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AN APERIENT DRINK. $ 96. Take a pennyworth of stibium * and grate as fine as flour, then mix with half a pint of sound ale, warm and let the patient drink it in the morning fasting, afterwards get a quart of posset, and in half an hour let him drink it at thrice; when it has acted, make a warm drink with spring water, put some good butter and honey therein, then let the patient drink it two or three times and he will


ANOTHER. § 97. Take the fruit of the buckthorn, express the juice and mix two spoonfuls thereof with a full draught of good ale wort, let the patient drink it, and if it does not act let him drink another draught without the buckthorn ; when it has acted let him take for food some warm oatmeal gruel made with spring water, mixing therewith some honey, butter, and unsifted wheaten bread, let this be done three times in nine days and it will purge from the body all corrupt humors; after this course let him live for nine days farther on milk food and wheaten bread with the bran retained, alternately with the warm water and flour before mentioned.

ANOTHER. $98. Take a handful of leaves of damask roses, boil in the wort of good ale, and drink, attending to the diet as aforesaid for nine days.

ANOTHER. $ 99. Take of honey, and the juice of the fruit of the buckthorn, an equal quantity, boil together on a slow fire, and keep in a glass bottle well covered, take two or three spoonfuls thereof when required, and in half an hour afterwards a hearty draught of the wort of strong ale.


$ 100. Take a spoonful of the juice of sage, a spoonful of the juice of elder, two spoonfuls of the juice of cloudberry, the pulp of a hot apple, and three spoonfuls of honey, boil on a slow fire stirring continually till it becomes a thick confection. Keep it in an earthen pot, covering it well, so that it may be kept for use. When a case of sore mouth occurs, take as much as a pigeon's egg and let it be retained in the mouth till it is dissolved, and it will be of service.

* Regulus of Antimony.

ANOTHER. $ 101. Take elder leaves, honey suckle leaves, sage, rosemary, and briers, boil well in as much water as will cover them, then sweeten with honey and wash your mouth therewith, retaining the liquor in your mouth as long as you can; then eject it three times, and afterwards drink a hearty draught thereof to cool your sto


ANOTHER. $ 102. Take four spoonfuls of honey, the juice of four oranges, three spoonfuls of the juice of sage, three of the juice of blackberries, and three of the juice of cloudberries, boil on a slow fire till it becomes a thick confection; keep in a covered pot, and put as much as a pigeon's egg in thy mouth, retaining it till it dissolves.

FOR A COLD HUMORAL CATARRH. § 103. Take half a pint of the juice of cleavers, and a spoonful of honey therein night and morning.

ANOTHER. $ 104. Take half a pint of blackberry juice, containing a spoonful of new honey, night and morning.

FOR AN INFLAMMATORY CATARRH. $ 105. Take the juice of cleavers, the juice of water cress, the juice of sorrel, and the juice of elder, equal parts of each ; drink half a pint of this night and morning for nine days, and live the next nine days upon milk diet and wheaten bread, ground through and through ; let no other food or drink be taken, and it will be well to take a cathartic two or three times before this medicine, in order to clear the system of corrupt humors.


AND MIND. $ 106. Take the juice of apples, raspberries, plums, or blackberries, strained ; set upon a slow fire, adding thereto a spoonful of honey for every draught, and giving it a slight boiling; then drink a hearty draught thereof for nine days, and take for food bread made of highly roasted acorns, no no other food being taken during the time, and you will

, recover.

The best juice of fruit, should they be in season, is the juice of sloes, and of blackberries. When no acorns can be procured, dry the roots of nettles before the fire at a distance, and grind to powder ; make it into bread, and subsist thereon.

ANOTHER $ 107. Take a spoonful of mustard seed three times a day, wash down the throat with good old mead, and subsist upon a milk diet with well baked wheaten bread; let your meals be slight and frequent.

