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Robbing-r. Peter he paid.....252 g low-brow'd rocks hangt....282 h Rome is in chains....

.789 f Robs-attraction r. the vast*.595 O on a throne of rocks...

Rome's far-reaching boltst+119 € her. himself that spends* .595 n our rocks are rough, but...611 e R.'s whole world was set in.365m passing year robs us of....746 rocks did overwhelm.... ..613 e R., thou art no more as.....583 b of that which not*...524m r. impede thy dimpling....531 / R. was not built in one day.509 y Robe-azure robe of night....258 h r. impregnable are not so*.602 p sword whose handle is at...786 )

dew on his thin robe was ..117 9 r. left bare on every hand8.598 than the Pope of Rome. fashion of thy many-colored544 r, moan wildly as it passes.148 that I loved Rome more*...368 e his loose long r. wasi.

rocks rich in gems and..

.413 c the moon of Rome, chaste*.398 ? indues a r., balf careless....660 v r. whereon greatest men**.888 h to the gate of holy Rome...522 1 like a giant's robe upon a.. 30 a r., where sits the siren.. 445 thou art in R.! a thousand.. 990 r. of terror and of beauty..531 s skirting the rocks...

225 e

'twixt Rome and Cadiz. ....660 n r. she neither sew'd nor....234m sprinkled on the rocks... 222 d

two, that's Rome and I... .103 1 simple r., their best attire.. 24 n to soften rocks or bend a...405 a varletry of censuring R.*..104 :

with r. gold tawny not......545 0 white, when r. are near... ,493 n when at R. I do fast on.....519 ! Robes-cast our robes away...136 u who sleep midst r. or on.... 42 a when I am at Rome I fast..481 1

in robes like ours... 234 h with rocks unscaleable*....327 i Romeo-and thou and R.*.....149 T new robes, and may not*

24 s
yon rocks the stream inurn.229 i

give me my Romeo*

363 € outward r. in their ostents. 24m Rocky-lonely on the r. ledge. 229 8 O gentle R., if thou dost*..663 k pansies chill in velvet robes 395m rocky are her shorest.. .579 h R. sticks in his ear a rose...476 * r. and furr'd gowns hide* ..556 o Rod-all humbled kiss the rod*363 h R.! wherefore art thou*....127 a robes loosely flowing.......414 0 a rod to check the erring9.164 q Roof-beneath my shady roof.543 ; robes the mountains in its.402 p ar. twelve feet long and a.. 18 comforts that the lowly r...545 n r. ye weave another wears. 152 | banished the rule and the r.512 c its roof may shake...... .304 / summer gathers up her r..545 d by the tingling rod.... ....353 g living had no r. to shroud..201 i thy robes of white.

.224 j

hands, that the r. of empire 79 8 love the high embowed r. **852 1 Robin-little cheerful r. stay? 56 i spare the r. and spoil the...356 s majestical r, fretted with*.558 €

our little English robins... 56 g the rod, and bird of peace*.535 C my very roof was dry*.....362 k poor robin, driven in by.... 55m to spare the rod...

runs thro' the arched r.**.,461 poor r. is yet flowerless 56 h without his rod revers'd** .485 u spread ther. above them...609 e poor r. . g -rn upon the topmost rooft....214 F. has flown to her nest...: 69 l Rode he rode beyond ali price] 8* h Roofs-and roofs of tiles. .449m quiet, r., quiet, yon loverst.664 6 rode forth, clothed onf.

at Worms as tiles on its r...525 74 sang the robin, thes.

43 e
round her as she rodet

builded with r. of goldtt...315 a sing, robin, sing.. .228 h Roger-Roger's my dog.. 607 flying at top of the rooft...214 sing, robin, sing.. ..539 r Rogue-and Rollet a rogue....757 0 plain r. as piety could raiset 95 sobered r., hunger-silenttt. 55 1 busy and insinuatingr.*. .558 v roofs of Sumner-placet.....616 sweet Robin is all my joy*.329 v end by being rogue.: 757 g shake not thy roofs.. there sits a robin on the.... 56 f frosty-spirited r. is this*.... 84m under roofs that our frail..669 to where the robin built.......218 e is not fool is rogue....

vanes and r, of villages....388 d whither away, r., whither.. 56 c rogue is growing a little old 20 g washes the roofs and the...583 Robin Hood-in praise of R.H.578 , Rogues-are r. individually...757 Rook-invite ther. who high.. 56 !

R. H. the English balladt.. 83 d the rogues obey you well...420 C rook'll caw from the windyt 56 Robins-and Jamie's after r...542 i when rogues like these.....114 r Rookery-leads the clangingt. 44 R

robins call robins through.392d Roll-a roll of honor.. .281 r Rooks-and r., committee-men 20 t sing, robins, sing..

as they roll grow deeps. ..529 m ther. with clamorous call.. 56m the robins wait. .224 n roll darkling down the..

206 o

those r., dear from morning 56 j Robinson-could say Jack R..495hh r. on, thou deep and darki..459 Room-all round the r. my....8449 Rock-and founded on a Rock522m Rolled-two single gentlemen .627 e a prison of larger room.....303 n

as a gem of the old rock....500 o Rolling-of Isar, r. rapidly....530 O black fume clothe all the r.457 na assail the stern rock and...184m stone that is r.,can gather..506 j earth is room enough*...

