe.l.......6716 may gang a kennin' wreag.343 c each shall crown the year. .355 U how many y. ago? Twenty. 59 memory of a wrong.. ..255 1 every y. and month sends].300 z

I'm eighty years. multitude is always in the.671m first roses of the y. shallt...285 1 in deeds poty., piercing thel 9c of right and w. he taught..449 p. funeral of the former yeart 60 g in the world's riper years..669 w on w. swift vengeancef..

gems the starry girdle of...575 p justice, judgment with y..190 11 opposing wrong affords.... 79 0 hear it in the opening y....647 n many y. of tearing death* .583 s our country, right or wrong 468 j heaven's eternal y, is thine.297 p monitor of fleeting years 1..245 j people once are in the w...185 8 in the circling year.

40 n nature sink in years... read you not the w. you're.662 ; in the year of our Lord..... 98 i nine y. have brought him.. 91 O receive than to do a wrong.749 g leap year is never a good... 21 no great disparity of years| 374 n right of an excessive w.....500 g long year through the ...


of boyhood's years.........673 b silente man still suffers w..553 y many a year ago.....

..323 a O tide of the years...

87 sons of wrong and strife.. .594 0 months that fill the year...222 0 our moments or our years.351 9 sorrow and from wrong.... 229m moments make the year....619 v record of the years of man.617 9 split the marble walls of w.614 p newe corn from y. to yere.. 9 i redeem Life's years of illj..856 stronger than the wrong...164 U nc winter in thy year. 44 r see enough, when y. are....553 ? than the abolition of the w.565 g of that glad y. that oncet..449 i set is the sun of my years.. the heart hath treble w.*...606 i opens all the year.. 276 2 slow process of the.. the year goes wrong........267 e opes the y.'s fair gate.. 151 9 slow years darklier roll....833 to stand and suffer wrong..616 s passing year robs us of. ..746 f strength of y. when it is....341 m we are both in the wrong...185m pleasure of the fleeting y.*. 81 such difference in years....375 t we wrong with mournful...133 g preach a/whole year....

such hours 'gainst y. ofl... 346 h when one's w. they smilel..455 s rolling year is full of Thee.275 v the downward slope of y...592m who if once wrongt..

ruler of the inverted year..545 n the first years of man must 511 k wrong because of weakness 33 O six

hundred pounds a year. 652 ! the golden years return....669 i wrong done her is righted.63166 so Life's year begins and... 10 t the long lapse of years..... 61 1 w. forever on the thronett..622 0 so rolls the changing year..539 9 the loss of all those years..502 p w. in a connubial kissi......533 g sweet new year, delayingt.541 e the pages of our years. ..

851 t Wrong-doing--yoke of our....512 the boyhood of the yeart...541 i th'eterual y. of God are ...621 / Wronged-but think'st him*. .108 e the perfect circle of the year396 d the weight of seventy y... 12m Wronger-loves not his w.*...328 e the saddest of the year.....543m the y. of heaven with all...316 d Wrongs-clearing thorny w...667 n the snows of yester year....782 n the y. we wish, the better... 60 € good for righting wrongs..1021 the year goes wrong.....

267 e

thought of other yearstt...248 8 heaviest w. get uppermost .667 u the year's in the wane......544 0 thousand y, scarce servel..281 1 oppress'd with wrongg*....209 time o' the year between*..191 h time who steals our years..880 redress of unexamined w...548 t to childhood seems a year..599 to be seventy y. young is.: 10% when I think of all my w...528 o to rule the varied year. ....546 o twice ten hundred yearst., 22 ! write their w, in marble....420 x visionary tints the y. putstt544 unending y. nor the flight..714 1 w. his outsides, to wear*.. while the year is young.....287 | up for fourscore years.....

9m wrongs of base mankindi. .385 r with the revolving year....289 a virtues with your years....673 ke w. unredressed, or insults388 8 with the y. seasons return**149m waste of all devouring y... 98 n Wrote-agayne I wrote it.....255 d y. after year it steals, till...604 d we let the years go...

