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w, with a mischief to their. 7 woo the timid maiden......661 u Wood-robin-the w-r. sings at. .55 h words are w., deeds are....509 r would toy and woo.

57 Wood Street-at the corner 1.. 59 works of w. are symbolical.666 c Wooed-pensively he wooeds. 46 a Woods-all the w. are alive...541 n worn than women's are* ...877 e that would be wooed and ** 82 b all the woods are still**.... 51 1 worth one sentiment of w..660 y therefore may be woo'd*...659 r and smote the woods.......395 e Womb-the foul w. of night* .639 C we should be w. and were*.663 p a stoic of the woods,-a man 590 ; the womb of Nature and**.411


woman in this humour w.*.663 0 wide womb of uncreated**.316

bare and wintry woods.....614 m woo'd by the gale. ..., ..248 r bending above the spicy w.394 womb of pia mater*,

w. his wench with a pair...663 e delay in the gay woods .....617 a womb so to the tomb.......345 Wooer-the w. who can flatter 451 8 fading many-colored w.....610 n Won-all is won that all desire1662 h was a thriving wooer. ..662 k feet to trace the w. and ....418 €

and so fairly won*. ....131 k Wooes-lion wooes his brides .662m fill the woods with light... 11 faint heart ne'er won fair..497 wooes him to be wise.......384 T float from the woods and...605 » leave what with his toil he .320 d with enamor'd sighing647 8 gaunt w., in ragged scant ..395 | melancholy as a battle won640 wooes like a lover

.612 e neither won nor lost..

glorious are the w, in their.543 ? h

Wooing-go w. in my boys.... 90 Greta woods are green......412 d not by vaunts is wont

Ha, ha, the wooing o'.......662 how bow'd the w. beneath..423 8 not unsought be won**.....662 6 if I am not worth the w.g...662 p I could live in the w. with..!67 . she that with poetry is w... 662 d never wedding, ever w.....662j in the woods a fragrance..." therefore may be won*.... 659 r. to cross their wooing.......575 n loved the shady w. so well .613 € the shore is won at last.....581 w women are angels, wooing*663 . matted woods where birds. 42 i they won and pass'd away| 97m won by wooing thee*.

November w. are bare and .305 ; they won their matesg ......662 9 wooing the caress. 456 o'erhung with wild woods..530 € things won are done, joy's*663 w. thee I found thee of*....663 8 out in the lonely woods ....224 think'st I am too quickly* .663 k Wooings-full-length people's5339 pleasure in the pathless w.1475 'tis with fire*580 whisperings, w., liquid. 4151 rain in the woods, rain.... 5156 Wanton thing is won byti...?} woods pirmund the wod'st+913 a

senators of mighty woods..616 d who thought he 'ad won...630 W and wode hath eres.........

..504 x soon as the woods on shore. 63m who w, it-now what think.457 i aster in the wood......

216 1

thee the wild woods await.. 43 p with fire, so won, so lost*..580 9 begins to wave the woodt..648 d the woods and the wavess.. 50 į

woman in this humour w.*.663 0 brown October's wood......395 C the w. appear with crimson 610 i Wonder-all mankind's w.....658 death in the wood... .231 o the w. are hush'd, theirt....610m

a man does not wonder at..697 h enter this wild wood...... 609 the woods are in full leaf...729b at once the wonder.....

..827 m found me in a gloomy w....777 the w. grow still and dim... 527 day of delight and wonder.615 k he talks of w.; it is some*..431 k through the gaunt w. the..649 C how passing wonder He....873 i hollow behind the woodt...169 0 through the w. I reverent..895 I'm lost in wonder, love.....382 d impulse from a vernal w.9.413 1 to-morrow to fresh woods** 75 h on the white wonder* in every wood and dell.

to roam the woods..... 453 c our w.and astonishment**,560 q. in the darkling w., amidst..609 to the sleeping w. all night.572 t self-begetting w.daily.. 875 into the thickest wood **...613 i to the woods below... .545 S still the wonder grew ..842 I was born in a w. to be ....497 d touching all the darksome8.585 ? that no wonder waits himl. 9c monarch of the wood.......615 0 unfrequented woods.. ...290 r the mute wonder lurketh* 172 C mountain of felled wood...177 k wailing winds, and naked w.543m the wonder of an hour.....578 h not stones nor wood, nor...281 d when wild in woods..... .258 i the w. of the eagle weret... 46 n old w. best to burn, old wine 87 whisper'd it to the woods**.376 d to hear was wonder... .636 m old wood burn brightest.... 12 k wide are these woods....... 879 winds with wonder whist** 647 p old w. to burn! Old wine to 10 without our special w.*,

woods againsta stormy sky 4599

q .661 n

over wood and stream...... 71 h woods are glad with song..245 ? with wonder his form did I 152 U set out to plant a wood. ....652 1 w. more free from peril*...610 C wonder by her was formed. 231 o stately children of the w...230 8 woods of autumn burn.....224 / wonder how you fill us.... 821 ? ten in the wood....

