The British Critic and Quarterly Theological Review, Bind 18

F. and C. Rivington, 1801

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Side 373 - Parliament that the King our sovereign lord, his heirs and successors kings of this realm, shall be taken, accepted and reputed the only supreme head in earth of the Church of England called Anglicana Ecclesia...
Side 649 - Far off from these a slow and silent stream, Lethe the river of Oblivion rolls Her wat'ry labyrinth, whereof who drinks, Forthwith his former state and being forgets, Forgets both joy and grief, pleasure and pain.
Side 545 - ... the faith of reason ! But still the heart doth need a language, still Doth the old instinct bring back the old names, And to yon starry world they now are gone, Spirits or gods, that used to share this earth With man as with their friend ; and to the lover Yonder they move, from yonder visible sky Shoot influence down : and even at this day 'Tis Jupiter who brings whate'er is great, And Venus who brings everything that's fair ! Thek.
Side 68 - That the penalty for the violent contravention of this right is the confiscation of the property so withheld from visitation and search. For the proof of this I need only refer to Vattel, one of the most correct and certainly not the least indulgent of modern professors of public law.
Side 264 - Wherefore, come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch no.t the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father to you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.
Side 117 - The different antelopes that were there delineated had each their character so well discriminated, that the originals, from whence the representations had been taken, could, without any difficulty, be ascertained. Among the numerous animals that were drawn, was the figure of a zebra...
Side 123 - The breasts of the former are disgustingly large and pendant; the usual way of giving suck, when the child is carried on the back, is by throwing the breast over the shoulder.
Side 464 - They always migrate in flocks of thirty or forty, and have a leader, which the inhabitants of Arrou call the king. He is said to be black, to have red spots, and to fly far above the flock, which never desert him, but always settle in the same place that he does.
Side 245 - COMPARATIVE VIEW of the State and Faculties of MAN with thofe of the ANIMAL WORLD.
Side 575 - ... would imagine the green of the earth and the azure of the heavens -were united : And as there are green fields in every quarter, so there are villas interspersed among the green fields. And in all Khorasan and Maweralnahr there are not any people more long-lived than those of Bokhara. " It is said that in all the world there is not any place more ' " delightful (or salubrious) than those three : one, the Soghd of "Samarcand; another, the Rud Aileh; and the third, the Ghu...

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