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for God? Is not Heaven worth all? Can you do too much for eternal Life, and to escape the Wrath to come? Thefe would be your Thoughts, if you were under the Influence of a divine Faith.

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$5 Come now into the Light, and beg that the God of our Lord Jefus Chrift, the Father of Glory, may give unto you the Spirit of W flom and Revelation, in the Knowledge of him; the Eyes of your Understanding being enlightened, that ye may know what is the Hope of his Calling, and what the Riches of the Glory of his Inheritance in the Saints (f).' Look feriously into the infallible Word of God, and whatsoever it foretells, believe it, as if the Things were accomplished. The Unbelief of divine Threatnings, as well as Promifes, is the Perdition of Souls. God gives no falfe Alarm in fuch awful Discharges; and if you fall not down, you fhall find the Thunder is attended with Lightning, and that Execution will be done before you are aware. When you have flept a few Nights more, your Flesh must sleep till awaked by the Refurrection. Then, where are your pleasant Habitations, or diftinguishing Honours and Attendants? Is there any remaining Sweetness in a Feaft you partook of a Year ago? Shall we further deliberate, when we have Certainty, Excellency, and Eternity to fet against fleeting Vanity? Up then and work while it is Day, and run and ftrive with all your Might. Heaven is at Hand as certainly as if you faw it. You are fure to be no Lofers by the Choice. You part with No.hing for

all Things. You efcape the piercing of your Heart,

(f) Eph. i, 17, 18,


by fubmitting to the fcratch of a Pin. For the Cure of a Fever, you bear the opening of a Vein. Leap not into Hell, only to avoid the Reproach of Scoffers. Part not with God, with Confience, and Heaven, to fave your Purfes, or your Fiefh.

$ 6. If you love Pleasure, take that which is true, full, and lafting. Tho' God calls you to Repentance and Mortification, he is nevertheless intending your Pleasure and Delight; or he would not offer himfelf to you, in whofe Prefence is Fullness of Joy, at whose right Hand there are Pleasures for evermore (g).' Did the Apostles, and other glorified Saints, get to Heaven by a worldly, hypocritical, and ceremonious Religion? Or by Faith and Love, by Self-Denial and unwearied Labours for their own and other Men's Salvation; tho' at the fame Time they were made as the Filth of the World,

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and the Off-scouring of all Things (h)? Do you like Holinefs in a dead Man, who never troubled you with his Prefence or Reproofs ? Why then don't you like it in yourselves? Your own Health and Welth delight you more than another Man's ; and fo would your own Holinefs. If you would fucceed, as they that are now beholding the Face of "God, believe, and live, and wait, as they did.

God was not unrighteous, to forget their Work • and Labour of Love toward his Name;' nor will The forget you, if you fhew the fame Diligence, ⚫ to the full Affurance of Hope unto the End; and

be not flothful, but Followers of them, who thro' Faith and Patience inherit the Promifes (i).' Did

(g) Pfalm xvi. 17.
(i) Heb. vi, 10-12,

(h) 1 Cor. iv. 13.

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Did you but fee what they now fee, and are, and do, surely you would never more scoff at or perfecute a Saint. If you believe, you fee, tho' not with open Face,' as they do. If you believe not,' yet your Unbelief' fhall not make the Faith of God without Effect (k).' God will be God, if you be Atheists. Chrift will be Chrift, if you be Infidels. Heaven will be Heaven, if you defpife it, and go to Hell. Judgment lingreth not,' while you delay; Damnation flumbereth not," while you fleep (1). If you would not believe that you must die, would this delay your Death for an Hour? It is not,-perhaps there is a Heaven and Hell; but as furely as you muft quit this World, fo muft you take up your Abode in one that is now to us invifible. O then, with what a dreadful View will you look before you and behind you, and hear Confcience loudly fay! Now the Day is come, the Change is accomplished, which I would not believe. Whether must I now go! What must I now do! What shall I fay before the Lord for all the Sin. that I have wilfully committed! How shall I answer my Contempt of Christ, my Neglect of Means, and my Enmity to a holy Life! How diftracted was I, to dif relish and contemn those who spent their Lives in Preparation for this Day! How would I now give a Thousand Worlds, to be but one of the meanest of their Number! O that the Door of Grace was open to me now, as it long was, when I refused to enter! Often did I hear of this Day, and would not believe, or ferioufly confider it! Often was I intreated to prepare, and I thought an hypocritical Shew would be Preparation enough

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enough! Now, who must be my Companions! How long must I dwell with Voe and Horror! How long muft I feel the Wrath of the Almighty, the unquenchable Fire, the immortal Worm! Alas, for ever! Shall I never receive one Moment's Eafe! Never fee one Glimpse of Hope! Onever, never, never! I perceive now what Satan meant in his Temptations, and God in his Threatnings! What was the Work of Chrift and Grace! What the Defign of Sin and of the Golpel! Why Minifters were fo importunate for my Converfion! Now all thefe Things are plain; but, alas, it is too late now! Now I know, to my Torment, that which I might have known in Time to my everlasting Joy.

no more.

$7. For the Lord's Sake, and for your Soul's Sake, open your Eyes, and foresee the Things that are even at Hand, and prevent thefe frunless Lamentations. Judge but as you will fhortly judge, and live as you will with you had lived, and I defire I know this ferious talk of another Life is ungrateful to Men that take up their Portion here. Put as we are dying, while we preach; and you, while you hear; it is Time for us to speak, and you to hear, with all our Hearts. None are in Jeft in Heaven or Hell; pardon us therefore, if we jeft' not in the Way to fuch a ferious State. As long as we fee you ferious about fuch Trifles as Lands and Lordships, Titles and Honours, you must giveTM us Leave to be ferious about eternal Life; and to 6 run' as faft for the Crown of Life,' as you run after a Feather or a Fly; and to breathe as hard after Chrift in holy Defires, as you do in swelling up the Bubbles of earthly Glory If Thoufands a Year in the Way to Chains of Darkness, be worth


your Labour; fuffer us to believe, that Mercy in Order to everlasting Mercy, and Grace in Order to Glory, and Glory at the End of Grace, are worth our Labour, and infinitely more. Your End is narrow, tho your Way is bread; and our End is broad, tho' our Way is narrow. You build as Mi. ners, by digging downward into the dark, and yet you are laborious; but we build up to Heaven, tho' we begin on Earth, while an attractive Loadftone draws up both the Workmen and the Work ; and whatever our Difficulties are, fhall we be negligent? Have you confidered that Faith is the Evidence of Things not feen? And have you Hearts to blame Believers for doing all they can in a Cafe of fuch everlafting Confequence? Would you with us to trifle in the Sight of Heaven, or leap into Hell when we fee it before us? What Name can exprefs the inhuman Cruelty of fuch a Wish, or the unchriftian Folly of thofe that will obey you? -O give us leave to be ferious for a Kingdom, which by Faith we fee! Blame us for this, and you will blame us that we are not befide : ourselves. Pardon us that we are awake, when the Thunder of Jehovah's Voice denounces everlafting Wrath against all that are Ungodly. If we were aflcep, as you are, we should lie ftill, without regarding what God or Man fays to us.-Pardon us that we are Chriftians, and believe what you alfo profefs to believe. Difclaim not the Practice, till you dare to difclaim the Profeffion. If we were Infidels, we would purfue Pleafures and Profits below, and treat Things above as Nothing to us.--Forgive us that we are Men. If we were Brutes, we would eat and drink, and play, and never trou


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