13 2 clefts of the rock 'mid the..230 įRolls-mouldyr.of

Noah's Ark118 C embers through the room**3529 close by a rock, of lesst....613 h r. it under his tongue..

every r. hath blaz'd with*..384 o come all I this r. shall fly. 70 h Rollet-and Rollet a rogue... 757 o fill another room in hell*...189 j cradles r, us nearer to the..604 ; Roman-after the high R.*. 70 k fools to fill a room ...252 down from the rifted rock..648 C noblest R. of them all*. 418 1 fragrance through ther....614 dwell on a rock or in a cell.567 1 O R. punch! O potent... ...649 8 give her larger room.. ..245 $ flung from ther.on ocean's|150 ! R. power slowly built.

719 r grief fills the room up*. .288 E moulder piecemeal on thel. 91 1 than such a Roman*, .109 heart with r. for every joy.296 ? on each rifted rock..

..219 s

to act a lover's or a R's....361 n infinite riches in a little r...642 o Plymouth Rock that e to be a Roman.

278 in the worst inn's worst r. 1433

make room, my heart......2969 rifted r. the sunbeam pours648 C Romans-fast as the R. do....481 i no wit for so much room...653 C rifts of the rock.

last of all the Romans*.

287 C

paradise hath r. for you ...463 6 r. of Christ's character... .648 O Romans were like brothers.627 k pleasures to make r. for...560 o r. of the national resources.123 j two R. living such*...

287 C

room for, yours sincerely..448 see, a rock appears.........571 y Romance-border-land of old8533 h room than your company..496 sharp-edged r. of poverty..683 x golden dreams, romancel...533 [ room to swing a cat there., 19 split at the r., and together.530 i heaven of poetry and r. 8. ...298 r. whereinto no one enters.381 spots of rock and verdure.. 54 c r. is the poetry of literature533 i round the glitt'ring rooms.. 74 h this rock shall fly... .119 i romance since it's over......129 C smallest cot there is room.778 ! tower'dcitadel, à pendant*.587 i the shores of old romance 1.533 ; sweet love into my littler., 159 v

who leaps from a rock. .723 p Romances-r. paint at fullI...533 the moonlight in his room..634 Rocked-r. by tempestsg......532h Romancing-young hearts r. .129 d. there was no room in it....2557

r, in the cradle of the deep.460 r Romantic-folly grow r.I.....252 the sick girl's silent room..611 ! rock'd in the cradle of the..589 p most romantic schemes....160 to make thee room.. .550 &

r. to rest on their mother's.100 e Rome-aisles of Christian R... 28 c verdure, yet find r. enough.611 G Rocks-about the lichen'd r...233 6 Coliseum, Rome shall fall}, 98 k very r. coz she was intt.....319 D

and the rocks pure gold*...377 k Egypt, Greece, Rome, Gaul.370 y Rooms-r. are filled with.... 77mn but desert r. and fleeting...411 a had R. been growing up to. 98 ? r, of thy native country.... 6061 by scattered rocks...

I am in R.! oft as the....... 98 o r, where children sleeps....398 d calling 'mong the rocks....169 C noise of prosperous Rome..675 k Roost-come home to roost...496cc clouds appear like rocks... 99 u of R. 8 say rather lord of...354 u Root-at the root of age.......143 / fast in the rocks below... 618 e

22073 hand that r, the cradle

Ourremy countryl city of 18 but his root is. ill.. ...402 i

..939 i is like rocks under tide.....547 R. can give no dispensation.761 m eaten on the insane root*..321 j

is it from the hollow rocks.647 k R. her own sad sepulchref. 98 n flowers took thickest root..657 € SHAKESPEARE * ; Milton ** ; WORDSWORTH?; BYRON ! ; TENNYSON ; LOWELL ++; Pope #; LONGFELLOW $.

224 m

499 e

Fapna chanzo chromat. hads. 385Romania Romum, Romanism.)

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.597 p.

..216 g


rosemanble rosemary

honored as the root of all, .758 k queen rose, so fair..... .241 h thus to the rose..

.240 f its root in reason, is........357 X pluck a white r. with me*..243 | thy small white rose..... nips his r., and then he falls*76 / pluck that rose for me.....355 t till she bloom like a rose. ...335 C perish to the foodless root..367 a poor rose and poet too.....240 i turn'd when he rose........

.861 s r. away the noisome weeds* 643 1 praise!-like summer rose..486 u 'twas a yellow rose.. .240 n root is even in the grave... 2441 m pu' the budding rose

.241 a

vermeil rose had blown....241 root of all our woe**

.257 8

red rose cries "she is neart366 r. vying with the r. leaves.... 30 6 such root she took. 1.548 8 rich as a rose can be.

wee white rose of all the... 82 a sure r. but in the religion..636 1 rose as fair as ever........ .240 h when the rose is blown.....250 0 the bended twigs take r.**.613 i rose at an instant*...... .262 1 which we call a rose*......409 8 the root stands fast in the..618 e rose blendeth its odor.... .218m white rose in red rose...... 76 na this takes the deepest r....815 u rose by rose I strip the...

white rose weeps, she ist.366 m treo of deepest r. is found.351 p r. distills a healing balm...242 p within the rose I found a... 153 y

with more pernicious r. .302 r. does not bloom without..776n without thorn tbe rose**..219 8 Roots-by the roots uptorn. ..424 n rose growing on's cheek....360 h with the half-blown rose*.. 36 y

fence ther, they grow by*.610 e rose has but a summer. .2279 with the r. the butterfly's..322 ! its r. went searching deeply 614 p rose has one powerful...


written on the rose...... ..241 1 roots are left in mine.

.244 e
rose herself has got..

.218 m
year of the rose is..........

243 n roots of peony bushes. .218 rose is fairest when 'tis, ...219 r. yet still a sister rose........244 o roots that can be pulled up.24 rose is sweetest wash'd....219 r Roseate-no longer r. now....240 ! shaken to their roots.

rose I gave her........ .243m Rose-bed-from the world'sr-b466 t tangled r. of pendant trees. 18-1 r. in a mist when his race..586 e Rose-beds-spread rob. to. ...241 C

you dig about its roots.. ..238 e rose just newly born.......400 e Rosebud-a r. set with littlet.660 G Rope-climbs the rope..

