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FOR AN OBSTINATE PAIN IN THE STOMACH. § 60. Drink the juice of the tansy in old ale, and you will be effectually cured.

FOR DYSPNEA IN THE CHEST. $ 61. Seek the roots of the elecampane, wash clean and scrape, then boil in white wine vinegar when scraped. Dry them, reduce into powder, and boil the powder in honey, and add powdered pepper thereto; keep in a box and take a spoonful night and morning. This will cure the patient.

If there is dyspnwa and cough with expectoration in a person, seek three cinders and set before the sick person, then let him spit upon the cinders ; if the expectorated matter smells offensively he will die, if not he will recover.

FOR THE BITE OF A MAD DOG. $ 62. Seek some plantain, and a handful of sheep's sorrel, then pound well in a mortar with the white of eggs, honey, and old lard, make into an ointment and apply to the bitten part, so that it may be cured.


§ 63. Seek some red fennel, and administer to a woman in ale, and it will produce enough milk to nurse her child.


§ 64. Seek red onion, and boil in oxymel, then add thereto a handful of oat malt, rue, and red fennel, and boil in the liquor; put this, in the warmth of milk, in the ear night and morning, plug the ear with black wool, so that it may not come out; it will improve the hearing wonderfully. It is proven. TO PREPARE A BLESSED COLLYRIUM TO CLEAR THE EYE.

$ 65. Take red roses, wild celery, vervain, red fennel, maiden hair, house leek, celandine, and wild thyme, wash them clean and macerate in white wine for a day and a night, then distil from à brass pot. The first water you obtain will be like silver, this will be useful for any affection of the eye, and for a stye.

FOR AN EPIPHORA. § 66. Take the flowers of betony, and eat, and it will clear

the eye.


ANOTHER. § 67. Anoint the eye with the juice of celandine and fresh honey, and you will obtain great benefit.

ANOTHER. $ 68. Take white wine, the juice of celandine, and the juice of red fennel ; boil in the white wine until it is reduced to a third ; anoint your eye with this and it will keep it clear and strong.

FOR A STYE OR PAIN IN THE EYE. $ 69, Obtain the yolk of an egg, and wheaten meal, add a little sulphate of copper, incorporate them together and lay upon a cloth, and apply to the eye in going to sleep. It will cure it by the following day; let this be done for three days.

FOR PAIN IN THE EYE. $ 70. Seek the gall of a hare, of a hen, of an eel, and of a stag, with fresh urine and honeysuckle leaves, then inflict a wound upon an ivy tree, and mix the gum that exudes from the wound therewith, boiling it swiftly, and straining it through a fine linen cloth; when cold insert a little thereof in the corners of the eyes, and it will be a wonder if he who makes use of it does not see the stars in mid-day, in consequence of the virtues of this remedy.

TO STRENGTHEN THE EYE. § 71. Seek house leek, red rose leaves, and celandine, pound together and boil in white wine, or strong and clear old ale; boil briskly, and strain through a fine clean linen cloth, wash your eyes therewith night and morning, and you will be cured. FOR A COLD OR CATARRI, AND ALL KINDS OF PAIN IN THE

SHOULDERS, ARMS, AND LEGS. $ 74. Take wild thyme, and bruise small, boil in the lees of strong ale till it is thickened, and apply thereto as hot as



the patient can bear it. Let this be persevered in for nine days, and he will be effectually cured.

FOR A THORN IN THE FLESH, $ 75. If a thorn enters into a man's body either in his feet or hands, take the root of the black chameleon thistle or the leaves, and the white of eggs, and refined rye meal, (or barley if there be no rye) apply thereto in the form of a poultice, and it will extract it.

FOR TERTIAN AGUE. $ 76. Take a large handful of betony, a handful of old broom, and a handful of sage, wash clean and bruise in a inortar, mix with strong ale, strain and let it be drank nine times successively. This will restrain it,

FOR SUPPRESSION OF URINE. $ 77. Seek broom seed, and ground into fine powder, mix with drink and let it be drank. Do this till you are quite well.