.255. and wrote upon the sand...459 o year by year we lose.......261 6 we live in deeds not years. .845m he talked, w., or rehearsed.581 d y. draws to the golden.....476 n whole years outweighst....1066 I wrote her name.

..255 d
year grows rich as it..

.279 8

whose waves are years.....603 ! reading what they never w.450 e year of the age of gold.....327 C wisdom is the man of y....

....373 ; Shikspur! who wrote it.....551 C y. smiles as it draws near...394 k worn some twenty y. ago..205 C who wrote like an angel.

y. were playing holidays*..802 t writings survive the years.753 who wrote with easer. 436 e Years-ah! happy y.I oncel...671 u y. a mortal man may live*.602 r wrote except for money.... a hundred years of the... .827 c y. bring many advantages. 684 j wrote on in the sand...

86 T

along the waste of years....107 p years fleet away with the 1.834 wrote them in the dust.....420 x and charging them years. ..600 n y. following years steal 1...601 Wroth-weakness to be w.t....642 a thousand y. a poor man..154 w years have not seenj...

........259 wroth with one we love.... 17 g a thousand y. shall as a.... 61 1 years leave us and find us.. 75 € Wrought-brain too finely w..596 g a thousand years their..... 99 a years like passing ages.....599 o

fortunes must be wrought8348 p began a thousand y, agot.. 60 8 years of fading strength...346 k that firste he wroughte.....188 k be numbered by y., daies...599 C y. of its glory outnumber..616 e to have w. or reigned.......386 r blends with the ocean of y..603 $ years of rankling pain .....157 d w, with attributes divine...417 v braved a thousand years....214 b years permit, endure labor 720 C

brought up to y. with cares345 j y. steal fire from the mind 599 7 X.

Cascellius numbers sixty y.177 1 years that bring thes.......586 a

count a man's years, until.. 90 y, that through my portals&27 ! Xanadu-X. did Kubla Khan..530 0 crime is taught from early.687 Yearn-of finite hearts that y465 Xarifa-rise up, X.! lay your..126 u crowding y. divide in vain..568 x Yearned-yearned in silence..222 a Xerxes-or X. the splendid....200 q crowding years in one brief 91 d Yearning-the leaf is deadt...610m X. the great did die, and so 133 p cuts off so many years of*.139 Yearnings-y. for equal.......482 ?

cuts off twenty y. of life*. .583 | Yell-yell of savage rage..... 640 } Y.

debts in at sixty years......105 e Yelld-y. out like syllable of*569

dim with the mist of years||485 n Yells-mean those yells and..821 @ Yarn-mingled y. good and*. .350 W edge of tempestuous years.325 P Yellow-bright and y., hard..278 6 Yarrow-see the braes of Y.1.5299 effect with a thousand y...4849 bright with yellow glow.... 246 9 thy genuine image Y.S.

eighty odd y. of sorrow*...5698 mine is perfect yellow*. 291 8 Yawn-churchyards y. and*...417 0 else years are in vain.......190 n yellow as sunshine...... .297 everlasting yawn confessi.313m equality of years, of birth..375 x y. to the jaundiced eye t...586 like a yawn of fire .........239 0 years past.

bird--bwhere did .. 59 Yawning-I dozing lay and y..446 e Afty y. or Europes thant ::..498 d | Yeoman ajoy..., marshali: *! SHAKESPEARE *; Milton **; WORDSWORTH I; BYRON I; TENNYSON +; LOWELL ++; POPE #; LONGFELLOW $.

