Subject-matter index of patents applied for and patents granted, by B. Woodcroft

1872 - 24 sider
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Side 1 - Patents' publications (each set including more than 2,700 volumes and costing for printing and paper nearly .£2,600) have been presented to the authorities of the most important towns in the kingdom, on condition that the works shall be rendered daily accessible to the public, for reference or for copying, free of all charge. The following list gives the names of the towns, and shows the place of deposit, so far as ascertained, of each set of the works thus presented : — Aberdeen (Mechanics
Side 1 - A FREE LIBRARY and READING ROOMS are open to the • Public daily, from 10 till 4 o'clock, in the Office of the Commissioners of Patents, 25, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane. In addition to the printed Specifications, Indexes, and other publications of the Commissioners, the Library includes a Collection of the leading British and Foreign Scientific Journals, and text-books in the various departments of science and art. Complete sets of the Commissioners of Patents...
Side 1 - A Description and Draught of a new-invented Machine, for carrying Vessels or Ships out of, or into, any Harbour, Port, or River, against Wind and Tide, or in a calm.
Side 2 - War Office, Pall Mall. India Office. Royal School of Mines, &c., Jermyn Street, Piccadilly. Dublin Castle, Dublin. Record and Writ Office, Chancery, Dublin. Office of Chancery, Edinburgh.
Side 5 - Oxford (Bodleian Library). Stretford, near Manchester (Mechanics' Institute). Swindon, New (Mechanics' Institute). Tamworth (Library and Reading Room, George Street). Yarmouth, Norfolk (Public Library, South Quay). British Colonies and Foreign States. British Columbia— Mechanics' Institute, Victoria. - Public Library, New Westminster. France— Academy of Science, Paris.
Side 2 - India— Bengal. Bombay. Madras. N.-W. Provinces. Jamaica. Malta. Mauritius. New Brunswick. Newfoundland. New South Wales. New Zealand. Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island. South Australia— Colonial Institute, Adelaide. Tasmania. Trinidad. Victoria— Parliamentary Library, Melbourne. Patent Office, Melbourne. Public Library, Melbourne.
Side 6 - Turkey — Literary and Scientific Institute, Smyrna. United States — American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston.' „ American Institute, New York. „ American Society of Civil Engineers, New York. „ Industrial University, Champaign, Illinois. „ Mechanics
Side 1 - Sd. ; by post, 9d. 11. An historical account of a new method for extracting the foul air out of ships, &c., with the description and draught of the machines by which it is performed, &c.
Side 2 - Institutet, Stockholm. United States— Patent Office, Washington. Astor Library, New York. State Library, Albany. Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Free Library, Boston. Library Company, Philadelphia. Library Association, Chicago. Peabody Institute, Baltimore. Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin.

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