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30 July

12 F. Lieut. John Baxter, to be Capt. vice Keap 60 F. Qrt. Mast. J. Kiens, from h. p. to be Qrt. pock, dead

12th June

Mast. vice Burrough, ex. 10th July 1817
Ensign Luke Prior, to be Lieut. vice Baxter 68 Lieut. G. E. Scott, from h.p 52 to be Lieut.

vice Grant, ex.

do. C. U. Tripp, to be Ensign by purch. vice 77 W.J. H. Bowen, h. p. to be Lieut. vice Vernon, 1 f. G.

11th do.
Cameron, ex. rec. diff.

do. Serj.-Maj. J. K. Leith, to be Adj. and En 79 Capt. F. Langley, from 82 F. to be Capt. sign, vice Priestley, res. Adj. only 12th do.

vice Bruce, ex:

do. Assist. Surg. W. Morrison, to be Surg. vice 82

W. Bruce, from 79 F. to be Capt. vice
O'Hara, dead

Langley, ex.

do. Hosp. Assist. J. Ligertwood, to be Assist. 87 Lieut. John Carrol, from h. p. to be Lieut. Surg. vice Morrison

vice Fennel, ex.

do. John Hendrick, from Donegal Mil. to be 88

George Hill, from h. p. to be Lieut.
Assist. Surg. vice Martin, res.

3d July
vice Mahon, ex. rec. diff.

do. 15 Lieut. H. Temple, to be Capt, by purch. 91 Paym. J. Fairfowl, from h. p. to be Paym. vice Spread, retires

vice Campbell, ret. upon h. p.

do 25 Edward Gilbert, to be Ensign, vice Pigott, dead


Major G. Burer, to be Lieut. Col. by purch,

Hosp. Assist. J. Cousins, from h. po to be Hosp. vice James, retires

Assist. to the Forces, vice Sibbald, canc.

do. 51 Frederick Matthews, to be Ensign, vice

Limerick. Lieut. T. Walsh, 2W.I. R. to be Town Abercromby, 3 F. ú.

26th June

Maj. vice Eitzgerald, dead 19th June 59 Ensign J. Howe, from 80 F. to be Ensign

Staff Surg. W. Wallace, from h. p. to be Surg. to 19th do.

the Forces, vice Rodgers, ret. on h. p. 25th do. 62 J. M. Caldecott, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Hosp. Assist. A. Cumming, from h. p. to be Hosp.
Reid, retires

24th do.
Assist. to the Forces

12th do. 69 Lieut. Col. G. Muttlebury, from h. p. to be

J. Sibbald, from h. p. to be Hosp.
Lieut. Col. vice Robbins, dead
Assist. do.

do. 80 Lieut, H, Stoddart, to be Capt. vice Thome,

J. L. Warten, from h. p. to be Hosp. dead

Assist. do.

do. 84 Ensign E. Woolhouse, to be Lt. by purch.

J. Robertson, from h. p. to be Hosp. vice Croker, prom.

26th June
Assist. do.

do. T. H. Powell, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Peter Lamond, from h. p. to be Hosp.

Assist. do.

do. Rifl. Br. 2d Lieut. W. Shaw, to be 1st Lieut. vice

Robert Sillery, from h. p. to be Hosp.
Bennet, dead

Assist. do.

do, W. Curtis. to be 2d Lieut. vice Shaw


David Ewing, from h. p. to be Hosp. 1W.I.R. Arthur Meyer, to be Ensign, vice Hunt,

Assist. do.

do. Royal. African Corps

12th June

Alex. Boyd, from h. p. to be Hosp. R.Afr.C. Ensign J. Adamson, to be Lieut. vice

Assist. do, vice Oswald, dead

do. Steret, dead

11th do.

Exchanges. - H. B. Adams, to be Lieut. vice

Brevet Major Marlay, from 1 F. rec.diff. with Capt. M'Rae, dead

12th do.

Wetherall, h. p.
E. Hunt, from 1 W. I. R. to be

Capt Chapman, from 6 Dr. with Capt. Gardiner,
Ensign, vice Adamson

11th do.

