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John White, assistant commissary-general in the Isle of Man, late governor of St Heon that establishment, daughter of the late lena.-24. William MÅLeod Bannatyne, Chevalier de Grenier de Fonclane and the Esq. of Bath, third son of the late General present Lady Chalmers.

Bannatyne, to Miss Young, only child of May 29. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Captain Young.–26. At London, Captain Stodart, merchant, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, William Johnson Campbell, third son of youngest daughter of the late Rev. Thomas the late Lieutenant-general Colin Campbell, Gray, Broughton, Peeblesshire.

to Anna Maria, only daughter of the late June 2. At Aberdeen, John Brand, Esq. Sir Francis Vincent, Bart. of Stoke D'Aberwriter in Stonehaven, to Jane, eldest daugh- non, Surrey.-28. At Airly Lodge, near ter of the late Mr Burnett, writer, Stone. Dundee, William Gourlay, Esq. surgeon in haven.-5. At Edinburgh, Mr Campbell the East India Company's service, to MarWinton, to Eliza, eldest daughter of John garet, daughter of Alexander Balfour, merGrieve, Esq. Sheriff-hall.-6. At Portobello, chant, Dundee.-29. At Edinburgh, John Mr Simon Kemp of Port-Glasgow, to Gracie, Campbell, Esq. quartus, W. S. to Miss second daughter of the late Alexander Fer- Mary Kirkpatrick Campbell, daughter of rie, Esq. writer in Edinburgh.–9. At Edin- Alexander Campbell

, Esq. late of the island burgh, Lieutenant Robert Ford, royal ma- of Tobago. rines, to Miss Euphemia, daughter of John Lately-At Fantington church, John Kermack, Esq. Edinburgh.-At Glasgow, Douglas, Esq. of Lockerby, to Sarah, David Bannerman, Esq. Manchester, to youngest daughter of James Sholto DougMary Harrower, eldest daughter of James ías, Esq. Denworth, Sussex.At Kerse, Alexander, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.14. Robert Walker, Esq. merchant, Falkirk, to At Cronstadt, Russia, Mr Vertue of Great Christina, third daughter of John BorthSt Helen's, London, to Erskine C. Booker, wick, Esq.-At Anchorfield, near Edindaughter of John Booker, Esq. British vice- burgh, Mr Thomas Proudfoot, formerly of consul at Cronstadt.–16. At Ardtarig, Ar- Liverpool, now merchant in London, to gyllshire, Mr Alexander Brown, purser, Mrs Borthwick, only daughter of Thomas royal navy, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Wilson, Esq. writer, Edinburgh.–At BerGeorge Campbell, Esq.—23. At Langley lin, George Sholto Douglas, Esq. secretary Park, Captain Robert Ramsay, third son of to the British legation, to Miss Rose, eldest the late Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain, daughter of his Majesty's plenipotentiary at Bart. to Margaret, daughter of the late Pa- that court.--At Edinburgh, Henry Gordon trick Cruickshank, Esq. of Stracathro.—30. Dickson, Esq. W.S. to Eliza, second daughAt Roxburgh Place, Lieut. Angus Mac- ter of the late William Gillespie, Esq. merdonald of the 92d regiment, to Robina, chant in Edinburgh. Lord Viscount Ebdaughter of the late Walter Macfarlane, rington, to Lady Susan Ryder, eldest daughEsq. of Ledard.

ter of the Earl of Harrowby. July 1. At Edinburgh, Charles Ritchie, Esq. merchant, to Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander Reid, Esq. architect.Glasgow, the Rev. Archibald M‘Intyre, March 28. At St Helena, Mrs Porteous, minister of the Relief congregation, New- wife of Henry Porteous, Esq. of the Hon. lands, to Miss Mary Lockhart, Glasgow.- East India Company's service. 5. At Pencaitland-house, S. M. Threipland, May 14. At Lound, near Retford, aged Esq. late advocate-general in the Hon. the 22, Esther, the wife of John Walker, Esq. East India Company's service, to Elizabeth, This lady fell a victim to a second attack of daughter of the late Walter Campbell, Esq. the small-pox : she took the infection from of Shawfield.—7. At Edinburgh, William a person affected with the disease, and exBlack, Esq. of the Devanha brewery, Aber. posed publicly on the high road. Mrs deen, to Miss Dorothea Blair Feill, daugh- Walker's former attack was about seventeen ter of the late Dr James Feild, physician at