AN OINTMENT FOR THE ANKLES AND JOINTS. $ 108. Take the rhodri, or (as others term them) radishes, and the suet of sheep or goats, pound them well together till they become an ointment, then put the ointment in a pan, adding thereto a little honey and salt, boil them well on a slow fire, and strain well; with this anoint the painful joint, and it will be cured by the help of God. TO EXTRACT IRON OR FRAGMENTS OF WOOD FROM A

WOUND, AND TO OPEN IT. $ 109. Take the roots of nettles, goose grease, and honey, pound them into a plaster and apply to the wound. It will mysteriously open the wound and extract what may be in it. FOR INFLAMMATORY WOUNDS, WHEREBY THE PATIENT

IS PREVENTED FROM SLEEPING. § 110. Take holly bark, mallow, the middle bark of the elder, equal quantities of each, and add thereto lard and wine in the same proportions; boil well until it becomes

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thick, then take a cloth and spread the ointment thereon, and spread some warm on a tent also ; insert this in the wound, and cover it over with the anointed cloth; apply some powdery unguent on the wound with the tent, and by the help of God it will be healed.

A GOOD HEALING SALVE FOR WOUNDS. $ 111. Take oil of olives, or, if none can be got, some lard and wine, in equal quantities, boil together well, stirring it continually whilst boiling; when it has thickened keep in an earthen vessel or bladder, covering it well. When required anoint the wound therewith.

AN OINTMENT FOR AN EXTERNAL INFLAMMATION. $ 112. Take the cream of kine, and white wine or strong apple cider, or else hard old mead; boil well together (equal quantities of each) till it becomes thick, stirring it continually; when cold, keep in a bladder or box, and when needful anoint the part therewith.

FOR BRONCHITIS WITH DYSPNEA, $ 113. Take the roots of parsley, red fennel, river star tip, and pound well; take three quarts of strong black wort and boil what is proper of the herbs therein till the three quarts are reduced to one, then take six pennyworth of powdered anise, as much as will sweeten it well of clarified honey, and boil in the above liquor, and set aside to keep in a warm place; this is termed an expectorant medicine, and will certainly destroy the cough.

TO PREPARE CLARIFIED HONEY. $ 114. Take one proportion of honey, four of spring water, and put in a clean brass pot to boil ; when the wax and other impurities rise to the surface, remove it with a bassel * until it ceases to produce scum, then boil on a moderate fire till the water is completely evaporated, and the honey left clarified in the pot; put it afterwards in an earthen pot, and cover it up well. It is the best sort of honey for medicine or dietetic purposes.

* From Baselard an ornamental dagger much worn in the time of Henry V. A spatula is the term now in use.

AN ANODYNE OINTMENT. $ 115. Take the pulp of crabs and boil in wine until the wine is evaporated completely, mix rosin, clear honey, and old lard therewith, then boil well and strain; anoint the painful part with this ointment frequently, and by the help of God the pain will be removed.

FOR A BURN OR SCALD. $ 117. Take the roots of the lily, wash them clean and boil briskly in water, then mix them well with the white of eggs, ointment of petreolum, or the ointment of lime twigs, (or if the last cannot be got) good kine's cream, or fresh unsalted butter ; apply this to the burn, and the more the better of it.



$ 118. Take white alum and reduce to powder, then mix it with spring water giving it three boilings, and should any scum appear, remove it carefully until none remains, then keep it most carefully. A pennyworth of this solution in a quart of water will be enough to make a lotion, which should be applied frequently to the diseased part with a linen cloth, and it will reduce the swelling, the heat, the redness, and the pain. Indeed if you continue to wash it in this way, any disease even phagadenic ulcers, or gangrenous eryselas will be cured by this water, thus perseveringly applied by a fire. When the whole is used make another supply, and observe that a pennyworth of the alum will be enough in a quart of water ; do this and you will be cured. It is proven. FOR A SUNBURN OR THE LIKE EFFECT FROM ANY OTHER

HEAT. $ 119. Take marsh pennywort and cream, half and half, and boil on a slow fire till it becomes a thick ointment; keep it in a box covered.

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