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memories; a new concern filled his “You forget, Louis, that God could soul, and he would not relinquish the keep you in the midst of temptations.” work before him in Lausanne. But ere “No, Julie, I do not lose sight of he had found the Saviour, a change His power, any more than of His love, became imperative; his health quite but bear in mind my own weakness and broke down. German baths were or- proneness to be absorbed in my studies dered him by an eminent physician, to the exclusion of higher objects; and thither he went. Julie would fain therefore it is that I can see nothing have gone with him, but he refused her but love in this dispensation.” companionship, much as he would have “O, Louis ! pray that I may learn to liked it, for he wanted to be alone with think as you do, that I may be willing God, that no earthly presence might to let you go to Jesus.” distract his thoughts from the object Ah, Julie, we all like to have our of his desire,-salvation through Christ. own will : very long did I resist the The anxiety of his mind had reacted sweet influences of the Holy Spirit, on his body, which, enfeebled by in- before I would yield to be saved in cessant fatigue and watchings, could God's own way; but when I had truly ill sustain a wounded spirit.

learned my nothingness, and the greatAfter a few weeks' residence at the ness of the Saviour's sacrifice for me, baths, from which Louis had derived and had found in Him pardon of all no benefit, he returned to Lausanne in sin, I yielded myself entirely into His September, 1871, broken, indeed, in hands; and I am so content to rest in health, but renewed in spirit: he had His love, so satisfied with His wisdom found Christ, and accepted Him as his in disposing of me, that I dare not salvation, and could say, “I count all even try to find a reason for complaint. things but loss for the excellency of the I am God's child; He loves me; and knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.” what I now desire is to love Him su. He had passed through many conflicts premely, and to glorify Him while I ere he could humble himself to receive remain on earth. And, my Julie, will as a needy suppliant pardon and peace; you not thank God for me, that He has but having received them, he became not only redeemed my soul from death, childlike in obedience; his old, am- but is about to admit me to His prebitious hopes were quenched by new sence, and reveal to me new wonders ones. No murmur at the cutting short of His illimitable love, and give me a of his days escaped his lips or trembled capacity for the enjoyment of happiin his heart: he had surrendered him- ness that I could never attain on earth, self to God, to be dealt with as He were I to live to be a hundred years should see best, and therefore he was old ? O, Julie! would that I could tell content to feel that all was well ordered you the joy that fills my soul at the for him, and would gently remind his prospect of soon being for ever with sister of the fact when she was tempted the Lord.' And do not think that I long to repine.

for heaven because I am tired of earth: “ Think, Julie, if I had joined the not so; trial and suffering have not army and been cut down suddenly with affrighted me; I have loved and do love all my sins unforgiven, what your grief this beautiful world, and were it God's would then have been! and do not will for me to remain in it a little regret my early removal from the longer, would strive to do my duty, and snares of prospered hopes or realised follow Christ in self-denial and love ambition, which I probably could not to others; but loving Jesus better than have borne as becomes a Christian.” all, I rejoice in the glorious hope of

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85 joining the great multitude who have Lausanne, reading to them the Gospel, washed their robes, and made them and saying a word in season. white in the blood of the Lamb.'”

The first Sunday in October was a But Julie's heart rebelled against fine, warm day, and Louis had attended the dispensation that would remove Divine worship in the morning. His from her loving care her brother, just soul was refreshed and strengthened, at the time when he was cheerfully and an atmosphere of oly resignadevoting himself to useful work, and tion seemed to surround him, as he giving such high promise for the called Julie to his side, and putting future. She had schooled herself to his arm round her, said,say,“ not my will, but Thine, be done,” “Julie, I want to tell you that I shall when she had believed that she should not see Advent Sunday, which, you eventually have to consent to his know, would be my twenty-first birthjoining the army, but even then she day; ere then I shall have had an advent had failed to realise his death. She far happier, into God's kingdom.” had in her innermost heart believed “ Louis, how can you know that ?" that God would preserve him. Now the “ Because I feel unmistakable eviwar was at an end, yet she was called dence that my hours are numbered, on to resign the life dearer to her and I should leave earth without one than her own. Not yet could she sub- faint regret could I see my dear sister mit to the hard necessity. Strange

content to let me go. You grieve me, that she, who had learned the better Julie ; your sorrow is a trial to me, way long before Louis thought of it, because I cannot share it; I, who am should yet be more difficult to subdue its cause, cannot help you to bear it, than he. She tried to excuse herself but must stand apart with my joy. by thinking that he might well be Ah, Julie, could I once have heard content because he was about to gain you rejoice with me on the prospect of all in Christ Jesus, while she was about deliverance from the thraldom of the to lose all dearest to her on earth; but flesh, I think my cup of thanksgiving the sophistry did not comfort her, she would have overflowed; but when I was restless and unhappy.

