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$ 81. Month of July. Do not bleed. Take an emetic. Make use of flowers and wholesome vegetables. Avoid impurity.

AUGUST. $ 82. Month of August. Make use of soups and vegetables. Drink neither ale nor mead. Take white pepper in gruel.

SEPTEMBER. $ 83. Month of September. Take three draughts of milk the first thing in the morning daily. You may after this take what you wish, for vegetables and fruit are then ripe, and bread apt to be mouldy.


$ 84. Month of October. Make use of new wine. Eat minnows. Take an emetic. Let your diet consist of fresh meat and vegetables of a wholesome nature.



$ 85. Month of November. Do not take butter, as at this time (of the year,) the blood of all men has a tendency to coagulation, which is dangerous. At this time also the heads of beasts and all vegetables are to be avoided, being unwholesome.


$ 86. Month of December. Do not drink soup or eat the red cabbage in the soup, nor trotters (sheep's,) and reduce

your blood.


$ 87. Whoever is bled on the 17th of March, will not be liable to intermittents or cough in that year.

SAME. $ 88. Whosoever is bled on the 3rd day of April, will not suffer from disease, from the head to the coccyx, in that same year, unless he is subjected to (undue) abstinence.


$ 89. The 11th day of the same month is also a good time to be bled, so also is the 4th and 5th day of May.

SAME. $ 90. Whosoever is bled on the 17th day of September, will not be attacked by colic, ague, nor cough that year. .

DANGEROUS DAYS TO BLEED. $ 91. Whosoever is bled on the third Monday in January, the first Monday in February, and the second Monday of October, will be in danger of death. There are three days in the year in which no bleeding should take place, nor any medicinal potion taken, even the last day of April, the first Monday of August, and the last Monday in September.

THINGS TO BE AVOIDED. $ 92. Whosoever is bled on those days, will die by the 15th or 7th day. And this is the reason. The veins will be full in those days, and if any medicinal potion is taken, it will be dangerous. And if he eats of the flesh of a goose, he will die on the third day, or else will be an invalid in a fortnight, or else he will die in the days mentioned of sudden death.?

[blocks in formation]

? In a manuscript, apparently written by Llywelyn Sion, about 1580, the following are enumerated as good days or times for letting blood :

The first day after the golden number | The fourth, before anterth, i. e. before in each month, before noon.

6 in the morning. The second, at noon.

The fifth, before anterth.
The third, in the forenoon and after. The seventh, any part of the day.

DANGEROUS DAYS IN THE YEAR. $93. Sound teachers have discovered and written as follows, namely, that thirtytwo days in the year are dangerous. Know that whosoever is born on one of those days, will not live long, and whosoever is married on one of them, will die ere long, or will only exist in pain and poverty. And whosoever shall begin business on one of them, will not complete it satisfactorily; and those days are :

In JANUARY there are seven, even 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 15th, 17th.

In FEBRUARY there are three,-16th, 17th, 18th.
In March there are three,-15th, 16th, 18th.
In APRIL there are two,—3rd and 16th.
In May there are four,—15th, 16th, 17th, 20th.
In June there is one,-2nd.
In July there are two-15th and 17th.
In August there are two,-] 8th and 20th.
In SEPTEMBER there are two,-16th and 18th.
In OCTOBER there is one,-6th.
In NOVEMBER there are two,–15th and 20th.
In DECEMBER there are three, 16th, 17th, 18th.

The eighth, at noon.

The twentieth, after dusk. The ninth, at all times.

The twenty third. The tenth,

The twenty fourth, before noon. The eleventh, in the evening.

The twenty fifth, at vesper time. The twelfth, at all times.

The twenty sixth, at all times. The thirteenth, at all times,

The twenly seventh. The fourteenth, at all times.

The twenty eighth, in the evening. The sixteenth, in the morning.

The twenty ninth. Thes eventeenth,

The thirtieth. The eighteenth, at the third hour.

* In the MS. just quoted, the following are reckoned as the unlucky or dangerous days. January, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 1 July, 15th, 20th. 12th, 19th.

August, 2nd, 12th, 19th. February, 7th, 14th, 18th.

September, 16th, 17th. March, 15th, 16th, 18th.

October, 5th. April, 6th, 11th.

November, 7th, 16th, 20th. May, 5th, 6th, 16th, 20th.

December, 6th, 8th, 15th. June, 12th,


Whosoever doubts these sayings, let him know that he is wiser than those who obtained this knowledge first.

SWELLING OF STOMACH. $94. For swelling or hardness of the stomach. Boil duckweed in goat's milk, and foment it therewith frequently.


$ 95. For swelling or pain in the lower extremities. Take the roots of tutsan and the bark thereof, boiling them in water, and when boiled pour off the supernatant liquor, and take the residuum and mix with old lard. Then spread on a cloth or a handkerchief, and apply to the swollen feet or legs, and it will be dispersed.



$ 96. For swelling or pain in the nape of the neck. Pound the roots of celandine in a mortar, with fennel, garlic, vinegar or wine, and butter, binding the same about your neck, and it will remove the pain and disperse the swelling

EPISTAXIS, $97. For bleeding of the nose. Boil garlic in milk and water and drink it. It is proved.

1 The intelligent reader hardly needs being told, that all this statement relative to good and bad seasons for bleeding has no foundation in fact, and the equivocal structure of this sentence seems to indicate that our ancient mediciners were quite aware of this, and must have indited it with a laughing twinkling eye; we must be guided in the use of the lancet by more certain indications, even the actual condition of the patient carefully and skilfully ascertained. Nevertheless it is curious to observe, that the type of disease seems to change in the course of an uncertain cycle of years, from a sthenic to an asthenic form and vice versa. Thus 25 years ago the sthenic constitution prevailed, and the lancet was freely employed, but of late years in consequence of the markedly asthenic tendency of all complaints, this characteristic implement of our art is rarely used, certainly not once where then it would have been used fifty times. From Sydenham to the present, this fact has from time to time, attracted the attention of medical observers, that father of English medicine having been the first to call attention to it.



ANOTHER AGAIN. 98. For burns occurring in any part of the body. Take the root of the white lily, and wash clean, boiling it briskly in water. Then reduce to a pulp, and mix with oil, and a little white of eggs, spreading it on lint. Let this be applied night and morning. The more plaster you apply the better.

Another mode. Burn ivy in a clean place, and cover the burn with the ashes of the same, and it will heal it presently.

Another way is to burn fern, and mix the ashes with the white of eggs; or else oil, anointing the burn with it, and it will heal it quickly and wonderfully.


MENT. $ 99. A medicine for nettle rash, (when indicating a bad constitution,) so that it may disappear in three days. Take good cheese and pound it briskly in a mortar,

Mix honey with it till it is transparent. Anoint the part therewith frequently, laying a cabbage leaf thereon, and it will have disappeared in three days.

BITE OF A MAD DOG. TREATMENT. $ 100. For the bite of a mad dog. Pound ground ivy well in a mortar with lard, or pound leeks and vinegar, or fennel seed, and honey together, and apply thereto.

INFLAMMATION OF MAMMÆ. § 101. For inflammation of the mammæ.

Pound the roots of the tutsan with rancid lard, and apply thereto.

INSANITY.-TÓ CURE. $ 102. When a man becomes insane, take daisy, field southernwood and sage, digesting it in wine, and let the patient drink it for fifteen days.

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