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SECTION I.-The case stated-Health, bodily and mental, its

importance-Ignorance of " Educated classes" concerning the

science of life a main cause of Medical Empiricism....................

SECTION II.-Opposition of the Medical Profession to New Truths

-The Priest Physicians of the Pagans and Christians-Hip-

pocrates-Division of Medicine into Surgery, Physic, and

Pharmacy, a great source of corruption and evil-Medical

Knowledge-Its constituent parts, Anatomy, Physiology,

Pathology, Hygiene, and Therapeutics-Distinction between

Medicine as a Science, and the mere Art of Physic-Opinions

of Medical authorities thereon.....

SECTION III.—Popular belief respecting Medical qualifications—

Facts concerning present condition of the Medical profession

-The Medical Act of 1858-The General Council: its defec-

tive administration-Deplorable condition of Medical Educa-

tion-The Licensing bodies-Their numerous licenses and titles

rejected by Army and Navy as no test of qualification-Opi-

nions of Medical authorities on shameful state of the profes-

sion, and destructive character of Medical practice.....

SECTION IV.-Medical Schools and Colleges-Special Hospitals

-General incapacity of teachers-Reaction on the Profession

-Opinions of Medical authorities on the subject.........

SECTION V.-Value of Medical Opinion considered-Experience

alone an unsafe criterion to judge by-Great knowledge con-

sistent with gross ignorance-Scientific experience testifies

against Drug Medication-Admissions of High Medical Autho-

rities, Sir John Forbes, Sir Thomas Watson, etc., concerning the

Inutility of Drugging-The Helpless Condition of the Drug


SECTION VI.-The general character of Medical Practice-High

authorities quoted-Successive variations-Conscientiousness

no palliation for the evils caused by Drug Practitioners-Per-

versity of medical men in rejecting natural Therapeutic Agents

―Their revival and successful progress notwithstanding medi-

cal opposition-Honest inquirers become zealous advocates-


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