Through the Wire: Action with the SAS in Borneo and the Special Forces in Vietnam

Allen & Unwin, 1999 - 239 sider
The first graphic account of the major and very bloody battle at an outpost called Duc Lap involving members of the Australian Training Team in Vietnam and their American equivalents.

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A brief history of Vietnam
On patrol in Borneo
First encounter with Vietnam
Return to Vietnam
Into the field
Heading for Duc
On the high ground
Seige at Duc Lap
The battle for Duc Lap
From hospital to hospital
A job in intelligence
Getting down to basics
Under a cloud
A time to reflect

Through the wire

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Side 57 - We gotta get onto this place, if it 's the last thing we ever do. We gotta get out this place. Girl, there 'sa better life for me an you.
Side 4 - ... It seemed just any other kind of night rather than one to set off into the darkness and the wetness of a desolate mountain valley to hear the first performance of a symphony played on bagpipes — or played any way at all for that matter. Peterson's mind however was made up and I decided that being in for a penny I might as well be in for a pound.
Side 200 - ... week. They want me to run as their Representative in Congress." How'd you like to go down there and try out this oath of allegiance of mine? Fix up some blank books and so on and see how it works." John's black eyes blazed. "I'd like it above all things, sir! You aren't going to lose any time, eh? When do you want me to go?
Side 66 - The prospect did not fill me with enthusiasm but it was the best I could think of at the time.
Side 208 - I'd just left, he asked me how old I was. I told him I had turned 30 during the operation.
Side 77 - ... to put a guard upon the shoemaker — if not, indeed, to secure his person. This, a very brief reflection assured Maud, she could not do unaided. Events, as she was wise enough to acknowledge, had got beyond her single-handed control. By the time breakfast was over, she had made up her mind that there was nothing to be gained, and possibly everything to be lost, by withholding the truth any longer from those most interested in it ; and as a resolve with Maud was synonymous with immediate action,...
Side 230 - The strength of feeling of some antiwar people was summed up in a letter to the editor of a major newspaper: Whitlam's immortal declaration: They [the veterans] shall return unhonoured, unsung and unwept' was undermined by Hawke's ameliorative 'Welcome Home'.
Side 66 - He could not add anything to what we had already been told. It was becoming a bit repetitious. I would speak into the handpiece: 'Redcap Keeper this is Keyport Snubber, over.
Side 50 - I could to familiarise myself with the general modus operand! and any little funnies in terms of things that must be done and things that must not be done.

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David Savage joined the Australian Army and first saw active service with the SAS in Borneo. He then went to Vietnam where he served as a soldier and then as a member of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV).

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