am gone, you will try to say, 'Father, Louis often spoke to her in the Thy will be done!' Will you not, my tenderest terms; indeed, they seemed to sister ?” have changed places, he being now the “ Yes, Louis, I will; but while you comforter and the adviser. He told are with me, I cannot but hope for your her that only the remembrance of his life, and pray God that you may be mother's pure life and earnest faith had spared to me." saved him from becoming an unbeliever “ This is morbid, Julie, and unlike in the Word during his residence in Paris. you. Remember how you solaced me And faithfully he reproved her want of when our dear mother died; and how submission, now that her wishes were brave you were when we had to part, crossed in an unexpected way; but and that you were the one to dry my more than all, he unceasingly prayed tears as we stood on the edge of the that his sister might have grace to feel lake to bid farewell to the loved scenes." the love and wisdom of God in His “ Louis, the past seems a happy dealings towards her.

dream, the present a dread reality; Happily, Louis was not confined to but I will pray that my heart may be the house. He could walk short dis- subdued, and my will broken, that so I tances, and so he daily visited some may see the goodness of God in these French refugees at still remained in als."

“ That is right, sister; and be woman drew near despite the caution, assured you will not pray in vain; think and setting the cup on the table, took how God has already honoured your hold of Louis' hand and then touched obedience to our mother's wishes. Has his face; to the surprise of Julie, who He not let you see His love in pardon- hastily cried, “Babet, you will wake ing me? Has He not given me time for Louis." repentance, and a brief period in which “No, Mademoiselle, that is beyond to bearmy poor testimony to His grace?” my power.” And the poor old servant

These last words of Louis pierced burst into violent weeping, regardless Julie's soul. Suddenly she realised how of Julie, who, stunned, stood the picture little she had thanked God for her of dismay for a few moments, then brother's salvation. She saw that falling on her knees she buried her while pleading for a withholden bless- face in the cushion, and wept the first ing, she had lost sight of the mercy

bitter tears of bereavement. But soon vouchsafed; and now, humbled in the she tried to collect her thoughts, and dust, she sought her chamber, there to remember what Louis had so often said pour out her soul in penitential prayer. to her about giving thanks to God for She ceased not to plead until she him. She checked her falling tears, could without murmuring commit her and tried to say, “ The Lord gave, and brother into her Heavenly Father's the Lord hath taken away ; blessed be hand; and when she rejoined her loved the name of the Lord.”

But not yet brother, he read in her countenance could she so conquer nature; neverthethat faith had triumphed.

less, murmurs were stifled, and breathHenceforth their conversation was ings of prayer for patience took the more of heaven than earth. Louis had place of complaints. Babet, seeing her done with worldly things; their grasp young mistress so earnest in stilling on his heart was withdrawn.

her grief, dried her own eyes, and set On the last Sunday in October he about necessary duties with an aching felt too ill to attend the house of God. heart, but resolute not to unnecessarily Julie remained at home with him, pain her mistress by any outward reading select passages of Scripture. demonstration of violent grief. A few By and by he retired to his room, and more days, and the precious dust was spent some time in communion with committed to its kindred earth, until God. When he again joined his sister a new body shall be given it, incorruptshe could not but note that his face ible and glorified. shone with unusual brightness; it was Quietly and strangely passed the easy to see that he had been with Jesus. first few weeks of loneliness to Julie. Towards evening he became drowsy. How difficult to realise that she should Julie made him lie down on the sofa, see the loved lineaments no more on and arranging the cushions for him, earth! But the time was not profitless placed him in a comfortable position. to Julie; she was slowly learning entire He thanked her with a smile, and acquiescence in the Supreme Will; and closing his eyes, murmured, “ Precious ere Advent had arrived, she was able Jesus, let me sleep in Thee!” Julie to offer the sacrifice of praise for her sat by the sofa reading, thinking that beloved ones. the long quiet sleep of Louis would do Again did she with a full heart thank him much good, and felt almost angry God for what her brother had been when Babet bustled in with a cup of enabled to do, and for his eternal arrowroot for the invalid. She held up security in the arms of his Redeemer her hand to stay Babet, but the old and Sanctifier, as she stood by his

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Founded upon the Morning Lesson for

April 5th, 1874. The portion of Scripture read in the classes this morning, was illustrative of one great truth which we desire particularly to impress upon your minds. You will all remember the subject of the Lesson. (Here test their memory by a few simple questions bearing upon the Lesson. For instance,-What did the people desire Samuel to do? What was his reply to them ? etc.) It is from Samuel's reply that we learn the great truth which we desire you all to remember, viz., that those who withdraw themselves from the control and guidance of God, expose themselves to great and numerous evils. To do so, therefore, is not only very sinful but very unwise.