....496 h

woods the bluebird's....... 248 C wonder of our stage........550 k the dull gray wood. ......249 Woof-we know her woof.....515m wonder of the world... ....396 k through the w.'s full strains 59 b Wool-like footsteps upon w.1.417 & w. of this western world...531 € till she's out of the woodt1.479 w many go out for w., and...60199 wonder on, till truth make*623 h why in the lone w. sings it..612 b moche crye and no wull....502 w. why the setting sun.....585 j wing to the rooky woodt... 44 ! shear swine, all cry and no.5023 Wondered-doth make thee*..659 2 w. a cudgel's of by th' blow 512 o Wool-gathering-ran a w-g....254 T Wonderful-very w. things no 31 e wood's warm side

thoughts ran a w-g....... .5029 w. dear and pleasant.. .345 h Woodbine-climb the w, leaves 58 a wits from wool-gathering..49855 wonderful is man.

.373 i

clumps of wondbine.... 250 r Woolly-w. fleeces spread..... 99 Wonders-here as w. striket..633 a folds of dark woodbine.... 230 8 Word-a cheerful w. for me...493 €

the land strange w. breed..456 i with luscious woodbine*. .220 b a honest man's word.......305 a. the wonders of the lane....614 6 with the w. alternating.. .393 d and every word stabs*.....659 w. of the world abroad.....313 n w, through the windows. ..250 alone!-that worn-out word 567 | w.that I yet have heard*...121 q w. wreaths that bind hert..610 1 a single little w. can strike,797 a

wonders to perform ..274 e Woodbines-w. hanging.. 216 m a single word often betrays 796 r Wondrous-stupid at the w....661 j Wood-birds-w-b. but to*..

as to recall a word once....664 y think what w. beings these. 42 & w-b. sang the chansonnette$533 € at every w. a reputationt..524 ! wondrous in his ways......274 j Woodcocks-like w. upon ....311 C audience for a word* .... .107 d Won't-a woman will, or w....656 live like woodcocks.. ..166 i before thy uncreating w.... 77 d

if she won't, she won't.......656 h Wood-grapes-1-8. were......267 a be true to your w.and your 108 k if she won't, since safe and 656 9 Woodland-glooming w. art so 52 h bring in a new w. by the...665 d

will and you won't.........158 C music of the w. depths.....394 a choice word and measured5574 u Woo-and that would w. her*.603 m rings the w. loud and long 1610 j Christ-the one great word. 92 g

Duncan Gray came here to.6620 to her woodland home...... 222 i drops some careless words. 210 % great king himself doth*.

*...447 w

tremulous w. things........221 9 end in a w., such is the*. ...665 p I cannot woo in festival*...663 1 woodland hollows thickly..394 y every ship brings a word...448 C men are April when they*..377 | Woodlands-in firry w.t.. 45 U every w. was once a poem.. 476 s so thou wilt woo*

663 k our woodlands adorn.. .217 a for a tricksy word*.. .20210 teach me how to woo theeg 662 over the w. brown and bare8565 b for every word I speak*....592 j wed or cease to woo.. .662 wander through the w......545 d give me but one kind w. to.4649 were not made to woo*..... .663 p Woodlark-sweet warbling w.. 48 1 good w. informs my soul...539 € won that all desire to wo01.662 h Woodman-the w.'s axe that..666 8 he sinks without a word....685 h w. her as the lion wooes his662m woodman, spare that tree. .609 1 He was the word that...... 92 ; woo honour, but to wed it*.306 w w., spare that beechen tree.612 s I live in the word...........807 ) woo on, with odour........,242 a Wood-notes-warble his**.....550 p I'll talk a w. with this same*540p

woo the fair one when......661 u Wood-nymph-the w-n, wild..242 k ill w. may empoison liking* 581D SHAKESPEARE *; Milton **; WORDSWORTH I ; BYRON I; TENNYSON T; LOWELL H+; POPE I; LONGFELLOWS

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it is not a lucky word......317 h "careful with w." is ten....578 n the artillery of words.....665dd keep the w. of promise to*.492 r. catches the main w. only...640 T the last words of Marmion.631 h knells in that word-alone.567 j controll'd by the words he.665 Q there is no need of words. . .747 v last w. pricked him like att.394 T cunningly built of words...664 s these words are razors to* .665 $ lies in one little word*.. .665 dark w. begins my taler... 490 Ý the silent-speaking wordst.449 lightest w, would harrow*..547 dearth of w. a woman need 114 d the words of God. ..575 k made answer to my word...588 deeds are males, w.females49699 the words move slowt. . 125 8 many a word at random....665 9 deeds find me the words** .1467 the world is satisfied with..796 neither my good word*....106 ; deeds, not words... ..496hh though words and things1.486

à never wanted a good word. 486 deeds than w. to grace it* .554bb thy w. I grant are bigger*.. 70 j no simple word that shall..519 Ý desire to confine our w.....664 e to be slow in words is a*...660 a no such word as-fail......196 n drank the precious words.. 65 i told me words of peacet....525 not such a word spoke*....209 y Emerson first, whose richt+664 w to side the field of words...574 d one word be chang'd butt.. 74 7 employ w, to disguise their789 r. two narrow w., Hic jacet..137 16 repeating your ultimate w.169 k fair words make fools......493 p two words to that bargain. .50511 sharp's the word with her..503i i far too big for words.

unpack my heart with w.*.665 v sho spoke no evil word.....182 0 few of the unpleasant'st* . .448 use of words unsuitable to.339 8 sorry that I spellid the w...367 i few were their w. but if....650 p vept their rage in words. ..797 speakest & word of great...790 e few words he spoke..