years ago.-19. In Piershill barracks, EdinPetersburgh, North America.-8. At Mo- burgh, the lady of Major Charles Irvine, of nymusk, Henry Iveson, Esk. of Black Bank, the 6th dragcon gnards.-20. In the house to Miss Jessie Grant, third daughter of Sir of correction at Durham, where he had been Archibald Grant, Bart.-_-9. At Glasgow, kept nearly 46 years, a man, usually called Professor Thomson of Belfast, to Margaret, Dicky, a lunatic, whose real name could daughter of the late William Gardner, mer- never be made out, but which is supposed chant.-16. At Edinburgh, Robert Hunter, to have been Richard Williamson. This Esq. advocate, to Catharine, eldest daughter extraordinary man was first discovered in of Mr Archibald Gibson, W. S.--18. At 1771, in a complete state of nudity, in an Leith, James Shirreff, jun. Esq. merchant, out building in the fields near Newton-hall, Leith, to Miss Jess Millar, second daughter then the seat of Thomas Liddell, Esq. It of Archibald Millar, Esq. merchant there. has been generally conjectured, that he had -21. At Prestonpans, H. F. Cadell, Esq. been a lunatic confined in some receptacle, Cockenzie, to Miss Buchan Sydserff of whence he had escaped. He was never able Ruchlaw.-22. At Bath, Major-general Sir either to tell his name, or to give the smallJohn Buchan, K.C. T. S. to Laura, only est account of himself; nor could any disdaughter of Colonel Mark Wilks of Kirby, covery ever be made where he came from,

-3. At


or to whom he belonged, though from his his Majesty's ship Ramillies.-17. At Brucedialect he seemed to have come from some field-house, Clackmannanshire, in the 17th of the southern counties. He was perfectly year of her age, Miss Hannah Dalgleish, harmless, and appeared to have had a good daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Dalgleish education, from his being able to repeat of Dalbeath.-18. At Edinburgh, Miss many parts of the service of the church, Elizabeth Dundas, daughter of the late Dr particularly the morning service, which he Thomas Dundas.-19. On his passage from frequently did with great propriety. He is Jamaica, Dugald Campbell, Esq. of Saltsupposed to have been 75 or 80 years of spring.–20. At Peers, Salop, aged 75. Age.-24. At Glasgow, Lieutenant John Thomas Hill, Esq. third son of the late Sir Ferguson, of the royal Lanark militia. Rowland Hill, Bart. of Hawkstone Park, At Glenlyon-house, Miss Janet Campbell, and uncle of the present Lord Hill.--At daughter of the late Jolin Campbell, Esq. Edinburgh, Mrs H. Kerr, relict of the late of Glenlyon.--At Heckington, Lincolnshire, William Kerr, Esq. of the General PostMr Samuel Jessup, an opulent grazier, of Office.-21. At Greenock, in the 97th year pill-taking memory, aged 65. He lived in of her age, Mrs Barbara M.Pherson, relict a very eccentric way, as a bachelor, without of the Rev. Alexander M.Leod of the Isle known relatives, and has died possessed of of Skye, and mother of the late Lieutenanta good fortune, notwithstanding a most in- Colonel Donald M.Leod of Achagoyle and ordinate craving for physic, by which he St Kilda.--At Kensington Place, Glasgow, was distinguished for the last thirty years of Mr James Buchanan, merchant.-27. At his life. În 21 years (from 1794 to 1816), London, Lady Suttie, wife of Sir James the deceased took 226,934 pills, supplied by Suttie, Bart. of Balgone, M. P.-29. At a respectable apothecary at Bottesford, which Cupar Fife, Captain and Adjutant John is at the rate of 10,806 pills a-year, or 29 Roy, of the Aberdeenshire militia. He has pills cach day ; but as the patient began with left a wife and seven daughters to lament a more moderate appetite, and increased it his loss.-At Glasgow, Captain James Soas he proceeded, in the last five years pre- merville of the royal navy.-30. At Ban. ceding 1816, he took the pills at the rate of stead, Surrey, Richard Parry, Esq. one of 78 a-day, and, in the year 1814, swallowed the Directors of the East India Company.not less than 51,590. Notwithstanding this, At Madeira, Captain the Hon. James Arand the addition of 40,000 bottles of mix- buthnot, royal nary. He had gone there ture, and jalaps and electuaries, extending on account of ill health, occasioned by the altogether to 55 closely written columns of wounds which he received while in coman apothecary's bill, the deceased lived to mand of his Majesty's ship Avon. attain the age of 65 years !-29. At Gib- July 1. At Edinburgh, Captain James raltar, D. A. Com. General Walter Por- Nicolson, royal navy.-3. General Philip teous.-31. In the 77th year of his age, Martin, colonel commandant of the 6th James Baird, Esq. of Broompark, formerly battalion of the royal artillery.—4. At Lonof Virginia.