50 F. Wm MʻRae, to be Ensign, vice Adams

Webb, from 12 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. 12th do.

Goldsmith, h. p. 72 F.
Lieut. J. Adamson, to be Adjt. vice Gray,
resigns Adjt. only

3d July

Warren, from 18 F. rec. diff. with Capt.

Hammill, h. p. 7 F. R.Y.R. Lt. W. Edwards, to be Capt. vice White,

Colley, from 45 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Gordead

19th June

h. p. 1F Ensign J. Eager to be Lieut. vice Ed

Andrews, from Rifle Brigade, rec, diff. with wards


Capt. Pattenson, h. p. 43 F.
Ensign and Adjut. W. Firebrace, rank of

Sir John Cox, from 2 Life Gds, rec. diff.

20th do.
with Capt. Meares, h. p.

18 F.
Ensign Thomas Acome, to be Lieut. vice
M Lennon,

3d July

Barry, from 75 . rec. diff. with Captain

M‘Adam, h. p.
Gent. Cadet G. Taylor, to be Ensign, vice

Lieut. Falkner, from 4 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with

19th June

Lieut. Kavenhill, h. p. 1 Dr Gds.
G. T. Ridsdale, to be Ensign, vice Acome M'Culloch, from 32 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

3d July

Oliver, h. p. 3 F. R.W.1. Ran. Ensign G. Flood, to be Lieut. vice Vickers, from Rifle Brigade, rec. diff. with Stewart, dead


Lieut. Twigg, h. p. 3 F. Canad. Fen. Capt. J. M. Wallace, from 23 Dr. to

D'Arcy, from 13 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. be Maj. by purch. vice D. Haren,

Stopford, h. p. 101 F. retires

1st January

Boase, from 32 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Mon

ro, h. p. 94 F. Brevet Major W. M. Leake, of R. Art. to be Lt. Stapleton, from 47 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Col. in the Army

4th June 1813 Lane, h. p. 41 F. 5 D.G. Cornet Wm Locké to be Lieut. by purch.

Conry, from 90 F. with Lieut. Shaw, h. p.
J. Gardiner, to be Coruet by purch. vice 52 F.
Watson, prom.

10th July 1817 Weymouth, from 2 Life Gds, rec. diff. with
Ass. Surg. D. M Gregor, from 56 F. to be Visc. Barnard, h. p. 7 Dr.
Ass. Surg. vice Speer, ret. upon h. p. do.

J. W. Bacon, from 9 Dr. rec. diff. with 4 Dr. Thomas Harrison, to be Cornet by purch. Charles Bacon, h. p. 11 Dr. vice Cazalet, prom. 6 Dr.


Hudson, from 2 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, 10 John Trollope, to be Cornet by purch. vice Clunes, h. p. 27 F. Brown, retires


West, from 3 F. with Lieut. James, 58 F. 23 Lieut. C. Bacon, to be Capt. by purch, vice Stannus, from 9 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Wallace, Canadian Fenc.

do. Maberly, h. p. 7 Dr. Cornet S. Ć. Simpson, to be Lieut. by purch.

Masters, from 30 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. vice Bacon

do. Rogers, h. p. 24 Cornet W. H. West, to be Lieut. by purch.

Baillie, from 30 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, Jas vice Procter, prom.

do. Poyntz, h. p. 6 F. Ensign T. Holyaoke, from h. p. 58 F. to be 2d Lieut. Campbell, from Rifle Brigade, with En

Ens. vice Edwards, ex. rec. diff. do. sign Ward, h p. 71 F. 16 Lieut. Wm Orr, from h. p. to be Lieut. vice Ensign Gordon, from 25 F. with Ensign Morris, Hazleham, ex.

do. 31 Capt. W. H. Milles, from n. p. to be Capt.

Matthewson, from 8 F. with Ensign Mawvice Elder, ex. rec. diff.

desley, 65 F. 50 Ensign T. Edwards, from h. p. 83 F. to be Surgeon Corfield, from 17 F. with Surgeon MaxEnsign, vice Lumsden, ex.

ton, h. p. 38 F 53 Lieut. A. F. Gregory, from 4 Dr. to be Staff Surg. Thompson, from full pay, with Surg Capt. by purch. vice Fernandez, ret. do.