129 e

rose leaf cull'ď by love.....219 j might a rosebud grow.....241 9 hempen r. around my waist 1969 rose leaves herself upon...218 no rosebud is nigh. .242 h lay out money on a rope...387 rose like a nymph to the... .243 r. breaks into pink on.. .541 n never want rope enough...509cc rose may bloom as sweet...216 h rosebud for a guerdon.. .240 j the windlass and the rope..623 % rose might somehow be a..405 p the r. garden of girlst. .660 8 Rosaries-beads, pictures, r...587 C rose of enjoyment adorns. .349 e watcheda rosebud..... .243 c Rose-all beneath the....

614 a

rose, of orient glow... .219 i Rosebuds-gather yer. while. 74 and the dulcet rose..

rose of the desert

.242 d rosebuds fill'd with snow..4321 and the guelder rose..... .241 r rose of the desert.. ..242 i rose-buds in the morning...241 a rose with all its].......... 33 r rose of the garden. .242 j rosebuds lay theircrimson.244 a be a rose upon the wall....355 i rose of thine own being....402 a rose-buds scarcely show'd..242 e beautiful as is ther. in.

r. on her cheek is my joy ...355 k Rose-carnation-a r-c. feedt...246 ? beautiful, royal rose. ..241 h rose on triumphant brier*..243 i Rose-grove-come from the r.243r bees around a rose.

16 e rose propt at the cottage...243 a rose-grove blushing in.....243 bless ther, that shines.. .242 1 rose saith in the dewy.. blood to the rose. .216 i

23. ? rose sat in her bower

.243 o

rose-leaves with the airj....194 bloom, or summer's r.**....149m rose, so fair and sweet.....241 h Rosemary-dreary rosmarye..244 : bosom of the roset.........243 p rose's lips grow pale........241 s

that's for* .244 u breast of the rose 624 N rose's scent is bitterness....243 the

.244 budding r. above the rose 5.244 b r.'s trembling leaves will...544 ? Roses-amid the roses, fierce..523 bud o' the rose as... 218 0 rose's wither'd leaf.... ...219 k and roses so gay..

.290 cheeks as fresh asr. in June 464 u rose that all are praising...240 € are opening r. in the lily's. 620 damask rose by the.....

r., that blossoms for a day.219 p are roses in their bud*. dew-drop on the rose......591 rose that lives its little..

....240 g as morning r. newly* die of a f. in aromatic paint 447 u rose ! the joy of heaven....242 $ as the roses they twinel....370 every r. a thorn doth bear..511 s rose! thesweetest blossom 242 8 bearing hence thy roses....542 falr under the rose.........

87 k rose up at the dawn of day.369 h beautiful fresh roses....... 243 flaming rose gloomed... rose, vast as the heavens...584 g bower of roses by.

.242 n flung r., flung odourg**....376 å rose was awake all nightt..611 buy roses and pinks.. ..216 i for happy hours the rose...238 i rose, what is become.. .217 C change from rock to roses..589 full-blown rose 'mid...

rose who dares to name....240 1 first roses of the yeart. 2852 garden rose may richly....244 0 rose with all her pride...... 242 for those roses bright... .241 d garland for the rose........ 85 u rose with fading core.......242 a for women are as roses* ...659 24 garlands, the rose odorsi...211 6 royal-dusk rose...

..240 k full of sweet dayes and r...540 g gathered the blushing rose. 243 r. royal-hearted rose..

gather r. while they bloom.782 d gathering the r. without..505dd royal rose sometimes.

gather the roses where.....661 gather the rose of love.....365 O scent to the rose..


god of love, with roses......242 8 give the flaunting rose.....250 C shed the rose's bloom...... 242m hates the smell of roses. go, lovely rose...

.243 8

she wears a r. in her hair... 87 k heavenly r, in our earthly..796 h happy is the rose distill'd*.876 p smell a rose through a.....240 O here bloom red roses..

.236 c he rose the morrow morn..888 a spoken under the rose.. . .664 e let opening roses knottedt.242 u him that loved the rose.... 243 sticks in his ear a rose......476 n lilies and r. were all awake+611 s how fair is the rose... .2437 sweet brier rose...... .2191 lips were four red r. on a*..335 m I am not the rose.. .200 r sweetest rose where all..

85 t

make our peds of roses* ... .243 I bound the rose in.

sweet is the rose.... .220m I flourish in the rose.......807 © sweet rose, whose hue......241m never will rain roses.. .241 i is the rose distillid®. ..293 the crimsonne rose.......

231 h nor yet the flaky roses.....233 d milk the bashful rose......195 k the gathered rose.. 241 old cakes of roses* lap of the crimson rose*...243 g the milk-white rose* .243 only r. which do not retain.475 p last rose of summer. the rose and thorn the. ...101 x

or roses blown*

659 C like a full-blown rose.

the rose full blown. 244 6 perfumed tincture of the*.447aa like the summer rose.. 351 v

the rose her grateful.......217 plant thou no roses 188 c lily and dewy rose........ 187 h the rose is fairest when... .243 e roses all the way.

.216 k lived near the rose.

200 r

the rose is fragrant........217 r. roses and jessamin** luve's like a red red rose...356 | the rose looks out in the... 52 i roses and lilies are fair.

.223 i near the rose all flushed...234 i the rose's glowing breast..321 m roses and white lilies blow.194 j ne'er the r. without the....496 8 the rose still blushes, and..540 b r. blossom'd by each rustic.618 no doubt they r. up early*.393 h the rose, the queen.

