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Physicians of Jtlydduai

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INTRODUCTION. The following Work is a book of remedies, which have been proved to be the best and most suitable for the human body, through the research and diligent study of Rhiwallon the Physician, and his three sons, even Cadwgan, Griffith, and Einion, who were Physicians to Rhys Gryg, ab Griffith ab Rhys ab Tewdwr, their Lord, who gave them rank, lands, and privileges at Myddvai, for their maintenance in the practice of their art and science, and the healing and benefit of those who should seek their help.

Herein, therefore, by the help of God, is exhibited the art of healing the injuries and diseases to which the human body is most subject, and the method of their management. .

In the name of the FATHER, of the Son, and of the Holy Gnost. Amen, and so may it ever be.

FLATULENT DYSPEPSIA. $1. Take parsley seed, bruise well, and boil in the juice of the same.

Let it be drank warm, the pain being present.

ACUTE GASTRODYNIA. $ 2. Take buck bean and powder well. Also, burn a quantity of gorse or broom seed in an iron pot, and reduce to fine powder. Pour a gallon of strong old mead upon the ingredients, then cover it up well and boil, and let it stand covered till cold. You should then drink as much thereof as you may require, night and morning fasting; at other times you should drink nothing but water till you have recovered your health.

ANOTHER. $ 3. Drink a decoction of blessed thistle for nine mornings, and refrain therefrom for nine mornings following, then drink and refrain as before for nine mornings ; and again in the same way for nine mornings more. Let your diet be wheaten bread, and the milk of kine.


§ 4. Take a penny pot full* of the best white wine, and as much in quantity as a hen's egg of copper ore, heat the ore in the fire till it is of a red heat, and quench it in the wine, repeating this process nine times. This fluid being put in a well covered glass vessel, and kept so covered for nine days, will be fit for use when wanted ; a drop or two being put in the eye night and morning. When wine cannot be got, strong old mead, or old cider (which is the wine of apples) may be used.

TO BREAK AN IMPOSTUME OR ABSCESS. $ 6. Take a small portion of the herb called the herb of grace, t a portion of leavened bread, and half a spoonful of glue, boil these ingredients in the sediment of old ale, mixing them well together until the mass thickens; when required for use let it be applied hot to the impostume.

FOR THE TOOTHACHE. § 7. Take distilled water of red roses, a small portion of beeswax, and a little fresh butter, say an equal quantity of each; let the ingredients be mixed together in a dish upon embers, then let a linen cloth be dipped therein, and applied to the affected jaw as hot as it can be borne.

OINTMENT FOR AN ULCER. $ 8. Take four portions of rosin, two of wax, one of lard, and four of verdigris; let these ingredients be boiled

+ Rue,

* Half a Pint.


together on a slow fire, and strained through a coarse cloth. It should be kept in a well covered leaden vessel.

FOR ALL KINDS OF ACHES. $ 9. Take linseed, boil in milk, and apply to the painful part.

TO HEAL A WOUND. $ 10. Take yellow wax, melt on a slow fire, and take bruised cummin seed, mix with the molten wax, then stir these ingredients with a stirrer until cold. Apply this as a plaster to the wound.

ANOTHER. $ 11. Take bruised linseed, the white of an egg, a small portion of sheep's cream, and a little honey, make them into a plaster and apply to the wound.

FOR A BURN OR A SCALD. § 12. Roast a dozen eggs stone hard, then take out the yolk and put in a frying pan, fry them till they become an ointment, and strain; anoint the injured part with the same, then take a bladder, spread mucilage of lime twigs thereon, and apply to the injured part.


13. Take smoke dried goat's flesh, desiccate completely, and reduce to as fine a powder as you can ; lay some thereof on live coals in a fire-proof utensil, and put the same in a commode and sit thereon. AN OINTMENT TO PROMOTE THE REMOVAL OF A SLOUGH

FROM AN ULCER. § 14. Take a spoonful of good vinegar, a spoonful of honey, a little verdigris, and the same quantity of aloes, boil together and keep ready at hand for use.

A LOTION TO WASH AN INFLAMED PART. $ 15. Take the greater plantain, honey suckle, t and white roses, distil together, and in the product put some camphor, and let it remain in this water constantly.

* Elyf pro Elyw or aloes. It cleanseth wounds and suddenly healeth them. Lond. Disp. 1679.

+ Gwinwydd pro Gwyddwydd. It is a corruption used in many parts of Wales.


FOR AN INFANTILE AGUE OR INTERMITTENT FEVER. $ 16. Boil the leaves of the common cinquefoil in milk, using as much of the herb as will be expedient. Let this be the child's only drink till he is well. This is also generally the most successful remedy for those of mature years.

ANOTHER. $ 17. Let some crab apples be roasted, and take some of the pulp, and half as much honey ; let this be the child's only sustenance for a day and a night. FOR A MALIGNANT INTERMITTENT PROCEEDING FROM THE

HEART. § 18. Take some white wine whey and reject the curds, then take some horse dung warm as it comes from the beast, and mix well with the posset, then strain and boil a small portion of the blessed thistle therein, or if more convenient add thereto a spoonful of the distilled water of the same; let the patient drink as much as he can of this for nine mornings fasting

FOR AN OPACITY OF THE CORNEA. $ 19. Take the juice of parsley, and half as much of honey, and drop into the eye with a feather, keep the eye closed afterwards as long as a hundred is counted, and let this treatment be perseveringly followed.

ANOTHER $ 20. Take the juice of celandine, drop into the eye, and close as long as a hundred is counted ; let this treatment be perseveringly continued.

TO CURE A PAIN IN THE CHEST. $ 21. Take wall pepper* in small fragments, the dregs of small beer, wheat bran, and mutton suet ; pound well in a mortar, then boil together on a slow fire and apply to the chest.

TO OVERCOME HABITUAL CONSTIPATION. § 22. Take a new layed egg and remove the white, fill up the egg with fresh unsalted butter, then warm and eat it; do this frequently if you are naturally disposed to constipation.

* Clarllysg pro Clanarlys.

TO PRODUCE A DIURETIC EFFECT. § 23. Take some haws, put them in a vessel of red earth. enware, mix therewith a good quantity of honey, then put in an oven with bread; of this take four spoonfuls three times a day.

ANOTHER. $ 24. Separate the stones of haws from the pulp, and dry well, then reduce to a fine powder and keep in a dry place; then, when you need it, take a spoonful of this powder and a spoonful of honey, and make a confection thereof; this should be taken at night by going to bed, and again in the morning fasting, food being refrained from for three hours subsequently. If needful, let this be repeated, and you will have a thousand chances of being curcd.

FOR WORMS IN CHILDREN. $ 25. Take as much as will stand on three golden crowns of wheaten flower bolted through a fine silken sieve, put it in a glass vial, and pour thereon as much spring water as will suffice to bring it to the consistency of milk, and no more; then let it be given the child to drink, and dead worms will be seen in his evacuations. This is a very excellent recipe.

ANOTHER. $26. Take the child's hair, cut it as small as you can, and mix as much as will stand on a golden crown with the pulp of a roasted apple, or with honey, and this will kill the worms.

FOR A MALIGNANT SCALD OR RINGWORM. $ 27. Take some snails and prick them all over with a needle till a kind of water exudes from them, and with this water wash the scald or ringworm, then bind some honeysuckle leaves on the part; let this be done night and morning, and in a short time you will be cured.

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