don, William Bruce, bookseller, in the 730 June 5. At Hieres, in the south of France, year of bis age. He was in the above line Grace Dundas Rae, eldest surviving daugh- for upwards of fifty years, and was much ter of the late Sir David Rae of Eskgrove, respected by all who knew him.--5. At Bart.-6. At Edinburgh, John Thomson, Westfield, near Elgin, Thomas Sellar, Esq. Esq. royal navy.--8. In the Royal Military-8. At Edinburgh, Alexander, and on the Hospital at Fort Pitt, by Chatham, aged 13th, David, youngest sons of Captain Wate 24, and a native of Leven, Fifeshire, James son, royal navy. At London, the Right Alexander Oswald, Esq. M.D. The cause Hon. George Ponsonby. He was born on of his death is awfully interesting, and the 5th of March 1755. He was appointed affords a serious warning to all of the me- Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, March dical profession. Being an assistant in the 25, 1806, which office he resigned, and was hospital, whilst dressing a patient labouring latterly member for Tavistock. On the under a mortal disease, he unwarily exposed 18th of May 1781, he married Lady Mary an ulcerated surface to the morbid poison, Butler, eldest daughter of Brinsley, the which, being conveyed into the system, and second Earl of Belvedere, by whom he had almost imperceptibly creeping up the arm, several children. Mr Ponsonby was, we fixed in the axilla and breast, and put a believe, one of those very estimable characperiod to a most painful state of existence, ters who till a private station in the most under which he had languished for three amiable and exemplary manner, and a pubweeks, notwithstanding every effort of his lic one with propriety and integrity. His medical friends, and the most assiduous talents were more useful than splendid ; attention of James Daese, Esq. of Fort Pitt more suited to the arrangement of affairs, Hospital, one of the most skilful surgeons and the detail of business, and the tranquil of the army.-9. At East Sheen, near Richinvestigation of truth, than capable of obmond, the Hon. Charles Ramsay, second taining a command over the understanding son of the Earl of Dalhousie.-10. At Edin- of others, of dazzling by their brilliancy, or burgh, John Macfarquhar, Esq. W. S.- controlling by their powers. In truth, he 15. At Edinburgh, in consequence of the was an honest, sincere, steady man; and bursting of a blood vessel, Licüt. Alston, of his eloquence was naturally adapted to the

his age.

level tenor of his mind. He never aspired 16. At Persey, Perthshire, Miss Frances to the lofty and even dignity of a Pitt, and Farquharson of Persey.-18. At London, was alike incapable of the quick conception Grace Jane, youngest daughter of Alex. and rapid elocution of a Fox. He was less ander Boswell, Esq. of Auchỉnleck, M.P.fertile in expedients, less perplexing in ar- 19. At Bath, Colonel John Jaques, late of gument, and less pertinacious in debate, the 51st. The Colonel served under Genethan Mr Perceval. The ardent spirits of ral Murray at the siege of Minorca, at which his own party so far ran beyond him in time the late Sir John Moore was a subal. their attacks, that they almost forgot they tern in his (then Captain Jaques) company. fought under his colours ; to whom, there- At Bath, aged 79, John Palmer, Esq. fore, he was rather a point d'appui after the many years city architect and surveyor. battle than a leader in the field.-10. At Perhaps no architect of his day has built so Northumberland-house, London, his Grace many churches and chapels, all designed the Duke of Northumberland. This dis- and executed with appropriate solidity, clastinguished nobleman had been for years a sical elegance, and utility.-25. At Clifton, martyr to the gout, and for several weeks Dr Walter Craufurd.At Peebles, Captain past had been considerably indisposed, but Alexander Dickson, formerly of the royal was recently supposed to be better, and his artillery.-.-26. At Edinburgh, John Macdeath at last was rather unexpected. The kenzie, Esq. of Dolphinton.-31. Stephen Duchess and his sons, Earl Percy and Lord Wight, M.D. aged 21. He had gone to Prudhoe, were, however, with him at the bathe between Leith and Portobello, and time of his death. His complaint latterly was seen to fall almost immediately upon was supposed to be a species of rheumatic entering the water, it is supposed from the gout. His Grace was born 25th August effects of a paralytic affection. The body 1742, and was therefore in the 75th year of was carried to the Seafield Baths, and medi

