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OF A BLOOD VESSEL IN THE LUNGS. 28. Take the dung of mice and dry in the sun, or at a distance before the fire, then powder; let as much as will stand on a groat be put in half a wineglass of the juice of the plantain mixed with some burnt honey, and let the patient drink thereof night and morning, continuing this treatment till he is cured.

TO CURE A FETID BREATH, 29. Take rosemary leaves and flowers if to be had, and boil in white wine with a little myrrh and pellitory of the wall,* and you shall witness a wonderful result if you gargle

* your mouth therewith frequently.

FOR A VESICAL CALCULUS. $ 30. Take the powder of golden rod, called in Latin Virga aurea, and mix a spoonful thereof with a newly laid egg gently roasted, and give it the patient for breakfast, he not being permitted to take any food for four hours after. wards, and he will pass urine in less than half an hour afterwards. Let him continue to do this for ten or twelve days and he will get rid of the stone without pain. This is also very useful in flatulent dyspepsia.

FOR AN EPIPHORA. § 31. Take red cabbage leaf, and spread some white of egg thereon, then cover your eyes therewith in going to bed.

FOR THE BITE OF A MAD DOG. $ 32. Take as much as can be contained in half a wallnut of the powder of the spear thistle, dried in the shade, mix with a wine glassful of the best white wine, and drink it three times daily for three days, and by the help of God you will be cured.

FOR INFLAMED EYES. § 33. Take juice of ground ivy, and woman's milk, equal parts of each. Strain through fine linen, and put a drop in the painful eye, and in both eyes, if needful.

* Canel pro Canhauawl.




34. Take distilled fennel water, and a portion of new honey, then mix together. Put a drop or two in the eye.

It is proven.

ANOTHER. $35. Take the leaves of the red fruited bramble,* and the leaves of the common plantain, boil in spring water till it is reduced to the half, and apply to the diseased eye.

ACOLLYRIUM FOR, AN ACUTE OPHTHALMIA. § 36. Take a handful of red sage, and boil in as much smith's water as will cover itt till it evaporates to a half, then filter well. Put a pennyworth of aloes, and as much white copperast in the liquor when removed from the fire, then wash thine eyes therewith.

FOR A PTERYGIUM OR WET IN THE EYE. $ 37. Take the white of an egg warm from the nest, rejecting the yolk, add thereto the size of a small nut of aloes in powder, and a little burnt honey, incorporate well together and add as much water as will enable you to filter the mixture through a fine cloth. Put a drop or two in each eye (or rather in the one requiring it) three times a day.

FOR AN ACUTE PAIN IN THE LEG. $ 38. Take a quantity of leavened dough in a very advanced state of accidity, the same weight of mutton suet, and of black soap, incorporate them together and spread on linen cloth; then apply to the inflamed leg, changing twice a day, and by the help of God it will be cured after three or four dressings.

TO STRENGTHEN THE SIGHT. $ 39. Take eyebright and red fennel, a handful of each, and half a handful of rue, distil, and wash your eye daily therewith.

* Drysi pro Dyrysi, i.e. Rubus Suberectus.
+ The water in which Smiths quench Iron.

# Sulphate of Lime. $ Gwer mân pro manllwyn, i. e. the “small ones of the wood,"-a very primitive term for sheep.

FOR A HEADACHE. $ 40. Take a piece of raw beef, and lay it on the nape of the neck, taking it away each night in going to bed ; do this as often as needful. It is proven.

FOR THE GOUT. $ 41. This disease is mostly confined to the feet and hands. Take wood sage, pellitory of the wall, wheat bran, cow's dung, and salt, boil together in wine or cider vinegar, and apply as a plaster to the painful part.

TO MAKE A PLASTER FOR ALL KINDS OF ACHES. § 42. Take a pound of crude wax, half a pound of rosin, one sixth of a pound of thus, and a pound and a half of ram's suet, boil together and strain into a clean basin, then place the basin on a cinder fire in á stove; saturate a piece of linen in this, and apply to the painful part.