......698 m

voice so sweet, the w. so. ..634 6 speak one simple wordtt.. 9 fine w.! I wonder where....514m weigh'st thy w. before*....

....665 9 spoke no evil word...

.....279 u
fire of love with words* ..362 t weighty as words....

.745 12 subsides the infrequent w..666 a flowers are words

..217 m what words of tongue or**.123 suit the action to the word*. 5 8 flow from all her words**.. 5 h when we speak words. 665bb sweet in every whisper'd w.1384 + flows in fit words and... 548

when you're flying words. 573 n sword of God's word.

foolish words and empty...285 % where words are scarce*...340 b take thy word for faith*...419 p. for of all sad w. of tongue. 519 j while w. of learned length .342 C task me to my word*. .215 i frames my w., accelerates. 137 a whose household w. ares... 42 d that charming word.


give sorrow w.; the grief*..569 u why do not words and kiss 378 e that once familiar word....408 g good wordsare better than*665 m with heavenly words. ... 7 g that word did make it..... 92 growing one's own choice..448 g without knowing the force.664 i that word--that fatal word].204 ; hard words again...... .107 )

with what words to pray**.488 p that word, that kiss shall..335 3 heaven hath my empty w.*489 n woman's gentle words......796 % their word's sufficient......124 k he that ranged the words..664 p w. and feathers the wind. ..509 the Word had breatht. 92 8 his w. are bonds, his oaths* 83 p w. are but empty thanks...664 they spake not a word*....210 a his words like so many**...665 c words are but holy as the..665cc thou has given thy word...377 9 honest words have suffered 665 6 w. are but the signs of ideas339 x to neither a w. will I say...656 k how sweet the w. of truth..621 d w. are grown so false, I*...665 x torture one poor word ten..664m if only words he hears......797 C words are like leavest......665 e to the hearing of the Word.819 c if she respect not words*..663

9 words are men's daughters664 x unfold whose lightest w.* ..209 9 immodest w. admit of no..389 e w. are put together for the 664 1 urging of that word*.

.331 v

into every heart his words..318 u words are so no more ......573 voice sounds like a. 493 d into w. his longing gushes.. 62 e words are the daughters of664 wait on his word.

.274 in words that kindle glory..146 x w. are wise men's counters. 664 9 what; gone without a w.* ..55456 it says more and in fewer w.478 a w. are women, deeds are...509 ; what is honour? A word*.806 y jewels five-words-longt.....435 C w. as hard as cannon balls. 107 what is in that w. honour* 306 y know all words are faint... 82 ; words could e're have......219 when that w. was brought.409 e know thee not no w. can.... 82 ) words could never utter ...366 u whose w, no man relies on..533 labor'd words could speak..374 g words flow with ease..

..782 e will not speak a word*.....171 u lie in three words, healtht..475 1 words gladden so many aş.664 u wisest word man reaches...230 a little words of love.... .146 u words he has wished unsaid519 h with that word-banished*. 33 f long-tailed w. in osity and..339 w words, however, are things 665 a w. by seers or sybils told...538 8 make his w. rather serve...573 ! words into a sieve... 700 t w. for word without a book*353 1 make our actions and w....651 j w. learn'd by rote a parrot.589 a. w. impossible is not in my..506 u mouth as household words*6657 words little wisdom. 753 d w. in its Pickwickian sense.548 i more eloquent than words.553 w., mere words, no matter 665 % word is as good as the bank 306 more than quick w. do*....663 9 w. of affection, howsoe'er..664 C w. of God abounds in such.528 e my up, my thoughts*665 8 w. of comfort availed notg.664 v w. once escaped can never.753 a not in the words-but in....427 0 w. of endearment whereg..664 v word that floats on theg....210 r not words duly hallow'd*..489 k w. of love then spoken.....673 b word that must bel.........204 i not words, for they...... 219 k w. once spoke can never be 664 k word that's quickly spoken664 d now. suffice the secret soul 621 k w. pay no debts, give her*. 665 y word the vessel brings.

448 C

on w. let your attention....776 r w. sweet as honey from his 661 0 word they wish to hear.... 448 c our burning words. .261 r w. that dropped from hisg. 450 q word to the wise...

7752 k our w. have wings, but fly.664 n w. that weep and tears that590? w. unto the prophet spoken538 8 poem without words.. .446 i w., though ne'er so witty ..551 w. which knaves and fools. 205 s poetry-the best w. in their176 words thou hast spoken.... 259 g vyesterday the w. of Cæsar*665 Ł

words were meant for deeds664 O Words-affected by the words 730 e proof of deeds not words. ..146 s w. without thoughts never*665 8 a fine volley of words*. .665 i

prose-words in their best.,476 words, words, words* agony with words*.

288 0

putting all his w. together.665 L w. worthy to be kept by....677 e all very good words. 73 a repeats his words*

288 K words would not come.....554 a all words ever spoken..

.554 n roof in words deceiving**..461 words writ in waters.......664 G and words that burn. ..596 6 say nine words in ten hours.178 C words you've bandied are..796 appear in other ways than*644 s say what words fail of......434 d worship without wordsg...617 1 appears in the form of w...