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fed a rout of y. with his....309 i teacher and the taught are(455 J loveless y. to unrespectedt. 82 8 Yeomen-fight, bold yeomen*639 a that dies married young*..377 n loves the meat in his youth*

260 Yes-breath of a maiden's yes 359 d the luve o life's y. day.....380 p May-morn of his youth*...673 her yes, once said to you ..145 n the y, men's vision, and....634 d look yes last night and yet|662 g these young things lie ..... 90 s more than a youth is not*. .159 a shall be yes forever more ..145 n though I am young, I scorn 654"l nature of tender youth.....753, won't say “Y.,"and keepsi 114 g thus you seem young..... ..178 no less than youth itself&.. 10° Ye: rday-call back y., bid*..602 0 to be seventy years y. is.... 10 now green in youth, nowt..371 e

great families of y. we..... 15 i to be young is to be as .....672 1 one has wished for in youth795m I may reflect on yesterday.150 r to be y. was very heavens., 62 6 our youth, our joys, and all601 v our yesterday's to-morrow.705 to warm her y. and to teach 57 a passionate youth expires...460 O pushes the hero of y. 301

when I was young

.672 c

recounts the feats of youth 12 i since y. I have beens.

when we were young.....

755 a retention of the spirit of y. 80 į sneer, and y.'s frown..

when young and old, and ..605 k roses for the flush of youth 11 å the wise lived yesterday ...605 k

shining y. into the shade...142 8 this day was y. to-morrow.601 k whilest that the childe is y.455 something of the youth....672 6 to-day is not yesterday.. 74 k whom the gods love dies y 690 g spirit of y. in everything*..392 k yesterday's frown can never 74 w wives are young men's.....644 p spring, like youth, fresh... 9 j

y.the word of Cæsar might*665 k world and love were young 361 t steals from her youth... Yesterdays-of cheerful y.1..112m y., all health and pleasure.604 P summer of your youth.....673 a these are my y., my

.600 k young are just on trial.....262 the flourish set on youth*..602 v whose y. look backward....466 8 y. fellows will be young....671 6 the joy of y. and health her 655 6 y. have lighted fools*......605 O young, I said to sorrow ....570 r. therewith a youth to snare.318 t Yet-"but yet” is as a gaoler*158 ! y, men are fitter to invent .671 g the spirit of a youth*. I do not like “but yet," it*.158 + young men are fools....

those of youth a seeming ..346 k Yew-eugh, obedient to the ...610 e young men for what they..778 1 'tis not on youth's smoothl. 62

for there no y. nor cypress.618 y. men soon give and soon.. 77 h 'tis not what our y. desires. 671 9 shroud of white stuck all*.138 young men think old..

'tis youth's frenzy-buti...357 a slips of yew silver'd in* ....619 a young without loverst.

.349 n

to the delusion of Youth... 9 k vanished save of pine and..614 1 Younger-thy love bey. than*659 u thy youth hath fled ... 10 u Yew-tree-there is a y-t. 1.....619 c You-as we are now so must..183 c vehemence of youth........195 O this lonely yew-tree stands 7619 d as you and you as he*

vivacity and novelty of y...516 5 yew-tree, and all roundt...270 a Yours-better I were not y.*..306 8 warmd with youth's blood. 87 s y-t. pride of Lorton Valef.,619 C if your riches are yours....500 d wear out thy youth*.

.813 n Yield-must y. at length to...525 i is it yours...

...805 e
where unbruised youth*..

72 j never to submit or yield**.103 a it begins to be yours....,

who die in youth.

.443 n not y. up till it be forced... 121 ; room for, Yours sincerely..448 k who would not be that y...468 a y., proud foe, thy fleet.....630 % what is yours is mine..