He succeeded his father, Hugh, cal assistance procured from Leith as soon the late Duke, 6th June 1786; married, as possible ; but the usual method employfirst, 2d July 1764, Lady Ann Stuart, third ed to restore suspended animation proved daughter of John, third Earl of Bute, by ineffectual. whom he had no issue, and which marriage LatelyAt Malacca, where he had gone was dissolved by act of Parliament in 1779. for the recovery of his health, Lieutenant He married, secondly, May 25, 1779, Fran. William Carstairs Bruce, 4th native inces Julia Burrell, third daughter of Peter fantry, third son of the late James Bruce Burrell, Esq. of Beckenham,

Kent, sister to Carstairs, Esq. of Kinross.At Thornton the Marchioness of Exeter, the Countess of Rust, Wensleydale, Yorkshire, Mrs Jane Beverley, and Lord Gwydir, by whom he Robinson, aged 105.-At Whitwell; parish had issue five daughters, three of whom are of Paul's Walden, Herts, Captain William dead, and one is married to Lord James Fothergill, royal navy.-In Kirk Lonan, Murray, second son of the Duke of Athol ; Isle of Man, aged 84, Mrs Ann Currin, and two sons, Hugh, Earl Percy, born mother, grandmother, and great grandApril 20, 1785, now Duke of Northumber- mother, of 104 children... At Brighton, in land, who was some time since called up to her 90th year, Lady Anne Murray, sister the House of Lords, to sit for the barony of of the late Lord Chief Justice Mansfield.. Percy; and Algernon, born December 15, Lady Hackett, wife of Sir C. Hackett, Knt. 1792, lately created a peer, by the title of -Mr Charles Roland Drummond of Hart. Lord Prudhoe. The Duke of Northum. street, Bloomsbury. He was killed by being berland has been uniformly distinguished thrown from his horse in Hyde Park. He by the most munificent liberality, and his died in few hours after. At Bulogurteen, loss will no doubt be deeply felt. The pre- in the county of Kilkenny, James Carrol, sent Duke was recently married to a daugh- at the extraordinary age of 106. A few ter of the Earl of Powis.--At Acharnich, in years ago an elder brother of his died, aged Strathspey, Major Charles Grant, late of 117, who was attended to the grave by 80 the Hon. East India Company's service.- children and grandchildren, the least of 13. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Walker, whose ages was above 50 years, and a son wine and spirit merchant.-14. At London, of his now alive, who is nearly 100 years Mrs Sarah Holland Walker, daughter of old, and enjoys good health, and the perfect the late Major Holland, aide-de-camp to possession of all his faculties.--At DemeGeneral Wolfe, and wife of Lieutenant- rara, Captain Charles Dutchman, of the Colonel Robert Walker, Lieutenant-Go- Cognac packet of Hull, who, with his bro. vernor of Sheerness.-At Bath, in the 54th ther Henry, and a boat's crew, had been to year of his age, Lord Arundel. His Lord- the assistance of a vessel in distress ; they ship is succeeded in his titles by his eldest were caught by a heavy squall, when all son, James Everard Arundel, who married unfortunately perished. These make six Mary, the only daughter of the late Marquis sons Mr Dutchman, senior, has lost, viz. of Buckingham.-15. At Paris, the cele. three killed in action with privateers, and brated Madame de Stael.At Inveresk, one by an accident at a ship launch in Edmund Fergusson, Esq. of Baledmund. America.

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Sacred Songs. By Thomas Moore, Esq. 630 « The Sabbath."


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By Maria Edgeworth ( Concluded Jan 631 Scots Tutor; a Moral Taleem 601 LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC Some Account of Colonel William Cle

INTELLIGENCE.amamma mm 636 land; with Extracts from his Poems...608

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