..664 r seek for things in words....664 1 write her fair words still*. .257 d army of good words*....... 252 w serious words suit the......753 6 yet words are no deeds* art is built of words........ 28 h she respect not words*.

..272 j

you have bereft me of all* .665 r betwixt two charming w.*.335 n so bethump'd with words*.665aa youth is too lasty with w..797 d boldest in w. and tongue...687 soft w.with nothing in them 568 8 Wordy-spin your w. fabric...589 breathe their w. in pain*...310 some ten words long*......422 u Wore-she wore a wreath.....240 d burning words and praises. 217 ) sorrowful words become.. 753 0 wore earth about him......271 h but words are things, and;.427 i speak in good w.or in good 573 jWork-alive when his w. is....666 j but words are words*.

..665 )

stomach to digest his w.*...654 a all nature seems at work...666 m by hir wordes ne hir face...467 C stringing pretty words that 88 w all w., even cotton-spinning666 h by ten w., my lord, it is*...422 u sweet the words repeatg.... 94 i and tools

to work withaltt.667 b by the w, which we hear...730 e swift words outrun..

architecture is the w. of...425 by winning w. to conquer** 472 v that actions not words..... 6b as tedious as to work*.....3026 SHAKESPEARE *; Milton ** ; WORDSWORTH (; Byron | ; TENNYSON +; LOWELL ++; POPE #; LONGFELLOW $.

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.....665 W

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.297 T

sighing through all her**.555 X

at her flowery w. doth** ...562 ) working in these wallsg.

.....2069 but the world is small, when172m at her work the village.. .476 u Working-house-w-h. of*.....597 m buy a w. of happy days*...161 a attempt a different work...720 5 Workings of mighty w.......296 a came up stairs into the w..581 p & work too great for fame .435 p Workman-in respect of a*...453 0 commences ere the w. be...525 a a work without a stain.....808 r now. steel, no pond'rous...425 1 cannot live all to this w..... 82m bees work for man and yet. 321 8 W. was no cobbling clown ..453c can we divine their world... 650 n but a filthy piece of work*.447 h Workmanship-wonder at**.. 85 m

cooings of the w. allure. ...669 v code and the day's work...479 d workmanship of heaven....418 contagion to this world* ...417 0 creature's at his dirty w. 1..644m of workmanship so rarel...368 u creation's heir, the w, the.668 h day's work hath ceasedt....184 jWorkmen-w. crowded.. .123 d curest the world..... .635 / done thy long day's work+.526 % w. handle the tools of.

....680 k

curtain her sleeping world.417 p edifice, stupendous work. ..535 k w. strive to do better* 120C deceived the whole world.,691 ; finished a w. which neither.714m Works-agent w. but to this ..666 k deed in a naughty world*..147 d free men freely work.......666 d are thy glorious works**...275 h deign on the passing w. to..580 D frivolous work of polished.505 g faith produce no works....198 e dim world of clouding cares 16 o genuine work alone, what. 666 i fashions all her w. in high $452 ! do to spite the world ......518 h get leave to work in this ...666 e God, who loveth all His w 309 d dropt on the w.-a sacred..493 6 get myself into more w.*...453 good w. in her husband**..645 egress out of the world.....347 ; give the w. lasting solidity .667 9 himself in his w. even be...428 envy of the world

...115 c God is at work on man.. 276 his works are mine. ..803 ere the world be past.. God never made His w, for 440 % immediately upon your w..636 fabric of our world depends123 g heart was in his work..... 296 u insect midst his w. I view..321 far from the clamorous w..566 2 her noblest w. she classes. .654 it still visibly works........318m fast and the w.goes by.....669 9 his six days' w. a world**..122 v knowledge of thy works....413 b fear not in a worlds.. ..209 € his w, needs a frolic health.428 d lies are the works of man..623 u few men into the world.....510 his w. was strong and clean453 m lord of all the w. of nature.412 9 forth from out a w.of men*644 11 in books or w.; or healthful667 m make copies of their works 426 ģ foremost man of all this* ..372 9 is labor, this is work.......720 d men's sublimest works.....525 Ý for in the world above.....375 $ judge of a great work... .427 u man their works must eye*.197 y for pity makes the world..345 h let her work prevailt.. .838 k more of the Almighty's w.**674 C for still the world prevail'd341 g love of that which your w..447 b nature's works to me**....149m for that world to come. ....132 k man hath his daily w. of**.667 d of greatest w. is finisher*. .331 o from the w.'s rose-bed he.. 466 measure not the w. until...666 s our mightiest works die....150 0 girdle round about the w...507 9 men must w. and women..666 v read the greatest w. of any480 v give the world a proof.....146/ my hand alone my w. can... 19 C recount almighty works**.123 a glory

doth this w. put ong. 411 i myriad-handed, his wild w.565 a

good be out of the world....205 g noblest work of Godt.......371 u of own works

good-bye, proud w.! I'm ...133 T our work is not design, but..151 h taste His works.