..508 m2

why I love this youth*. y. them to thy bitter need..324 d | Yourself-may to y. be true...367 1 woe to the youth.

yield to him who opposes..684 9 unbelief in yourself.... ..626 n worm is in the bud of y....143 Yiel led-y. with no discontent 69 9 you never look at yourself.681 c years of his youth.... .252 Yielder-and y. up of breath*.608 9 Yourselves-not have done to.508 8 y. and only youth requires. 673 Yields-conquers when it y. to759 Youth-a bold y. so swift, ....663 c youth and pleasure meetj..128 e Yoke-best bear his mild y. ** 275 i age 'twixt boy and youth..574 j youth and pleasure sport..522 bow beneath the same y... .388

9 ah youth! forever deart....672m youth beguiled the chase...155 d forgets even such a y. as...934 8 all the pleasures of youth..754 i youth comes but once.....672 8 must make the y. uneasy..875 u and youth is vain....

youth disports in that......522

9 y, of our own wrong-doing.512 d as I approveof a youth that672


y. dreams a bliss on this....671 g Yoked-is so yoked by a fool* 363 8 aspiring y. beware of love..367 b youth fades; love droops...307 2 you are y. with a lamb*.... 18

aspiring youth that fired...200 p youth gave love and roses.. 10 t Yoke-devils-as two y-d.*. ..608 v a youth of frolicst ...349 n y., health, and hope may...620 a Yokes-y. a smiling with a* ...564 0 ay. to whom was given f... 673 0 y. holds no society with....672 h

to draw in y. is chargeable.375 g beardless youth manages. .283 b youth, hope and loveş......189 g Yorick-Alas, poor Yorick![..421 beauty, for confiding y.! ..466 d y.d how buoyant are thy...672 n

songster, Y. of thy tribe.... 50 k bounds of freakish youth..291 a youth I do adore thee*.....673 e York-and the Duke of York.535 k come best in youth... 60 Y. is a blunder; Manhood a 91

summer by this sun of Y.*.582 g condemns itself in youth...387 n youth is full of pleasance*.673 e Younker-Y. prancing to his*400 & crabbed age and y, cannot*673 e youth is full of sport* .673 e Young-always find us young.557 d done it from my youth.....290 9 youth is hot and bold*.....673 e and soft as young..

.661 h ere youth had sped....... .223 8 y. is nimble, age is lame*...673 e and the old Earth was y... .412 8 feeling of Eternity in youth672 1 youth is not rich in time...673 and young as beautiful., .661 h fit to instruct her youth*...455 0 y. is to all the glad season..672 a antiquity was young when. 460 p flourish in immortal youth.315m y. is too hasty with words..797 d bit of by it young*

57 h follow'd baffled youthj... 78 a y. is wild, and age is tame* 673 e both were y. and one was)..671 v for youth no less becomes* 673 | youth like summer morn*..673 e ever died so young. .137 1 great is youth...

y. makes so fair and passion 234 p ever have been young!

Kulf-stream of our y. may$. 10 j fight her young ones in*... 59 N hail, blooming Youth 073

y. of labour with an age....

9 for young hot colts being*.49799 hare is madness the youth*.592 w youth of pleasure wasteful. 345 u gods love dies young.......151 ? heart is gone, ere youth ... 62 ) Y. on the prow, and.

672 j gods love die youngi.. ...150 n his y. 'gainst time and......601 9 youth perpetual dwells ing.162 n hearts of young and oldg... 40 d home-keeping y. have*.....304 p youth pined away with.....245 n her young on yonder tree .. 48 f Hope and Y. are children...308 % youth replies I can.........163 n hope will make thee young308 * how beautiful is youth.

y, should be a savings-bank6731 I am young--so is she......355 k in flower of youth and..... 69 p y. should watch joys and ..672 f if he be caught young......170 n ingenious youth of nations| 455 € youth soon is gone ......... 75 a in a young man is modesty.753 0 in my y. I never did apply*. 12 a youth, talents, beauty, thus 11 h in my verse ever live y.* ...603 ; in pride of y., and felt....

y., that pursuest with such 672 u inspires the young, makes| 648m in the lexicon of youth.....196 n y. to age a reverend hermit567 j isle protective of his young 58 0 in y. and beauty wisdomf..650 U y. to fortune and to fame...879 C ladies be but y. and fair*...659 h in youth it sheltered me... 609 1 y, waneth by increasing ....601 g look young till forty ..656 a in y, we come fill'd with....651 v y. we can have but to-day,.671 love and I were young ..