35 t roses bloom alway no more desire a rose*. 95 d the sweetbriar rose.........244 roses do not shed their.....242 nothing but a rose... .243m the unrivalled rose.........217 % r. fade and shadows shift. .347 1 not the rose for me. 240 e the wayside rose..

r. for the flush of youth. 11 d on a thorny rose-bed. the wild rose nods.. .244 T

roses have thorns*

.208 2 on the Alpine rose.. 2421 this guelder rose at far. ...240m roses kindled into thought. 62 r

queen r. of the rosebudt...660 8 thorny rose ! that always. .402 a roses lean with smiling ....235 c SHAKESPEARE*; MILTON **; WORDSWORTHT; BYRON I; TENNYSON + ; LOWELL tt; POPEI; LONGFELLOW $.

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.268 f

roses musky-breathedt

rout on rout**.

what numbers ruin shun...654m roses of earth which fell...222 j your rout send forth a.....637 n with r. upon ruin, rout**. .536 a r. of pleasure seldom last..475 p Routed-thrice her. all his....490 u woe, destruction, ruin and*140 ? roses on omaslender spray.Azh Rover tem perthele-tbeough.13 Raived-dhe men that are r....

.247 roses plenty, roses....... .240 k Rovers-shoots atr., shooting 457 C and that that ruin'd me.. 14 a roses red and violets... .220 k Roving-inconstant r. have no. 67 T is doubly ruined.... .269 h roses red and white .218 e Row-row, brothers, r., the... 63m I should be a ruined man..452 g roses, that in desertst..

.242 v
row on whatever happens..784 8 me with theo hath r.**

..257 roses that in yonder hedge. 241 8 we do but row

.2056 myrtle round your r. shed..476m roses that thei bere ...... 241 e Rows-proudly, r. her state**. 58 i r. at our own request.. roses were sette of swete...241 € r. the songless gondolierl... 98 p than arch-angel ruined**...153 d r. yellow, red, and white...511 where in venerabler. widely 56m Ruins-amid the ruins of theg 582 scent of the roses will hang. 242 9 Rowan-r. waves his scarlet...609 i awful ruins of others. shower of Persian roses....220 g Roy-R's. wife of Aldivalloch.144 ; creepeth o'er ruins old. ...282 € smiles and r. are blending..315 0 Royal-a cotter's babe is r.+...102 flout the ruins gray.... ..398 T soon seek r, in December ..124 g execute laws is a r. office...620 O love these ancient ruins....556 € spring to revel in the roses. 62 8 no other royal path which..341 x on ruins of another's fame.558 ! sweet June roses died...

royal, took her own way*..583 e r, of himself I now wornt. .535 sweet the roses in their

still appear as royal... .225 t ruins of St. Paul's....

.267 their brows with roses and. 69 p Royally-sorrow so r. in you*537 i ruins of St. Paul's... ......268 + the roses blow, the.. .2200 Royalty-r. of beauty's mien. 34 v ruins of the noblest man*..404 a the roses from your cheek..673 a the royalty of virtue....... 15 n site:-chaos of ruinsi. the roses of eighteent.. 7 Rub-rub and polish our brain.795 sitting amid their ruins....382 a the time of roses.. there's the rub*.

solitary amid silent ruins..268m thy roses came to me......241 u you rub the sore*.

..441 o the human mind in ruins...385m till time for roses be........240 k Rubs-little rubs which.

..510 d

the r.of their ancient oak...625 g to sit in the roses...... .242 n Rubbish-r. of the shops. .456 c the ruins of Iona..... touch not the r. growing...511 / Rubble-temple to Fame in r.429 6 Rule-a little r., a little sway. 347 i want to have more roses.., 241 i Rubies-rubies, fairy favours*226 6 are thenceforth to rule.....553 4 we are blushing roses.... 241 rubies were less bright.....334 p we bring roses..

banished the r. and the rod.512 c q

213 where the rubies grew......194 u before mayst r. it, as thou..543 when the r. scattered lie.. 42 b Rubric-thy name in the r....628 e by a rule in nature teach*..822 % wreath of roses

..240 d Ruby-r. from the horizon'sg .585 ! by this rule express'd .. youth gave love and roses.. 10 6 ruby of your cheeks*.......210 h declared absolute rule**....534m Rose-scented-daisies are r.-s.. 218 n Rude although thy breath*..3199 earth, and rule the day** .576 g Rose-thought-God's r-t....... 242 a rude am I in my speech*...574m follow rule and climb the..3069 Rose-water-r-w.on a toad.... 280 sweetens toil however r....476 i good old r. sufficeth them 5.486 € Rosin-swift rides the r. o'er..408 a you are rude ; I pretend...180 k gospel of the Golden Rules.451 a Rostrum-mount the r, with..450 e Rudeness-r. isa sauce to his*.654 a greater to haver. by day** 420 j Rosy-cause another's r. are..661 6 Rudest-r. work that tells a...425 u heads of all that rule.

.455 ; r. and round as an apple is.110 a Rudder-rhyme tber, is of ....476 d he over thee shall rule** ...3117 Rot-and to rot*.

the first is a rudder.........354 g ill can he rule the great....83 better r. beneath the sod+1.608 g their tail the r., and their...410 long levell'd rule of**.