Dakers. ho po


h. p.


Resignations and Retirements.

Capt. Lake, 3 F. G. Lieut. Col. James, 37 F.

Spread, 15 F.
Major Vernon, 2 Dr.

Lieut. Tracey, 25 F.
D. Haren, late Canadian Fenc.

Gallaher 103 F.
Capt. Hunter, 2 Dr. Gds.

Ensign Reid, 62 F.
Brunskill, 5 do.

Assist. Surg. Martin, 12 F.

[blocks in formation]

COLONIAL PRODUCE.Sugars have continued in steady demand during last month, without variation in prices until towards the end, when Muscovadoes advanced from 3s. to As. at which very considerable sales have been made. If the demand continues a few days equally brisk, very few of this description will remain in the market. Refined goods are also in request, with a small improvement in price. Foreign sugars have likewise advanced. For good white Havannah, 72s. has been realised. Coffee continues in brisk and extensive demand, and prices of every description may be stated 3s. to 5s. higher since our last. Cotton. The last India sale attracted considerable attention; it consisted of 8536 bags, which were reported to be the whole remaining in the importers' hands, and the demand was in consequence extremely brisk. The shippers were the principal purchasers. Ordinary descriptions went off pd. to 14d., and middling 4d. to d. advance on the last sale prices. Other descriptions have also experienced a small advance : Current prices-Demerara and Berbice, 207d. to 2s. ltd.; Grenada and Cariacou, 20{d. to 224d. ; Surinams, 2s. to 2s. 1fd. ; Bower, 19d. to 20d. ; Pernams, 2s. 2d. ; Bengals, in the house, 10d. to 11}d. The imports of Cotton into London, Liverpool, and Glasgow, were 42,487 bags, being 8448 more than those of July 1816. Indigo. Considerable purchases continue to be made at a premium of 4d. to 6d. on last India sale. Spices without variation. Pimento, of good quality, is readily sold at 9jd. to 95d. Tobacco.—The French contracts have nearly cleared the market of the ordinary descriptions, but other qualities may be purchased a shade lower. Rum. In this article there has lately been considerable transactions, but no variation in prices.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.-Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.--The arrivals from the Baltic being inconsiderable, owing to the continued westerly winds, prices have experienced a small advance. Brandy. Owing to accounts from France of the almost certainty of a very deficient vintage, this article advanced a little in price, and may be expected to go still higher.The demand for British Manufactures continues improving. The accounts from Manchester and Leeds represent trade as now much brisker than it has been any time during the last two years, with every appearance of a steady demand.


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SUGAR, Musc.

