Lives of Eminent Men of Fife

Myles Macphail, 1846 - 224 sider

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Side 151 - To promote a woman to bear rule, superiority, dominion or empire above any realm, nation, or city is repugnant to nature, contumely to God, a thing most contrarious to His revealed will and approved ordinance, and finally it is the subversion of good order, of all equity and justice.
Side 86 - My devil was to be, like Goethe's, the universal humorist, who should make all things vain and nothing worth, by a perpetual collation of the great with the little in the presence of the infinite.
Side 211 - God, mankind by that her incantation became the subject of labour, sorrow, and death ; the woman being given to man for a comforter and companion, but not for a counsellor. It is also to be noted by whom the woman was tempted ; even by the most ugly and unworthy of all beasts, into whom the devil entered and persuaded. Secondly, What was the motive of her disobedience? Even a desire to know what was most unfitting her knowledge; an affection which has ever since remained in all the posterity of her...
Side 211 - ... make her sad, lest she should pine, and be overcome with sorrow. But if Adam, in the state of perfection, and Solomon the Son of David, God's chosen servant, and himself a man endued with the greatest wisdom, did both of them disobey their Creator by the persuasion, and for the love they...
Side 26 - A wizard of such dreaded fame That when, in Salamanca's cave, Him listed his magic wand to wave, The bells would ring in Notre Dame...
Side 163 - Jesus and his holy gospel :' and so he struck him twice or thrice through with a stogsword, and so he fell, never word heard out of his mouth, but 'I am a priest, I am a priest, fy, fy, all is gone.
Side 45 - Philosophers place it in the rear of the head, and it seems the mine of memory lies there, because there men naturally dig for it, scratching it when they are at a loss.
Side 119 - Norroway ; for she was so strong, and of so great length and breadth, all the wrights of Scotland, yea, and many other strangers, were at her device, by the king's commandment, who wrought very busily in her, but it was...
Side 119 - Norway, for she was so strong, and of so great length and breadth, all the wrights of Scotland, yea, and many other strangers, were at her device by the king's command, who wrought very busily in her, but it was a year and a day ere she was compleated.
Side 41 - For error, to speak largely, is a false judgment of things, or an assent unto falsity. Now whether the object whereunto they deliver up their assent be true or false, they are incompetent judges. For the assured truth of things is derived from the principles of knowledge, and causes which determine their verities...

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