ANOTHER. $ 78. Take broom seed, counting nine, and devoting the tenth to God; grind the seed into fine meal and take in drink, or as a confection in boiled honey. If a woman or maid should do this, neither pain or abscess will ever take place in her mammæ.

FOR A SPRAIN. $ 79. Seek the lees of strong old ale, the suet of a black wether, or a goat, and wheat groats, boil well and spread on a cloth as warm as can be borne, and apply to the injured part three times. This will cure it.

FOR THE GOUT. $ 80. Seek the avens, pimpernel, betony, the vervain, an equal portion of each, of ground ivy four portions ; boil them in as much white wine as will cover them, and let a good draught thereof be drank night and morning; thus you will obtain a cure.

Let this be drank the first thing every morning, and the last every night, for nine mornings, in order to relieve the stomach; then apply a piece of fresh

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beef half an inch thick to the foot or hand, and this will completely cure you.

FOR DYSPNEA AND HOARSENESS. § 81. Take a large quantity of the vervain, boil in water till reduced to a third, and strain; add the root of the mallow, cut small, and boil again. Let this be taken warm at night and cold in the morning, keeping it in an earthenware grenn.*

FOR THE EVIL. § 82. Take the juice of rue, cummin, and powdered pepper, boil in honey and make a confection thereof. Let this be taken the first thing in the morning and the last at night.

FOR A BLACK JAUNDICE, $ 84. Seek the tail of salmon, dry slowly and reduce to a powder, let it be taken on ale, and the patient will be cured.

FOR DEAFNESS. $ 85. Take some elm rods, and lay them upon the embers, then receive the water that exudes from the rods in a clean vessel, and get the oil of a black eel, as much honey, and as much of the juice of betony, mix them together, drop into the ear and plug with the wool of a black lamb. This will effectually cure the patient.

FOR PLETHORA. $ 86. Seek bean meal, honey, and the yolk of eggs, form a cake thereof and bake on the hearth under a pan, with embers covering the pan ; let the patient have some of this cake to eat frequently.

TO AVOID ENEMIES, $ 87. If one goes to battle let him seek the vervain, and keep it in his clothes (on his person,) and he will escape from his enemies.

TO MAKE HEALING PLASTER. $ 88. Seek half a pound of pitch, quarter of a pound of wax, half a pound of suet, and powder of gall stone, boil

* Grenn, a measure equivalent to the of a ton. upon a bar in every grenn."— Welsh Lars.

" The load of two men


these ingredients together, stirring them well so that they may be thoroughly incorporated; then it should be poured into a pot or into water, so that it may be formed into a roll. This plaster being spread on linen or white kid, is useful for all ulcers from which there is a profuse watery secretion.

FOR SUPPRESSED MENSES. $ 89. Seek rue, and pound well, and express the juice into wine or strong ale, strain and let it clear, then let the woman drink thereof, and she will recover.

TO IMPROVE THE HEARING. $ 90. Seek young ash shoots (of the size of rods,) cut, and lay on a tripod over the fire, then receive the drops which will exude from the ends, and take a spoonful of honey, the ends of house leeks, the heads and stalks of leeks, some mustard in flour, and a shell full of the oil of eels ; let the whole be boiled together, carefully stirring them whilst boiling. Let it be injected warm with a syringe into the ear, the same being filled with the wool of a black lamb, and the patient will be cured. A PLASTER FOR ERYSIPELAS, AND THE REMOVAL OF

PROUD FLESH. $ 94: Take the juice of wood sage and honey mixed with salt and vinegar, mix the ingredients together well, then add a portion of rye meal and boil so that a cataplasm may be formed thereof. Make use of this cataplasm in conjunction with the drink recommended for the gout, and the patient will soon recover.

FOR AN AGUE OR ARDENT INTERMITTENT. $ 95. Take two pennyworths of treacle, a pennyworth of saffron, and a little hartshorn grated fine, put in a cupful of ale and mix well together drinking it for three mornings ; then seek some sprigs of red raspberries, the leaves of sweetbriers, wood sorrel, and malt, make a drink, and take a hearty draught thereof three or four times a day; whoever does this will recover.

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