.274 e

governs the whole worid...252 ; people I could w. for with a 421 1 that it works on like itself .666 k great as the world

.255 l put your w.twenty times...797 s the fat of others' works....474 1 great world spin forevert.. 760 still w, for the minute and.470 v the man from his works....429 v half the w, knows not how 496 o that well his w. beginneth., 666 r. through all her w. he must 409 w half the world was his......2 the grave there is no work..492 n where lurks it? how w. it..348 t hand that rules the world. .402 i the last best work, the.....658 d works adjourn'd have many603 n hand which moves the w...490 a the Moor has done his w...775 a w.and thoughts if they

heart of the world I leap...115 & there is always w., andtt...667 w.may have more wit than1653 8 his six days work, a w.**...12 v the work goes bravely on...581 0 w of any great painter.....480 v holds out this world. the work of Chloe..

.179 C

w. of the intellect are great 325 h honours to the w, again*...13972 the w. of their own hearts..582 u w.of women are symbolical666 C how the world wags* the work she plyed, butt...666 u works, though wondrous..274 f. I am a citizen of the world.668 € the work some praise** ..425 r Workshop-laboratory and w.113? I am in this earthly world*.147 thine to w. as well as pray.667 1 World-a budding world......218 this shall be thy work...

acquaintance with the w...


if all the world should in**.533 i time for work-yet take....302 v adorner and refresher of...641 e if the world will be gulled..1438 to begin is half the work...678 8 affairs of the world..... ...757 h

I have not loved the w.}....317 & truth is the work of God...623 u against the w.'s judgment.330 v I hold the w. but as the w.* 669 d what a piece of work is a*. 372 1 aged in this world of woel.. 9c I laugh at the w. and the...110 C what wo's, my countrymen *667 ; all corners of the world*...559 imagination rules the w....315 C when his w. is ended dares.416 g all the Christian world.....534 8 in every epoch of the w.

596 e where work and mirth... .294 g all the riches of this world.642 e infernal world! and thou**20 g who first invented work....666 w all the sensual w. proclaim.350 C inheritor of a w. scarce less 30 S whose work is done... .466 8 all the uses of this world*..669 C intercourse with the world, 4i8w whose w. is not born with+1667 all the world contains.... 74 p in the wide world, a valley.4116 work-and pure slumbers.. 339 j all the w, must see the..

in the w. may be endured..7859 W., and rest shall be won...666 all the w. will be in love*...363 é in the world's riper years..669 1 w., and your house shall be666 ; all the world's loves in its. .356 b in this earthly world... w. an unknown good man..318 n all this cold and hollow w..401 8 in this world å man mustg.. 81 b work because the spirit is. 28 g all to all the w. besides.....371 O is like the rolling world....351 C work begun how soon**. 123 b a man's ingress into the w..347 ; is written on the world... work first, and then rest...667 h and the fever of the world..669 it I take the w. to be but as a.667 $ work is alone noble.... .666 h and the world goes down...668 p it has mantled a world. ....130 work like madness in the...357 n and world to world....

it is an ugly w. Offend....6 w. of many thousand men..533 8 another and a better world.298 a it were better for the world668 w.of skill, surpassing sense 323 1 around the habitable w.....279 t I were of another world....596 10 work shall not be lost.. 182


a partial w. will listen to my535 9 kept the world in awe*.....152 ) work the honey-bees*.

as ancient as the world. ....565 il kept the world in awe......133 v W.--thou shalt ride over....339 ; as the w., harmoniously?..462 41 killed the world above...... 212 j work under our labour**...667 e a world to virtue draws....534 h king of this world.... .133 w. with a stout heart and...339 j a world without a friend...667 v language of another world:415 ) work without hope draws..307 bad, twisted, topsy-turvy...667 u laugh and the w. laughs ...669 5 w., worship therefore let us187 i banish all the world* 33 i laugh at the w.,'' says he...110 worth of our w. perhaps...666 C because the w. is populous*491 w learn the world to know....337 Worked-he w, and sang, from110 be found in the world. ...470 t leave the world no copy*...120 m

I w. with patience which...466 v bestride the narrow w.*. 287 h leaves the w, to darkness.,18% *

worked both hard and long 97 m burst, and now a world1...510 n leave this world without...689 1 Working-from her w. all his*423 9 busy world an idler too....313 h lend me to the world....... is working silently. .540 m but for the whole world...,679 y let the world go.


.... 74 k

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.772 g

let the world sink

40 the beauty of the world*...372 what were man?–a world..370 k let the world slide.. ..818 h the best fellow in the world757 į when God conceived the w.421 q let the world slide..

501 C the bleak world see......... 86 j when the world's is shut...563 p let the world slip*.

.501 d the censures of the world .. 65 8 which the world grew pale.2017 little of this great w. can*. .574m the drowsy syrups of the*. 562 n whole world are players....753c looked upon the w. for*....548 e the herald of a noisy world 435 r whole world in his friends.769 j loved in this w. of sorrow..569 d the history of the world....428 who lost Mark Antony the.. 658 love of the world..

..299 8

then the w.'s mine oyster*.669 h whom the world calls idle..313 h lovingly sees into the w....668 a there is a world above......298 j who shook the world . ....521 m make all the w. Thine own.164 ! there is no evil in the world765m wide world is all before us.667 v makes the whole w. kin*...412 k the third o' the w. is yours*645m wide w. is knit with ties....568 x man is one w., and hath....371 c the whole world licks..

win a new world's crown*..303 g man of the w. amongst ....354 L the whole w. turn to coal.

windows of another worlds.195 d miserable world*.