3527 hour to hour we rot and r. *350 € Rudiments-an old man in his676 k no r. is so general, which...502 8 r. and consume themselves*602m sweet rudiments of future..609m notion of the rule of right.462 Rote he understood by r......513 v Rue-with euphrasy and rue**553m obey that know not how to*420

words learn'd by rote a ....589 a Rue la Paix-walked up ther 98 h Rule, Britannia, r. the .....116d Rots-sort of r. away like a ...102 Ruff-touched the ruff that... 61 rule

by patience, Laughing$467 ; Rotten-goodly apple r. at*....145 Ruffs-with r., and cuffs, and* 24 i rule of men entirely great .471 s

r. in the state of Denmark*483 ) Ruffle-hoop without a ruffe..128 9 rule of my life is to make..475 d small choice in r, apples*..505kk Ruffled-were all too r., and**567 9 r. of the many is not well..534 C

thou prunesta rotten tree*.610 6 Ruffles-laced r. to a man that 22 n rule our spirits from their.670 a Rottenness-and turned to r..307 9 like sending them ruffles. .369 a rule so fine and high. ....... 15

r, us by their present wants673 : Rough-ber, as nutmeg. wax.420. Ruting-kissing, not r., they..6978 ruin or to rule the state....Ne

fares as rough as we........443 į Ruffians-r. dance and leap*..639 rule the fountains of the ..402 € nor r., nor barren, are the.. 22 k Rug-snug as a bug in a rug..504 Ç shut them for breaking a r.512 € of Chartres much too r. ...537 u Ruin-adorner of the ruint....599 i sort of rule in literature. ...474 0 rough as nutmeg.graters.. 80 as if r. leap'd from his

eyes* 18 a the scanty r. and standard.370 ! rough is the road, your....484 k a temple in ruin standsi ...535 ? Ruled-fate is r. by chance... 267 shook the tree too rough...240 n feet can print no r. trace...460 s her that ruled the rost in...499 the best, however rough... 91 v final Ruin fiercely drives ..536 d in all things r., mind, body.121 though he was rough.....333 ) fires of ruin glow...

258 c

r. the storm of mighty war.424 € Roughest-runs through the*.602 i formless ruin of oblivion*..420 the sword ruled all things..768 Rough-hew-r-h. them how* .510 u God to ruin has designed...320 ? thou thyself hast ruled....485 j Rouleaus-beauteous arer...389 1 greatness to his country's..607 when men are r. by women** : Round-a little, r., fat, oily ...451 r. hides ther, that it feeds...232 / Ruler-be learned by a ruler..740 k and round about

identical with ruin.... 825 t full-orb'd r. of the skies. ..446 attains the upmost round*. 14 å in r. and confusion hurl'd..535 r gaze of the ruler of heaven 694 heaven a perfect round.....279 n lovely in death the .........142m one sole ruler-his Law ...276 light fantastic round**

lures men to their ruin.....445 t winter! r. of the inverted.545 * round and round we run...332 n made his way by ruin... ...748 i Rulers-character of its r..... 8: round as to a golden cup...397 r. majestic though in ruin**..153 r. always hate and suspect.734 ; round at the top he has....403 j man marks the earth with| 459 Rules-a few plain rules.

.324 so runs the r. of life fromt. 96aa monument becomes a ruin.371 h and rules in scorn .. N9 h the exactly round..

prostrate the beauteous r..586 6 & woman sometimes rules. .656 Roundabout-sees that this...667 * ruin or to rule the state....282 € by any hypercritical rules.419 g Rounded-who r. in his palm.577 n ruin's ploughshare drives..227 d by rules severe his life he..450 Roundelay-a woodland r. you 44 a save, to ruin, to curse, to...629 x change true rules for olde.. 76

sing a roundelay....: ...294 n shapes of hideous ruin.....209 g fortune rules in all things. 703

sing unto my roundelay....403 d spreads in r. o'er the tide ..552 God, who rules mankind...535 Rounds-perform their mystic618 y systems into ruin hurlidi..510 'n hand that rules the world..402 i

rounds by which we may$..289 k that it would r. another....731 9 Him who rules the thunder377 : Rout-for putting to r., and...129 | the precursor of ruin......509dd if she r. him never showst.658 ; keep a mighty routí. .224 to ruin has designed..

.206 c

imagination r. the world...315 C rout is folly's circle.... ..128 to ruin runs.

..518 T I read rules of criticism....124 d SHAKESPEARE* ; Milton ** ; WORDSWORTH?; BYRON 1 ; TENNYSON + ; LOWELL tt; POPEI; LONGFELLOW F.

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love rules the court....

one heavy Sabbath keep:..537 c I with sadness wept...... 189 1 practice of mistaken r.I....440 p. one sabbath deep andt. 537 d songs of s. and of mirthg...557 , r. and precepts are of no...681d on the Sabbath say “mew "537 a your sad tires in a mile-a*.384 ? rules the mighty gods.. ..723 h S. bill or forge a bull......521 d Saddled-millions ready s. and510 r. the unreined ambition.... 14 h Sunday shines no S. dayı...537 Safe-bes. whose wishes roam 593 slaves to musty rules ......124 h thus was Sabbath kept**...536 r. be silent and safe-silence.5849 the twelve good r. the royal 14 r. to keep the Sabbath's rest..518 v blushes : all is safe.. 741 6 with strongest bias rulest..491 c too much S. into Sunday...536 p confidence is nowhere safe.684 n who rules will always be...704 k when on Sabbath morning8 40 C I were s. at home, in bed...586 i

woman rules us still... ..657 Sabbathless-S. Satan... ...666 v it is not safe to know.. Ruleth-a king r. as he ought.625 Sabbaths-the s. of Eternityt.537 d safe bind, safe find.

.....503aa he ruleth all the roste......499 Sabidius-do not love thee, S..723 a s. from danger who is on...688 8 Ruling-r. passion strong inf.465 Sable-purchase of the s.'s... 53 s. from temptation safes...318 i

we various r. passions find1465 Sables-have a suit of sables*.153m safe in the hallowed quiettt 466 k Rum-rum and true religion].520 | shrouds herself in sables...546 C 'tis man's perdition to be s.622 C

Rum, Romanism, and ..482 h sighs for sables which ... .189 C what has been lost is safe..803 % takoa little rum...