FOR A COUGI. $ 43. Take mustard seed coarsely powdered, boil with some figs in strong ale, and drink.

FOR A RINGWORM. § 44. Take the roots of red dock and salt them, then put the same in vinegar, and give them a boil, then wash the ringworm with the liquor.

FOR HYSTERIA. § 45. Take rosin and pound it well, then put it in white wine, and the gum of the bay tree,* swallow it, and you will obtain benefit thereby.

TO CURE ONE WHO TALKS IN HIS SLEEP. § 46. Take southernwood, and pound it well, and add thereto some wine or old mead, strain well and let the patient drink a portion thereof night and morning.

FOR THE TOOTHACHE. $ 48. Take shepherd's purse and pound into a mass, then apply to the tooth.

* Lliwydden pro Llawrwydden.

ANOTHER. $ 49. Take the root of the water flower de lys,* and masticate. If there be a cavity in the tooth put therein a fragment of the root, but avoid swallowing the saliva, as the juice of this root is poisonous, and if you swallow it

you will become delirious for days, if it does not prove fatal.

FOR A DANGEROUS COUGH. $ 50. Take sage, rue, cummin, and pound them like pepper, then boil together in honey, and make into a confection. Take a spoonful thereof night and morning, and by the help of God you will obtain benefit.

FOR SORENESS AND GANGRENE OF THE MOUTH, $ 51. Take rosemary tops, sage, honeysuckle, and mallows, of each half a bandful, and boil together well in as much spring water as will cover them, until it is reduced to a third, then take some pure honey boiled in spring water with as much as a pigeon's egy of alum, and boil in the filtered decoction of herbs till reduced to a third, then keep in a glass bottle well corked, and wash your mouth therewith.

A DRAWING OINTMENT. $ 52. Take mercurial ointment, May butter, rosin, suet, and new wax, then take round birthwort, great ox eye, betony, milfoil, hoary plantain, sage, smallage, marigold, and pound well ; boil the butter and herbs together on a slow fire for two or three hours, and if the butter dries up add more as there may be occasion. When this boiling is finished strain off the butter well under a press, and add the wax and the mercurial ointment thereto as well as the rosin and the suet, and boil together on a fire for an hour, then let it cool in a clean vessel and keep.

AN ANTIDOTE FOR POISONED FOOD OR DRINK. $ 53. Take rue, bruise well and pour white wine thereon, (as much as will cover it) and if there be no wine, then ale, or mead ; let the liquor and the herb be stirred well

* Vide Davies, under “ Gellhesgen,"


and strained. Let a draught of this be given to the patient in the morning fasting, and another in an hour, and he will be cured.

FOR INFLAMMATION OF THE MAMMÆ. $ 54. Take agrimony, betony, and vervain, and pound well, then mix them with strong old ale, strain well, and set some milk on the fire; when this boils add the liquor thereto and make a posset thereof, giving it to the woman to drink warm. Let her do this frequently and she will be cured.

FOR A HOARSENESS. § 55. Take the spotted persicaria and boil, then pound in a mortar well; rub the throat with it, and the patient will be cured.

FOR A STRANGURY, $ 56. Seek some mouse chickweed, and wild sage, as much of the one as of the other; then make into a powder, and mix with drink, cider being best, or else old mead, if no cider can be got.

TO EXTRACT A TOOTH WITHOUT PAIN. $ 57. Take some newts, by some called lizards, and those nasty beetles which are found in ferns during summer time, calcine them in an iron pot and make a powder thereof. Wet the forefinger of the right hand, insert it in the powder, and apply it to the tooth frequently, refraining from spitting it off, when the tooth will fall away without pain. It is proven.

FOR HEMATURIA. § 58, Take agrimony, bruise well, and mix the mass with wine, ale, or mead to drink, and you will obtain a cure.


$ 59. Take the roots of the red fennel, (pyrethrum inodorum) pound in a mortar well, and mix with goat's milk, drinking for nine mornings; it will be of benefit, and stay the purging. It is proven.

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