.252 k the world affords no law*..485 s wish the estate o' the w.* ..584 | molds the world to himself.767 m the world dissolves...

with all the world for cell..669 n my country is the world...469 g the world goes up and the..668 P with you to the t'other w...500 d my food, my all the world* 90 0 the world had never been..6689 wit makes the w. rottent...130 a natural thing in the world. 26 k the world he created ..212 u wonder of the world.. 396 € nature hath made one w....410 d the w. is a beautiful book..797 m wonders of the w. abroad*.313 r. never have sought the w...2018 the w. is a comedy to those 669

P work in this world.....

.666 e New World into existence. .102m the w. is a wheel, and it will668 world, alters the world.....596 n. new w. which is the oldt...866 h the world is good...


world and love were young.361 ! no man is born into thett..667 b the world is grown so bad*.669 s world and they were hand..312 s not a joy the w. can givel..329m the world is large, when. ..172m w. a stranger for thy sake* 608m not fill the world at once** 657 8 the w. is satisfied with..... 796 w. be muffled in a shade.... 41 0 o'er the freshen'd world....541 1 the w. is too much with us 9669 ? world can never fill.. ....879 r one-half of the w. knoweth.837 v the w. is woman's book....797 i world can't find me out.... 96 g one w. was not enough for.6698 the world itself is not long.599 d w. desires to know what...428 8 on the edge of the world... 607 s the world must be peopled 377 h world do without tea....

590 & on the new w. set ashore....648 ; the world rewards the......780 e w.forgetting, by the world1421 opens a new w. when this .648m the world's a bubble........345 j w. goes whispering to its..149 C our country is the world...468 m the w.'s an inn, and death..668 9 w. harmoniously confused:630 our poet, but the world's ..550 O the w.'s a stage on which ..668 ? w. has nothing to bestow...293 a over the world in which I...150 d the world's a stage*.

..669 0 w., his ready visit pays....564 e passions that this w.deform 633 w the world's & stage... .721 i world in all doth but two..668 8 picture a world so fair.... 297 the world's a theatre, the..668 ; w. is all a fleeting show....623 b piety throw into the world.596 n the world's judgment...

world is but a small.. ..599 d pleasures of the world* .....131 1 the world's so rich in.......193 & world is full of change.. 75 %: pour upon the w. a flood.. 50 a the world's tired denizen)..566 e full of guilt and misery609b prayer is the world in tune. 489 w the world thrust forth a*..629 p world is given to lying*....199 y progress through the w. is.347 j the w, was all before them **668 Y world is grown so bad

.187 rear'd arm crested the w.*.534 y the w. was sad; the garden.566 1 world is not sufficient.. .297 d remaining liberty of the w.704 a the world was void).. 76 v w. is ruled by interest alone 781 h right to be in this world....184 0 the w. well tried-the......646 6 w. is still deceiv'd with*....145 h right with the world. . .278 u the w., with all its motley.667 world is the mighty temple 708 ; rising w. of waters dark** .641 the worship of the world...585 ; w.its veterans rewardst. ...349 n Rome falls, the world .. 98 k they, the movers of the w.. 67 € world knows nothing of its.421 e Rome's whole w, was set in 365m thing in the 'versal world.. 2 c w. knows only two that's..,103 1 round about the world.....445 a thinks in his spirit in the w.597 I world loves a spice off. ..644 1 round this world of care, ..307 ( this bank-note world.......389 p world may wag at will.. 456 k runs the world away*. ...151 6 this gewgaw w. and put....357 to world more fair and sweet $ 228 1 satisfying all the w. and....787 p this loathsome world*.

...279 e

w. must turn upon its axis 667 w say to all the world*... .372 k this pendent world**

world no joy but this.......131 e sceptre to control the w.*.. 11 p this restless w. is full of...667 p w, now as it was the sixth..410 d secure amidst a falling w...535 r this workday worldłt......360 Ý w. of blossoms for the bee..611 / seeing but this w.'s idols...651 v this w. is not for aye* 76 g world of God around usg...325 i see too, in the world...

this world never satisfies8.657 h world of God within usg....325 j sense of this world's.

this world surely is wide. 669 k w. of matter has become a.171 g sensial world proclaim ....202 p those who in this world....232 n world of vile ill-favour'd*..643 a shot heard around the w...636 0 thoughts rule the world...,596 o w. recedes; it disappearst.137 9 since (tod made the world. .187 w thou mother of the world..414 1 world's an inn, and death..110 ni single-handed move the w..485 i thou sun, of this great w.**584 world's altar-stairst...... 2682 sleep hath its own world) ..560 r. till I eat the world at last ..603 r. w.'s cruelty is bitter bane.. 463 a slip out of the w, with the.656 a time enough to find a w.t1.668 r world's full of them...