B. P. Dry Brown,
74 @ 78 73 @ 77 68

78 cwt. Mid. good, and fine mid. 80 86 78

88 79

89 Fine and very fine, 88 94


95 Refined, Double Loaves,

150 155 Powder ditto,

124 130 Single ditto,

122 124 120 122 120 126
Small Lumps,

115 118 (114 116 122 126
Large ditto,
114 116 112 114 110

Crushed Lumps,


70 67

70 MOLASSES, British,


COFFEE, Jamaica
Ord. good, and fine ord. 78 83 82

87 81

88 Mid. good, and fine mid. 85 100 88

92 89

104 Dutch, Triage and very ord. 72

74 82 Ord. good, and fine ord. 80 90 80

89 84

89 Mid. good, and fine mid. 82 100 90

93 90 102 St Domingo,


93 PIMENTO (in Bond),

8 84 8

83 Ib. SPIRITS, Jamaica Rum, 16 0.P. 3s 5d 3s 6d 3s 5d 3s 6 3s 4 3s 6

gall. Brandy,

no 6 79 Geneva,

3 10 4 0 Grain Whisky,

7 0 7 3 WINES, Claret, 1st Growths, 45 50

hhd. Portugal Red, 40

pipe. Spanish White, 34 46

butt. Teneriffe, 30 35

pipe. Madeira,

60 70 LOGWOOD, Jamaica, £7 £8 £7 10 £8 0 £7 15 £8 5

ton. Honduras,

9 8 0

8 10 8 15

9 9 10 8 0 90 90 9 10 FUSTIC, Jamaica,

8 10 0 8 10 90 9 0 10 10 Cuba,


14 0 14 10 INDIGO, Caraccas fine,

9s 6d 11s 6d 8s 6 9s 6 98 0 Ils 6 TIMBER, American Pine,

1 1 9

17 18 foot. Ditto Oak,

4 6 5 0 Christiansand (duties paid), 2 2 2 3 Honduras Mahogany,

0 11 1 1 O 10 1 8 0 11 1 1 St Domingo ditto,

1 2 3 0 2 0 2 6 TAR, American,

15 16

brl. Archangel,

21 18

20 19 21 Pitch, Foreign, 14

cwt. TALLOW, Russia Yellow Candle, 57 58 58 59 57

58 Home Melted,

57 HEMP, Riga Rhine, £44 £45 £45 £46 £45

ton. Petersburgh Clean, 42 44 42 44 FLAX, Riga Thies. and Druj. Rak. 61 68 Dutch,

50 120 Irish,

52 53 MATs, Archangel, £6 0 £6 6

100. BRISTLES, Petersburgh Firsts, 16 10 £17

cwt. Ashes, Petersburgh Pearl, 63s Montreal ditto,

64s 66s 638 64s 576 60s
50 52

52 46

50 OIL, Whale, Uncertain.

tun. Cod, 55 (p.brl.)

£32 TOBACCO, Virginia fine, 113 12 | 11! 12 09 0 10 lb.

middling, 91 103 10 10! 0 6 06

inferior, 8 09 8 9. 5 COTTONS, Bowed Georgia,

1 6 19 1 62 1 9 Sea Island, fine,

2 6 2 8 2 44 2 6 good,

2 5 2 6 2 2 2 4

2 3 2 4 1 11 2 1 Demerara and Berbice,

1 10 2 0 1 9 2 18 West India,

7 1 8 1 7 Pernambuco,

2 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 Maranham,

2 111 11} 2 0




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Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 15s. 9d. Cerk, Dublin, or Belfast, 15s. Od. to 20s. Hamburgh, 12s. 6d. Madeira, 20s. Jamaica, 30s. to 35s. Greenland, out and home, 3$ guineas.

Course of Exchange.-Amsterdam, 38 : 2 B. 2 U. Ditto at eicht, 37: 8. Agio of the Bank on Holland, 2. Hamburgh, 35: 2:25. Paris, 24:50, 3 days. Altona, 34:3:25. Dublin, 124

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, £4:0:6. New doubloons, £3:15: 6. Foreign gold, in bars, £4:0:0. New dollars, £0:5:2. Silver, in bars, stand. £0:5:31

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31st July 1817, extracted from the London Gazette. Addington, J. Chesterfield, draper

Farrell, C. Gosport, linen-draper Allen, B. Liecester, fancy-trimming manufacturer Graham, J. Lambeth, rope-maker Abrahams, M. London, merchant

Gregory, J. Blackwall, butcher Astell, J. Leicester, butcher and mealman

Greenwood, J. Woodhouse, York, timber merchant Barker, S. Sheffield, cordwainer

Gill, H. R. Kenning-on-Cross, Surrey, coal-inerBarker, J. Sheffield, cordwainer

chant Bath, R. Commercial Road, Middlesex, rope-maker Griffiths,

W. Beaumaris, currier Beoran, L. C. Clifton, Gloucester, baker

Green, W. London, under-writer Benson, M. Guisborough, York, brewer

Harrison, J. Hesket, Cumberland, clerk Blackley, H. Sheldwick, Kent, grocer

Herbert, J. London, warehouseman Bleads, J. Chester, umbrella-maker

Hannaford, E. Plymouth, master-mariner Bone, H. North Shields, ship-owner

Hill, W. Birmingham, button-maker Brevitt, W. Darlaston, Stafford, butcher

Hollands, J. Westminster, builder Burgess, G. Manchester, woollen-draper

Hix, J. Godmanchester, draper Burn, J. Lothbury, London, merchant

Hay, N. London, merchant Brundred, B. Stockton, roller-maker

Hoseason, W. Jamaica, merchant Busst, J. Aston, near Birmingham, gun-barrel Jackson, T. Wath-upon-Dearne, York, grocer maker

