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In his latest novel Kim Stanley Robinson takes us to a harsh, alien landscape covered by a sheet of ice two miles deep. This is no distant planet; it is the last pure wilderness on Earth. Now Antarctica faces an uncertain future. The international treaty which protects the continent is about to dissolve, clearing the way for Antarctica's resources to be plundered, its eerie beauty to be savaged. As politicians wrangle over its fate from half a world away, major corporations begin probing for its hidden riches. Adventurers come, as they have for more than a century, seeking the wild, untamed land even as they endanger it with their ever-growing numbers. And radical environmentalists carry out a covert campaign of sabotage to reclaim the land from those who would destroy it for profit. All who come here have their own agenda, and all will fight to ensure their vision of the future for this last great wilderness.

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What does the author of the best-ever Mars epic (Blue Mars, 1996,etc.) do for an encore? He shifts to Antarctica, an environment as near to Mars as you can get on Earth, in a novel set a few years ... Læs hele anmeldelsen


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Antarctica in the 21st century serves as a site for scientific research, tourism, and industrial exploitation--until a terrorist attack by environmental extremists calls into question humanity's right ... Læs hele anmeldelsen



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Kim Stanley Robinson is the author of the Nebula and Hugo award-winning Mars trilogy, Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars, as well as The Wild Shore, The Gold Coast, Pacific Edge, A Short, Sharp Shock, and other novels. He lives in Davis, California.

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