89 8 snug farm of the world....153 time short in this world....599 d w.'s great age begins anew.669 i somewhere in the world....102 r. 'tis a mad w. (my masters) 607


w.'s great men have not....580 a some world far from ours..557 u to peep at such a world....110 k world's grown honest*.....305m so runs the world away*. ... 72 k to the w. no bugbear is sot. 484 v world's love is vain. ...463 a spins the flying w. away$..449 true Sovereign of the w....668 a world so loud, and they. 67 e spirits from the world** 639 h 'twas never merry world*.. 103 g world so loves to play... 6-10m stands for the whole world. 264 h unheard by the world......488 r world spin forever downt..188 g start of the majestic world*357 e vanity to persuade the w...314 8 w.'s use is cold, world's....463 a steal from the w., and noti 421 c very good world to live in..669 a world that we can measure668 k stood against the world*...665 k very worst w.that ever was.669 a world that we feel with our668 k stream on the world around 41 g violence roundabout the*..140 i world the world hath seen..668 9 substantial w. both purel.. 68 p. visions of the other worldj.568 w world they ever cursd......206 € such another world 303 visitations daze the world..319 I world to its babblings..

.....797 n such is the world. was all the w. and his wife.6692 world to know it)..

32 n such stuff the w. is made of668 c way through the world.....373 i world too exquisite..

131 e survey of all the world*. ..603 s weary sleep are gane.560m w. uncertain comes and....358 e syllables govern the world.339 y we enter the world alone...566 y world was all before them** 33 e taught the world to see.....478 u weep not that the world.... 74 å world was built in order.... 462 p taught the w. with reason f.125 r were the w, now as it was..

world was filled with things1739 ten to the world allot.......600 8 western w. believe andt....537 C world was not to seek me...201 8 than this world dreams oft.489 u what a world were.. .268 i world was so made that ....587 d that few is all the world. ...668 d what is in this w.but grief*150 a world was young

.235 6 the azure world he standst. 46m what is the w. to him now.797 k world we know by day. ....159 ; SHAKESPEARE*; Milton ** ; WORDSWORTH I; BYRONI; TENNYSON +; LOWELL tt; Pope #; LONGFELLOW $.

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....101 h


World-Sindesrest Spam, vand 53:38 Worships-afsnat somethhere. 418 8 Wowadsed, ttle faiding wound. 2007

w. where much is to be ....668 n the worst are no worse*....315 g they are not w. the search* 517 O world will be too small for. 758 u things, I follow the worse..683 € thousand kinsmen of more.587 v w. will turn when we are.. 135 h though an old man, do w...695 6 thy worth the greater*.....559 a w. with long, sweet Alpine.549 z to be worse than worst.....140 i till in consummate w. you..673 k w. without a native home. .303 n what must be worse**......380 m 'tis virtue, wit, and worth..670 p W.-without-end bargain*...376 o w. unto that is worst of....388 total worth of man. .3587 would I shake the world*..465 your case can be no worse..4397 various yet equal in its w...163 1 would the world be to usg...90 b Worse-bodied-ill-faced, w-b.*. 83 n were it w. one's while a....870aa yours to the world's end. ...453 d Worship-every one's true w..670 k were w. a thousand men....638 r

you wedded all the world*.659 i forced w. shuts evils in .....670 whatever is w. doing at all.508 i World-builder-Founder and.666 i freedom to worship God.. .258m what is w., in anything.....670 World-jewelled-Night comes.415 e less & worship than beforeg.359 v whose worth's unknown*..3170 Worldlings-little w. can.....643 g let us worship God.. ....669 worth a gooseberry*.. ..266m Worldly-ambitious w.desires 12 p pious worship of God......520 j W., courage, honor, these.. 84 ~

attached to w. interest.....676m silent w. of the great of]...670 a worth is warrant for his*...644 C be wisely worldly, but not.496 k than the loss of worship....670 d w. makes the man, andi....670 6 most loathed worldly life*.140 e the worship of the world...535 ; w of our work perhaps....666 C scorneth worldly pelf..

.861 8

to com pel man to Divine W.670 0 worth of the treasures. ,452 thanked my God for w.....642 e too fair to worship..... 35 k worth two in the bush...

.....494 C weary of these w. bars*. ...3500 we that w. him, ignoble....133 h worth, unless united with..739 p

w. suits would he be*......378 i who from true w.'s goldi...586 ! Worthier-many a w.son).....310 9 worldly thought o'ertakes. 48m who worship dirty gods*... .642 u Worthiness-bold of your w.*.438 9 World-man-hero is the w-m..800 y work, w. therefore let us...487 į virtue and to worthiness*.. 849 Worlds-allur'd to brighter w.450 ? w. by all means the gods....669 y Worthless-a w. woman! mere 654 26

and the crush of worlds....570 W w.idols, wood and stone....539d man is w. who knows.......698 1 best of possible worlds.

worship not the true God... 82m Worthy-I find thee w.; dott..525 t conquer twenty worlds.

worship of a hero... 301 b it is easier to appear w.... 797 dreams of better worlds....159 g w. to the garish sun*.

I will be worthy of it... ...671 c escapes the wreck of w.....572 g worship without wordsg....617 ! worthy of this poble wife*.377 ; exhausted worlds and then 428 0 your pragmatical w...

worthy of thy loving.. feet the worlds divide......116 f Worshipped-fathers w.**.