Johnston, J. London, cheesemonger Biddle, J. Birmingham, factor

Jackson, W. Hanley, Stafford, druggist Coupland, J. Bristol, dealer

Jackson, G. jun. London, surgeon Cox, G. M. London, toyman

Kershaw, T. w. Southwark, linen-draper Chalk, W. New Sarum, baker

Knight, J. Castle Cary, Somerset, surgeon Clark, J. Tring, Hertford, baker

Lazarus, J. London, watchmaker Coppard, J. Midhurst, Sussex, baker

Leader, B. Bristol, earthenware dealer Curry, T. North Shields, ship-owner

Lobato, E. A. P. London, merchant Cole, J. Plymouth, rope-maker

Lynch, P. Liverpool, woollen-draper Davis, W. Birmingham, brass-founder

Lee, W. Rotherhithe, ship-chandler Davies, J. Shrewsbury, flax-spinner

May, W. Spittalfields, Middlesex, bombazeen weaver Deacon, B. Red Lion Square, Middlesex, earthen Matthews, J. Penzance, sail-maker wareman

Mann, R. & T. Liverpool, iron-hoop-makers Druitt, G. R. Winchester, linen-draper

Murrell, W. London, broker Elliott, G. Woodchurch, Kent, butcher

Mansel, T. Pembroke, apothecary Elston, G. South Shields, ship-owner

Marriott, G. Melton Mowbray, hörse-dealer
Eccles, T. Penkridge, Stafford, grocer

Nicholls, R. Bath, butcher
Edleston, J. Billinge, Lancaster, corn-dealer Nunn, R. Preston, boot and shoemaker
Elliot, C. sen. Kirkandrews-upon-Eden, wood Nice, T. London, linen-draper

Plant, R. Sunning, Berks, cattle-dealer
Entwisle, J. P. London, commission-agent

Plant, B. Birmingham, gun-barrel-maker Fleming, T. Liverpool, merchant

Prole, w. Georgeham, Devon, yeoman Fox, E. Saint George, Gloucester, horse-dealer Philips, D. London, stationer Fossett, M. H. Cooper, and E. Howard, Tun Papps, G. Bristol, hosier bridge, Kent and London, gunpowder manu Parker, C. W. Halifax, merchant facturers

Pardow, G. Coughton, Warwick, needle-maker Fawell, T. St Lukes, Middlesex, apothecary Roper, T. Northallerton, York, hardwareman Fennel, T. & W. Benstead, jup. London and Brus Ravenscroft, H. London, peruke-maker sels, merchants

Rees, W. Bristol, ship-owner

Reeve & Leigh, Manchester and London, ware Spall, G. London, coach-maker housemen

Slipper, J. Crostwick, Norfolk Sandmark, A. London, merchant

Tidswell, T. Stockton-upon-Trent, baker Scotland, R. South Shields, ship-owner

Thornbury, N., and E. Teylor, Stroud, Glouces. Sampson, J. D. Ipswich, silk mercer

ter, clothiers Smith, T. P. Bristol, whalebone brush-manufac Taylor, J. Ottery St Mary, Devon, smith turer

Wallace, W. Workington, ship-carpenter Smith, E. Derby, bleacher

Whitney, T. & H. Macclesfield, cotton-spinners Sherwin, J. Burslem, Stafford, iron-founder

Wilkie, C. & J. London, yeast merchants Sparkes, C. L. Southbersted, shop-keeper

White, T. North shields, merchant Smith, T. Wilsden, Yorkshire, dealer in wood Whittington, W. Handsworth, Statford, farmer Scrubsole, S. Liverpool, merchant

Wint, H. De, Stone, Stafford, surgeon Sizer, G. Holborn Hill, London, mercer

Wilson, J. Hanley Stafford, potter Stone, W. Milverton, scrivener

Weldon, J. London, warehouseman

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

31st July 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Brown & Niven, Edinburgh, hatters and hosiers and cattle-dealer; by John M'Clure, builder, Byars, J. Forfar, spirit-dealer