.. 59 a it is for youth to acquire...676 k y. what man's age is like to 672 e mourning her ravish'd y. or 51 p it the prime of youth*.. ...400 x youth when it is luxuriant.341 m old folk and young.

128 1 life with wiser youth.. .582 1 Youthful-word had in my y.. 60 she died so young

..137 i long kiss, a kiss of youth1..334 c Youths-heard both y. and..628 b she sits, y. while the earth.144 w long stood the noble youth.661 il O happy unown'd youths..672 i SHAKESPEARE * ; MILTON ** WORDSWORTH S; BYRON I; TENNYSON †; LOWELL ++; Popeł; LONGFELLOW $.


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Yron-hardest y. soone doth..430 1 with commutal z. we both1.627 ; the zephyr flew .....

.531 c Yulenight-on blithe Y. when.662

your peaceful z, shall find..674 n when zephyr gently blowst.674 ? Yvette-o lovely river of Y.8.533 e zeal and duty are not slow**461 k z.'s cool breezes I burn. ..599 h Z.

z. is very blind, or badly....674 g 2. with Aurora playing**.. 29m

zeal outruns his promise..245 i Zephyrs-as the z. swoon.....6749 Zaccheus-Z. he did climb the..126 v z.'s a dreadful termagant...673 u blow, zephyrs, blow... ..214 c Zeal-all zeal for a reform....518 t zeal then, not charityt.....674 k but z. to the train beneath1 674

a righteous zeal inspired...451 g Zealots-graceless z. fighti....349 i lull'd by soft zephyrs thro'1 674 u blind z. can only do harm..797 while z. fast and frown.....521 u on the balmy,z. tranquil...674 8 build me altars in their 2....674 Zealous-a spirit, z. as he**...674 C the balmy z., silent sincet..674 2 but zeal moved thee**......674 e zealous, yet modest..

vernal zephyrs breathe in..417 p desperate in my zeali. 47 h

stirred up many z. souls...,674m z. bland breathe'd o'er...... 71 'j have more zeal than witf...674 i sweet is z. contemplation* 109 d zephyrs blowing below*...271 v his zeal, none seconded** ..674 d who is zealous for nothing..674 b zephyrs gently play........674 1 lest z., now melted by the*.461 q zealous, yet modest... 77 k Zest-gave life a zest..........457 n race demands thy zeal.....674 ā Zed-z.I thou unnecessary*...340 e 2. and flavour to the dish...654 i serv'd my God with half*...549 e Zenith-all the z. seemed to...584 r Zeus-Zeus came to earth to..276 O show their zeal, and hidef..674 j brutes soon their z. reach..517 u Zion-die upon the walls of Z.142 a the zeal of friends it is.....797 8 dropt from the z. like a**..153 c Zodiac-gallops the z. in his*..584 8 through z. knowledge is....673 z., doth depend upon*......256 w Zone-each zone obeys theel.. 459 9 too much zeal be hadt... 674 h wisdom mounts her zenith.384 r the zone of calms.

.224 d virtue's self may too much 1521 Zephyr-faint the flagging Z..674 r Zones-to z., though more.....596 Ç want of z. in its inhabitants 673 let Zephyr only breathe....674 0 Zurichers-council of the Z...521 ; we do that in our z. our....674 1 soft the zephyr blows .....672 ; Zwinglians-seat of the Z.....521 ;