....622 u

write anything worthy. flesh that mad'st all w..... 94 d more w., the rising than....670 1 Wot-wot not what they are*..420 n high up the crowd of w....667 r. that I worshipped the devil.642 e Would-but what man w. do..146 € if the w. in worlds enclosed 19 innumerable shrines. .382 a "I dare not" wait upon “I*12 1 search of foreign worlds**. 6n worshipp'd while blooming. 242 ; not what we would be... ..151 į so many w., so much to dot669m w. with a waxen epitaph*..184 d shall not when he wold-a...104 i the crush of worlds ..... 315m worshipped with sacrifices.707 m should do when we would*. 76d there are two worlds.......668 k Worshipper-nature mourns.. 480 ! wold not when he might....104 i wandering between two w..667 9 Worshippers-dies among his.621 g "would" changes and hath* 76 d with golden worlds inlaid..417 V than do thy worshippers*.. 73 € would not when he might..461 ľ worlds had gone to war....286 i Worshipping-w. God through 651 v Would'st-what thou would'st* 84 n -w-w.apart

man always w. something..670 % cleapsedand wound up492 Worm-feeble w. of the earth.371 r. worships his creator.. .....870 o earth felt the w., and** ..555 y

fish with the w. that hath*.151 pWorst-better than the very..709 f ever cure this wound. 149 € foot upon a worm...

by seeing the w., which*...508 % feel th' eternal woundt.....268 hero the conqueror worm...187 j for when at worst.

256 felt a stain like a wound.... 87 $ like a worm i' the bud*.....467 U med believe the worst......699 g forgetting his former w....686 j the darkness and the worm142 p the w. is not so long as we*.888 12 grief of a wound*. the worm she preferred... 43 a the worst of me is known...786 n gun-shot w. in the breast....640 the w., the canker, and thel 9e the worst pursue..

.641 2

he feels the fiery woundt... 54 g the worm to weavet..... .342 k the w. speak something....467 9. limb, each w. and scar...... 134 d trifle for a w. to part with* 469 s things at the w, will cease*.152 s no tongue to wound us.....293 n worm is in the bud of youth143 y to-morrow, do thy worst...605 C of the w. he made light....481 worm of conscience still*. .106 p when he is worst, he is* ... 84 o shoe has power to wound... 453 w. will turn being trodden*1199 worst come to the worst...501 e soothe or w. a heart that's..665 g Worms-as many devils at W.525 ú worst of rebels never arm..518 a straight wound up anew....389

dainty fattings for the w...140w w. speaks something good..450 O than wound my honour....805 r damp, the w. and the rats .. 69 e w. that man can breathe*..628 n that never felt a wound*...498hh even w. shall perish onl ...132 u worst that may befall*.....517 1 the hands that wound are.. 85 d food alike for worms.......135 kWorst-humour'd-with the....479 s the private w, is deepest*..671 ; gilded tombs do worms*...285 p Worth-bar to weigh true w..330 8 the wound is for you but...769 lies here food for worms... 182

9 be measur'd by his worth*.570 ; the w. of peace is surety*...671 k of worms and epitaphs*.

184 e

bids afflicted w. retire to.... 10 Y virtue flourishes from a w..805 or grubs, or wormsi. ... 661 m buds the promise of.. .492 willing to w., and yet ......537 out-venoms all the w. of* ...559 can count their worth*.

103 1 w. did ever heal but by.....467 poor w., they hiss at me...642m can judge a poet's worth...478 6 wound him as they fly. .466 8 slackness breeds w, but the 4 p endues the soul with w....670 g wound the loud winds*.....207

w.have eaten them but not*372 0 gold which is worth gold...504 y w. will perhaps be cured....688 g Wormwood-hyssop and w...148 o how thy w. with manners *.670 v Wounded-a man deep-w, may 17 j Worn-never be w., nor shine.373 1 I am not w. this coil that*..670 u

error w., writhes in pain...621 / sooner lost and worn*......

if I am not w. the wooing8.662 p. he in peace is w., not in*...671 9 worn away with aget.......535 u if wanting worth..

14 j like a w. snake, dragst.....477 p w, now in their newest*. ...461 e inborn worth his actst...... 80 L thou hast w, the spirit.....671 worn out Christendom*....205 k in dangerous times true w.670 W w. limb shrinks from. ....699 d w. some twenty years ago. 205 c in purchase of its worth....673 Wounds-balm to heal their*..474 Worry-w. and devour each...636 k is worth an age..

.273 bind up my wounds*. Worse-goes by the worse**. 271 it's worth, ask death-beds...673 conceals their open w.......700 p

I have seen worses. ..400 h more worth than any man*.660 e discern the w. within.......555 44 make the worse appear**..517 d none was worth my strife..473 fate never w. more deep....828 9 often a great deal worse....758 p raise my worth too high....322 T fies through these*...882 11 remedy is w. than the.,.

..526 Z
slow rises w. by poverty....670 7

he wounds to cure...

83 e the worse for the fishes.....440 h stones of small w. may lie. .434 c his breast with woundsi....442 2 the worse for the texts.

takes half his w. away. .559 k kiss dead Cæsar's wounds* 284 the worse for wear...

.432 8

the conscience of her w.**.. 82b over thy wounds now do I*404 a the w., the nearer theys.... 75 C the thought of worth...

show you sweet Cæsar's*..671 i the w. the scrawl, the dose. .440 r. the worth and choice.......261 a than deep wounds before...305 4 SHAKESPEARE * ; MILTON ** ; WORDSWORTH ; BYRON 1 ; TENNYSON +; LOWELL H+; Pope #; LONGFELLOW $.

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