.440 a
than settled age his sables*.673 when he is safe...

758 h Rumbles-r, reluctanto'er our598 Sacerdotal-thou s. gain, but|.586 y when safe, is on his guard..751 m Rumination-often r. wraps* .607 Sack-heaves his ponderous s.13 € Safeguard-doves will peckin*1199 Rumor-every r. is believed ..740 p old s. is our money, old....649 u Safest-he travels s, in the.....606 8

rumour doth double, like*.536 old sack is our wealth......649 u honorable is also safest....712 n rumour is a pipe blown*...536 purge and leave sack*...... 99 g who stands safesti.. .256 m2 rumor does not always err.740 9 this intolerable deal of s.*.326 ? Safety-best safety lies in*. ...495kk r. of oppression and deceit.566 * Sacramentarians-way of the.521 j death was safety.

297 k rumor the report of evil 740 r Sacramental-like s. wine..... 55 n deserve neither liberty nor.3437 that pitiful r. may report*..107 s Sacraments-too little of s....273

18 Rumors-flying r. gather'dt..536 e Sacred-a sacred gift to man..493

doubtful safety to those in.676 g

monuments of the s. with..460 W idle rumors were also .740m as a sacred thing......

only 8. is in serving God....804 g Rumple-r. the one-you r....372 x for those sacred powere. ... 420m pluck this flower, safety*..129 9 Run-and the creature run* ...300 men divine and s. call......670 p pot of ale and safety*.. 121 w conquer love, that r. away.357 s sacred to be so easily g..

..265 a

purchase a little temporary343 ! damnation to run through.3269 things sacred should not...738 € safety for the conquered...751 j desirous seems to r. away.. 80 n those stones will be held s..426 d safety of the state...

.741 a far wer, before the wind..445 1 was s. but the beautiful.... from which to run away...304 ! Sacrifice-fires of sacrifice....

s. walks in its steps........333 d. q

there is always s. in valor..628 j I can fly, or I can run**

flame of sacrifice breaks...245 a the safety of leaders.......800 it enabled him to run .....315 0 law of s. takes the form of.168 p to act in safety*.

651 m like whelps, we crying run*122 C prayers one sweet s.*

.489 h to teach thee safety*. love never did r. smooth*..262 8. is the first element of....520 8 valour to act in safety*. ....6280 of themselves will run too..388 w spirit of self-sacrifice .148 n Saffron-the saffron flower....945 a run about the braes. 100

spotted livers in the s.* 1m Sagacious-s, in making......752 C stumble that run fast*. 294 v the Patriarch's sacrifice.... 404 d Sage-experience made him s. 9 p the horseman run away

turn delight into a sacrifice.476 w homely, make you sage....601 in those that r. away, and fly.635 unpitied sacrifice in a......627 b make the sage frolict. ...649 j tied to run afoot* ...172 g you sacrifice your tears*...663 1


sage may say of its.. g 'tis time to r., 'tis time to...540 Sacrifices-love s. all things.. 360 k s. or cynic prattle as hel....356 r. to-morrow's cowslips as.... 70 u made up of petty sacrifices.373 p smokes, thinks like a sage.. 457 J whose course is run.. 6s Sacrilegious-incestuous, s.**.641 v the s. is no better than the.547 who shall behold it run....460 Sad-be more profoundly sad.775 h thought as a sage..

210m Runneth-man, that r. awaie..121


cheers the s., revives thel..648m what s. has he notout-seen.550 d Runs-he that r. may readt,.. 2; dark tree! still s. when ....613 c Sager-till by losing rendered 460 v

he that runs, may read. .....621 r experience to make me sad*384 k Sages-ancient sages sought..110 , he that fights and r. away..121 1 has something sad to say..481 ? he who fights and r. away..121 h he was nor sad nor merry*.191 h charm, by sages often told.112 runs close by the ground*.. 48 ; I'll be sad for nae-body....110 € chief's, the sage's pridet...460 % runs the great circuit......203 n impious in a good man to..537 k converse with the old s.... 64 e

runs the world away*.. ...151 t make us sad next morning.519 L. dozing sages drop the... 456 h Rupert-rash--the Rupert of. 27 k of all s. words of tongue.....519 j holy sages once did sing*... 94 1

the Rupert of debate.. 27 0 O name forever s.! forever $409 1 of the seven great ancient s.650 P Rural-happiness the r, maid.110 9 rich men look sad and*....639 8 sages have seen in thy face.566 8

nor rural sights alone, but..410 0 sad as angels for the good..555 8 so dark as sages say........ 345 a Rush-madman! r. over the...716 k sad because it hath been...3819 so have all sages said.......657 à

the rush of a storm........187 j sad in the midst of every...177 g than all the sages canS.....413 1 Rushes-rushes lean over the. 459? sad, sometimes intoxicating 152 n the doctors and the sages...399

rushes strewed, cobwebs*..482 i sad when he sets.. .246 m the high gods and the s.....412 8 Rushing-r. now adown the...641 j SO s., so tender, yet so true.578 8 the old s. and philosophers.844 n

r. of the arrowy Rhonel....532 g then so sad a thing to die..690 Said-little said is soonest.....501 m Rust-a tarnish as of rust....5429 the world was sad"; the....566 never been said before......428 g but the rust adoret.