Crosshill, 21st August Hay, J. Delchirach, Banffshire, merchant

Gray, David, Kincardine, ship-builder; by James M•Allaster & Duncan, Glasgow, merchants

Turcan, ship-owner there, 15th August Monteith, Duncan, & Co. Glasgow, grocers Gray, George, Peterhead, merchant; by George M'Lellan, J. Castle Douglas, merchant

Yeats, advocate in Aberdeen, 17th August M'Clure, W. Kirkcudbright, merchant

Hutcheon, Alex. and Charles Nicol, Glasgow, merRussell, D. Durie Foundery, Fifeshire, founder chants; by John M'Gavin there, 22d August Rutherford, J. jun. Kelso, merchant-tailor

Lerro, Geo. Edinburgh, jeweller; by John Graham, Scott, W. Falkirk, merchant

jeweller there, 4th August Stevenson, C. Island of Islay, cattle-dealer

Macfadyen & Maccallum, Glasgow, merchants; Stewart, T. Leith and Glasgow, carrier

by P. Grierson, jeweller there, 6th August Thomson, A. Edinburgh, builder

Mackenzie, David, Peterhead, merchant; by Geo. White & Co. J. Glasgow, merchants

Yeats, advocate, Aberdeen, 17th August

M'Kellar, Duncan, Glasgow, merchant; by Mac DIVIDENDS.

pherson & M'Lachlan, writers there, 2d August

M Lachlan, D. & Co. Glasgow, hatters and hosiers; Calton Hill Foundery Company, Edinburgh; by by James Imbray, merchant there, 27th June

Wm Ford, Caledonian glass-work there, 13th Shannon, Stewart, & Co. Greenock, and Shannon, August

Livingston, & Co. Newfoundland; by John Dun. Crombie, John, Colinsburgh, merchant; by James lop, writer, Greenock, 10th August

Stevenson, merchant, Edinburgh, 16th August Sinclair, Alexander, Glasgow, vintner; by John
Christie, Alex. Aberdeen, merchant; by David Wright, Edinburgh, 11th August
Hutcheon, advocate there, 18th August

Smith, A. Ayr, writer, builder, and cattle-dealer : Dickie, Matthew, Pennyglen, near Maybole, grain by James Martin, writer there, 6th August


THE almost daily showers which have fallen since the date of our last Report, and for some time before, and the present very unsettled weather, have placed the prospect of harvest at a much greater distance than we then delighted to contemplate ; and the more weighty crops are at last beginning to fall to the ground. After a careful examination of very recent Reports, from Correspondents in almost every county in Britain, we are led to believe that the produce of the present season, in wheat, barley, and oats, is likely to be at least equal to an average on all early soils where sound seed had been sown ; but that even in these favourable circumstances the harvest must now be late. It will be near the end of the month before reaping becomes general in the south of England ; and in Scotland, the approach of the crops towards maturity has been so slow for these three weeks, that there is reason to fear the ensuing harvest will be almost as late as the last. Yet a month of clear warm weather, after so much rain, would rapidly change the hue of our fields, and call forth thousands from the abodes of poverty and despondence to the healthy and ani. mating toils of autumn. Beans and pease will yield a scanty produce. The hay crop has not been so weighty as was once expected. Hops, and fruits of every kind, and the seeds of clovers, cannot be productive. Turnips are now suffering from too much rain ; and, for a month past, little progress has been made in cleaning and dressing fallows. Potatoes are said to promise a very abundant crop, and, fortunately, a larger quantity has been planted than in ordinary seasons. Of all our crops, this is perhaps the one to which we may look with the most gratifying anticipations for the relief of the lower classes.

The corn markets have continued to decline, though but slowly, since the middle of last month, for which no other cause can be assigned, than the great importations of Foreign grain ; the effect of which, in reducing our prices, is now no longer counteracted by our exports to France, where the new crop begins to come into consumption. Butcher meat, as usually happens in the summer months, has fallen ; ' and cattle for grazing, owing to the abundance of the pastures, are in demand, at a considerable advance of price ; yet

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