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PAGE PAGE Adversité-s' aigrit dans l'a...785 I Aggrata-dubbiar m'aggrata.763m Abest-nescio quid semper a..692 ? Aechte-Das Aechte bleibt der759 n Agimus-Victuros 8. semper. 679 € Abgeglättet-wenn sie a. sind.754 6 Ædificat-Diruit, æ. mutat....682 b Agnel-E si dilegua come a...765 b Abierunt-Abiturus illuc..... 693 d| Æger-intemperans æ. facit. .731 8 Agricola-diligens a., quarum 719 p Abîme-Abîme tout plutôt...759 Ç Ægra-durum sustinet ægra..726 k Agrorum-Tempus in a. cultu676 u Abiturus-a. illuc priores. ...693 d Ægrescit-que A. medendo...725 Agunt-Quicquid a. homines. 679 8 Abnuerit-pudicitia alia a.....688 e Ægro-mens est a. magis ægra726 i Aigrit-s' a. dans l'adversité..785 f Absence-L'absence diminue.782 jÆgros-vicinum funus et æ... 695 8 Ailes-a., et n'a pas de pieds ..773 C Absentem-A. tædit cum.....701 c Ægrotis-recta consilia æ.....678 d on sent qu'il a des ailes....755 d Absenti-A. Demo ne nocuisse743 u Æmula Stimulos dedit æ...,686 d Aimable-L'a. siècle où ...... 768 k Absicht-die A. so klar in die.754 c Æmulari-quisquis studet æ..714 g Aime-jamais a. quelui-méme788 k Absolvi-est quam absolvi....717 9 | Æneus-Hic murus æ. esto...685 & l'on a. la vie et l'on fuit.....754 ke Abstenir-L' ā. pour jouir.....764 e Æquales-omnes homines æ..694 On aime sans raison ..786 -ita peccatis a683

par ce qu'on aime...

.762 e Accent-L a. du pays ou l'on. 9958 Æquam-A. æquanimiter...: 7981 vestris qui scribitas æquam753 h pas ce que l'on aime...

..783 T L'a. est l'âme du discours.775 c Æquior-enim lex est æ. ulla.718 0 Asment-les femmes ne s'a....774 a Accepit-narret, qui accepit..679 Æquitas-tamen in jure, &.... 694 j| Aimer-cognoistre avant qu'..777 9 Acceptissima-A. semper.....706m quo-æ. animo pænain.. 730 Il faut a. ce quel'on a......783 1 Accidente-a. della fortuna.... 781 k debet æquo animo pati...

les voulez aimer...

..766 a Accipe-A. nunc Danaûm.....683m Æquum-æ. licet statuerit... 718 d Air-a point cet a. impétueux.793 a Accipere-A. quam facere....749 9 Æquus-æ, animus salatium.730 i avoir l'a. fou et être sage..7909 Accipiter-columba unguibus 699 s. haud æquus fuerit.. . .718 Aisé-pas être bien aisé..

.775 € Accomplir-Prêt d'accomplir.808 i Si animus est æ. tibi satis. .685 O Aisée La critique est aisée...761 a Accusari-improbum non a...717 9 Aëre-Aëre non certo corpora.693 a Alas-Candor dat viribus alas199 a Acer-A. et ad palmæ per se..686 ? Ære-non habet in ære........ .728 Alea-Alea jacta est.. 697 6 Acerbum-Nihil tam a. est....730 i sum pauper in ære.. .733 k Aleator-A. quantam in arte. .705 g Acheronta-A. movebo..... .734 k | Aergste das A. weiss die.....786 n Algå-cum re, vilior algâ......739 ♡ Acheruntis-A, agundus......699 C Astuat-æ. infelix angusto..692 Alget-Probitas laudatur et a.750 e Achivi-reges, plectuntur A...697 jÆtas-æ. quid intactum......694 | Ali-in basso batter l'ali.......779 1 Acostumbra-a. hacer el......765 C cito pede labitur ætas......746 n Aliena-Aliena negotia curo...680 j Acqua-per star nell' a. il foc0757 i fallitque volubilis ætas.. 746 k Aliena nobis, nostra plus..685 p Acquiescimus-8. lecto.... .739 in apricum proferet ætas...746 e suum aliena laudet. .677 k Acram-Acram sui memoriam717 g lubrica moribus ætas. ....753 p Alienum-humani nihil a me..724 8 Acta-Acta deos nunquam ....691 p. Ætate-Utendum est ætate...746 72 Humani nihil alienum......801 i