thou makest the sad heart.540 O never said a foolish thing..533 dark rust assaileth.. .339 i to be glad or sad I care no..10 T nothing is said nowadays...744 sacred rust of twice tent. 22 i to-day is s. In the bland..605 9 that's as well said as if I....103 u wear out than to rust out.. 4 h very face to make us sad...400 C the less is said the better..465 C

which never taketh rust. ...838 f what makes old age so sad.754m 'tis well said again*. Rustic-like the r. who waits..721 h who is not wise is sad......759 j said on both sides.......... 26 g

manya rustic Milton has...667 1 yet be sad, good brothers*.537 i what they s., or may say...318 ?

sons of rustic toil.. ...116 o Saddens-s. in a senseless din. 239 C when the least is said. ..492 o Rustics-amaz'd the gazing r.342 c Sadder-a s. and a wiser man.388 a when they're said. ..573 n

where yet few r. reapl......532 ! 8. than owl-songs or thel...493 a who never to himself hath s118 j Rustling-mournful r. in thes.380 ; Saddest-of all tales 'tis the 8.537 . Sail-and flapped the sail.....322m

rustling in unpaid-for silk*.491 ň s. thing that can befall.....198j bark attendant sailt.. Rusty-fighting was grown r..470 C the saddest of the year....543 m every threadbare sail. ..214

Sadness-beauty and s... 85 h

be no sadness of farewellt..465 d Heaven must swell the s... 63

fate turns to sudden s.* ....569 x here and there a sail justj.. 98 C Sabbath-break the S. of myt.11 feeling of s. and longing$..537 9 knowledge the sail.... 79 v eternal Sabbath of his rest.297 fling off thy sadness.... ..164 mark of my utmost sail*...139 n

he who ordained the S. loves484 p in a most humorous s.*... 607 k ocean diversely we saili....349m SHAKESPEARE *; MILTON **; WORDSWORTH { ; BYRON I; TENNYSON T; LOWELL ++; POPE #; LONGFELLOW $.

........665 u


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ray what glimmering sail...552 h my salad days; when I*. .673 h Sandal-shoon-upon my "s-s."*382 4 s. for Porta Rique....

our Garrick's a salad.. 79 9 Sandals-with winged s. shod. 17 D s. forth into the sea of lifeg.645 8 Sale-s. of chapmen's tongues*36 g Sand-piper-one little s-p. and 56 a sail he spreads for Heav'n..674 f to things of sale a seller's*.442 0 Sands-across the s. o' Dee....530 1 sail on even keel. ..........445 g Sallies-noble s. of the soul...567 1 books are drenched sands.. 68 8. on, O Union, strong and9.469 C Sallow-the s. for the mill.....610 h clog the last sands of life]. .464 k s. the thousands of watery.607 I Sallowness-to haggard s. 327 t footprints in the sandsg... 598 u sail through life towards...261 m Sally-there's none like pretty655q life's latest sands are. .2798 S. where'er the surge mayl.150 1 Sally Lunn-with a grace the.374 0 on the flat sands hoard..

42 a second an oar or a sail.....354 g Salmon-and the first salmon 97 9 passed over the white sands553 z so low a sail to strike*. .....109 & the salmon vaut..

s. are number'd that make*850 • spread the sail...

.445 t Salt-abundance of Attic salt.177 a small sands the mountain..619 = the little nautilus to sailt... 69 o call it Attic salt.... .124 f the shining sands below...,615 s

the whirring sail goest. 53 d death is the universal salt..132d through the silent sands...5312
Sailed-sailed with me before.209 eat a bushel of s. with him.495ii Sandy-just above yons. bars.576 a

slow sail'd the wearyt... .383 k how salt the savor is ..765 8 Sane-assent, and you are s...4208
Sailest-8. wide to other lands 42 g its beauty and s. of truth... 64 g fitter being sane than mad.101 O
Sailing-lazily s. o'er the blue 99 ~ many pecks of salt. ..704 h who then is sane!.... .716 i
Sailor-before Noah was a s.*.438 v ne'er knew salt, or heard...314 i Sang-all s. Annie Laurie",.568

bringest thes. to his wifet.446 d not one salt drop e'er wets.538 b he worked and sang from...110 )
hear a brother sailor..... 446 6 salt is spilt, to me it fell....586 i how s. they in your courts.165 a
mind is a good sailor....... 4 k salt of most unrighteous* .376 laughed and s., any noise. 20m
s. when the prize has).....329 1 table, a dish of salt 685

sang every night as he......2 Sailors-s. freeze with fears1.577 the salt human tears....6 s, in tones of deep emotion$557 h

winds that s. rail at* .564 0 valor is the s. t' his other..628 l s, of love and not of fame..568 C Sails-behold the threaden s. * 445 u wit is the s. of conversation653 e sang out of tune, ancient...453 e

by science, s., and oars..... 678 d Saltness-relish of the s. of*.. 11 W sang with many a changes. 4 j head-winds right for royal. 301 e Saltpetre-s. should be digg'd*121 v she s. ful loude and cleere.. 45j majestic with her swelling. 446 a Salutation-receives high s...514 n so sang they, and the**.....536 purple the sails, and so...552 8 salutation to the morn*.... what song the Syrens sang. 143 r s. forth the stripling bold..850 Salutations-loud shouts and*608 n when they sang together...635 e ships rigged out with s. of.585 k Salute-about to die s. thee...686 Sanguinaria-s. from whose...23 € the white and rustling s....445 b I often s. you, you never...176 n Sans-s. sense, sans taste, sans676 i

winds shift, shift our sails) 667 w s. thee with our early**....393 e Sansavine-flames so red ing..649 p Saint-as. in crape is twicet.. 82W salute you with an eternal.176 n Santa Claus-S-C. de la....