There are many reasons why we should constantly submit to His control, and earnestly seek His guidance in all things. He knows everything in the past, in the present, and in the future. He knows how one thing will influence another, how the circumstances of today will influence the circumstances of to-morrow. He must, therefore, be infinitely better able than we are to decide what should be our present position and manner of life. Under such circumstances, how unwise for us to rebel and set our own judgment against God's. It would be like the parts of a watch rebelling against the maker, one wheel preferring to be placed where another should be, and another wishing to turn the wrong way.

What confusion there would be! It would be

impossible for such a watch to do its proper work, to tell the right time. Whereas, if all the parts were content to be placed in the positions known and chosen by the maker, they would work harmoniously and accomplish what was intended.

Just so with us. If we withdraw ourselves from the control and guidance of God, we shall fall into confusion and ruin; but if in all things we submit to Him, we shall be happy and successful.

Then again His love, working together with His perfect knowledge, gives us the assurance of perfect safety under His control. How happy we feel in doing what those who love us desire or command! Why? Because we know that they would not desire or command that which would interfere with our real welfare. If we have this confidence in any earthly friend, surely we should have still greater confidence in that God Who combines infinite wisdom with matchless love.

When you pray to God, you say, “Our Father,” thus showing that you regard yourselves as His children.

You certainly belong to Him. He has given you life, and it is He Who preserves you, by providing all needful things, and protecting you from many dangers. Then He has doubled His claim by giving for your ransom His own Son, Jesus Christ. “Ye are not your own; for ye are bought with a price.” If, then, you are God's children, you ought to obey Him and submit to His rule in all things. You should also regard it as the highest privilege to be directed by Him in the footsteps of life.

The happiness of those who are led by God, and the misery of those who are not,

are strong reasons why we should continually commit our ways unto Him. If we had no other examples than those which the history of the Jews presents, these would be sufficient. But alas! we have many, many illustrations in the life of thousands in our own day. And many of you are not too young to have proved it even in your own experience. You know how much happier you are when you love God and act according to His will, than when you do what you know to be contrary to His will. How much more real joy there is in giving ourselves up to be guided by God in all our steps, than in seeking our own ways and doing our own will. The Jews who withdrew themselves from the immediate

control of God, and preferred to be led by a king like other nations, proved this to their own

sorrow. All the evils threatened by Samuel, and more, came upon them; and similar evils come upon all those who act in the same way.

For these reasons and many more which we have not time to name, we urge you never to take your cause out of God's hands. Let Him have the absolute control of your life. Seek to know His will, and to have His guidance in every footstep of life. Consecrate yourselves fully to Him, and be determined that nothing shall separate you from Him and His service. Then will you be enabled to fulfil the great purpose of life and to attain its end.


Look now on thy sons, who return with

a shout, And thy daughters, O, welcome them


To thy land is now turnéd the noise of

the sea;



BY POMPILIUS APEX. Arise! thy Redeemer hath spoken the

word; Shine forth! lo, thy light is at hand: The glory of Jesus, thy Saviour and

Lord, Is risen on thee and thy land. What though the thick darkness may

gather around, And the hearts of men fail them for

fear; Though envy and hatred and malice

abound, And famine and terror are near. Yet fear not, thou lone one, thy Lord

shall arise, And spread o'er thy borders His

wings; And the Gentiles afar off shall lift up

The camels of Ephah draw

near ; The wealth of the heathen is come unto

thee; Their gold and their incense are


They come from the four winds of

heaven as a cloud, With multiplied offerings of praise : At thy altar in Zion the nations are

bow'd, In thy temple glad anthems they


their eyes,

And come unto thee with their kings. Lift up, O thou sad one, thine eyes

round about, And gaze on the crowds as they

Thy gates shall be open at even and

morn; They shall not be shut in the

night; For through them the force of the

isles shall be borne, With riches and glory and might.


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