exitus acta probat...... ...800 d Etati-inhumanitas omni æ..682 p Alis-ambiguis mobilis a. hora746 16 Action-que soit une action...762 n Ætatis-æ. spatium sibi vir...721 % Allégorie-L'a. habiteun.....755 b Actione-Virtus in a. consistit805 Æterpaque-virtus clara æ... 750 k Allein-der ist bald allein......789 Actions-Les belles a. cachées762m Æternâ-Memoria in æternâ..802 | Alles-der, den alles fürchtet. .767 Actum-Actum ne agas.......675 h reformidas æ. natilis est ...690 k | Alma-es lengua del alma. ....780 i Actus-A. dei nemini facit....675 e Æternum-Nec forma æ., aut 690 i Alpina-Dalla pendice alpina..785 16 Adde-Adde repertores........689 r Æther-semper sine nubibus..708 b Alsit-puer, sudavit et alsit.. 719 Addivien-Che sovente a......768 v Ætheris-est ex ætheris oreis. 712 6 | Alt-Seele wird nicht alt......769 d Adflictis-qui dat adflictis ....676 9 Aeugelein-Veilchen der A....766 c. Wenn man a. ist, muss man755 a Adieu-dire, adieu, prudence.7777 n Ævi-casûs rota volvitur ævi.746 v Alten-wie in den alten Zeiten 768m Adjuvat-Quamlibet infirmas.677 p Quod superest ævi..........685 1| Alter-Das A. ist nicht trübe.754m Admirari-Nil a. prope est res675 j Affabilitasque-comitas a.....718 p Das Alter macht nicht... 754 m Admire-sot qui l'adunire..

768 e Affaiblit-On a. toujours tout 795 a hat man im A, die Fülle....795m Admirer-sait encorea. un sot759 h Affaire-peut gâter une a..... 785 | Altercando-Nimium a. ......686 C Admirez-Peu d'hommes ont..758 dl Affanno-ciascun l'interno a..771 9 Alteri-cum dicas injuste a...681 C Admone-Secrete amicos a....705 b Affecte-celles que l'on a.....758 C Altum-altum alii teneant....736 u Admonet-octogesimus a. me.676 n Affecter-d'a. de cacher le....788 b Ama-Sivis amari, ama..... 723 w Adolescens-di diligunta.....690 g Afflige-peu de chose nous a..792 p

Litus ana ......... Adsentatio-mos est, a... .700 ? Agamemnona-fortes ante A. 728 7 Amabilis-ameris, a. esto... .723 1 Adspicere-a. in alieno malo..7% i

scriptis Agamemnona nosti753 m Amabitur-extinctus a. idem.703 Adulandi-gens prudentissima700 i Agas-quicquid a., agere pro..675 a Amans-Militat omnis amans..723 å Adversa-explorant a. viros ..750m Âge-cet âge est sans pitié... 758 + Amant-un a. d'une maitresse780 p Adversæ-A, nudare solent...706 O n'a pas l'esprit de son âge.784 r Amantem-Cogas a. irasci....724 a A. res admonent..

.675 m son age a tout le malheur..784 r. fallere possit amantem.....724 € Adversam-virisque a.. 675 p | Agendo-Spectemur agendo...804 8 Amantes-igitur lætemur &...732 j Adversis-A. etenim frangi...675 o Agendum-intelligendum et..724 i Amanti-quod dicit amanti...722

adversis probitas exercita. 738 h superesset agendum. .. 719 Amantium-A, iræ amoris....724 C conflictari a. videantur.....684 g Ager-Continua messe senescit6766 Perjuria ridet amantium...731 m viri rebus, a, non aliter.....675 n requietas ager bene credita 739 d | Amants-que les amants et les777 o

.......736 n

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