.643 C by s., by savage, and byt...489 a Salutes-dog s. the smiling... .19 p Sap-if the sap is stirring yet.5409 Edinburgh's Saint Giles.... 95 p golden sun s. the morn*....584-8 infect thy sap and live on*.3004 idol, S., virgin, prophet....586 Salvation errand of s. sent... 94 d milky sap of its inner cell. .267 b in white, like a saint....

.238 p
fee-simple of his s.

.252 u
sap is stagnant...

.313 e is a saint run madi

.674 h Salvation by means of... 798 a sap that turns to nectar....266 e low St. James' up to

s. through Christ the.. .804 d stalks with honeyed sap....237 O might become a sainti.....129 a tools of working out s..

.587 C

without their sap howl. .825 O patron saint in armor shines68m Salve-lips covered with s.....179m Sapless-those sapless scales. .234 ? saint abroad and a devil....312 C patience is sorrow's salve..467 d Sapling-like to a wind-blown.367 a St. John mingles with myt.517 j salve" is writ beneath...394m Sapphire-like s., pearl*....

220 a see Christ's chosen saint... 93 e Samaritan-acts like as.......457 s Sapphires-firmament with**.416m seem as., when most I play*631 p do the Samaritan without.. 87 C the sapphire blaze.... 415 o sinner it or saint iti..... -252 Same-always and never the..410 u Sappho-burning S. loved and15424 therefore no true s. allows.374? another and the same......188 c S.'s ode a good examplej...478 1 the rigid saint, by whom no520 i another yet the samet...... 101 w tenth is S. maid divine.....276 the ruins of St. Paul's......267 10 by the s. means we do not..764 i Sark-Sark, fairer than aught827 1 the ruins of St. Paul's.

268 n

leave us and find us the s.. 75 € Sash-when the s. was open...614 r. thou be saint or sinner.... .134 c S. with common natures. ...420 C Sashes-knack of tying sashes 88# to catch a s., with saints* . .172 t things are still the s. they.. 22 g Sat-as when he sat down.....167 j up to high St. Pault. 158 g Sample-his speech was a fine|573 m he sat by her side and her..664 a weakest 8. upon his knees., 487 % Sancho Panza-s. P. by name. 74 1 she sat like Patience on a*. 897 b

whither saint or sinner.....311 8 so S. P. said and so.........562 e where we sat side by side. ,857 y Saintlike-innocent, s. air. 31 c Sanctified-numbers s. the... .403 p Satan-indignation S. stood**.153 € Saints-bait to draw s. from t128m Sanctifies-breath s. the air... 283 n on God's and S.'s brood....358 g conjure thee by all the s.*..130 r Sanctimonious-s. face I pull.521 d Sabbathless Satan.... .666 te contracting with the saints.670 e Sanction-received the s......215 t Satan exalted sat bymerit**153 / crew of errant saints.......157 0 sanction of the godt...

..277 C

$. finds some mischief still.497 cc great men may jest with s. *653 x to sanction vice and hunt1.630 i 8. hous'd within this man*.130 r. images of canonized saints*303 e Sanctities--day's dead s... .187 k S. now is wiser than of yore1594 c men below, and s. above...362 g Sanctity-Indu'd with s. of**..517 e S. O'ercomes none but by...5938 no silver s., by dying miserst95 8 kissing is as full of s.*......335 d S., so call him now, his**...153 g relics of the ancient saints. 344m to place no sanctity**. .303 c S. trembles when he sees...487 saints in your injuries*....660 g Sanctuaries-God's ancient s.669 w Satan was now at hand**...153 saints only have such faces $195 d Sanctuarize-should murder* 408 u so S., whom repulse upon**472# s. out of heaven with palms561 k Sanctuary-desire to raze the*389 h to Paradise the Arabs say.. 53 saints themselves will......272 a quiet in hell as in a s.*.. .377 c Satanic-the Satanic school...153 & saints who taught and led.. 85 k taking s. in the crowd.. ..428 ? Satchel-schoolboy with hiss. *580 € s. will aid if men will call..487 p the eastern sanctuary stair.585 0 Satellites-Jove's s. are lesst..277 / teaches s. to tear and cant.673 u Sanctum-editor sat in his s..435m Satiate-s. the hungry dark... 52 d

tos. whose lives are better.520 i study in my s. supercilious521 d Satiated-life like a s. guest..721 s Saintship-s. of an anchoritet .303 a Sand-á handful of red sand 8.600 v Satiates-new appetite while.7649 Sake-but would be for your..666 C and wrote upon the sand...459 Satiety-s, closely follows the.741 dear child Jesus' sake...... 94 c but heaps of sand.

...143 h

satiety is a neighbor.......741 d for Ohrist's sweet sakett....86 O crept up along the sand....598 & Satire-implicit s. on mankind386 v " for God's s.," others to..,762 if all their s. were pearl*...377 k let satire be my songi. 251 s for thy sake, tobacco, I....457 a last s. twinkled in the glass.647 a my s. seems too boldi.

.537 for whose sweete sake that.518m like foam or sand...

891 i not to write satire..

.741 . sake of the friendships.....265 a o'er and o'er the sand.

satire does not look pretty.183) Salaam-hat that bows to no.432 w petals dipped in sand.

234 V

s. is always virtue's friend.6378 Salad-better s. ushering the.167 e shells upon the sands. 598 t s. is more than those he....587 his fingers in the s. bowl...168 t sows the sand.....

.796 n

s. lies about literary men..778 u make a capital salad........239 1] wrote on in the sand........

86 r. satire. or sense, alasi... SHAKESPEARE*; Milton **; WORDSWORTH? ; BYRON I ; TENNYSON †; LOWELL ++; Pope #; LONGFELLOW $.


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