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friesshire. At the British ambassador's March 15. At Lisbon, the Lady of Colo. hotel, Paris, Lieut. Thomas Lillie, of the nel A. Ross, a daughter.–17. At Rossie, 23d royal Welsh fusileers, youngest son of the' lady of Colonel Oliphant of Rossie, a J. Lillie, Esq. of Drimdoe, Ireland, to daughter. 18. At Cambdenhill, Kensing- Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Robert Hun. ton, the lady of Sir James M Gregor, a son. ter, Esq. of Kew, Surrey.--At Foyers, In-20. At Deal, the lady of Captain William verness-shire, Captain Thomas Fraser, 830 M\Culloch, R. N. a son.--21. At Mavis. regiment, to Miss Fraser, only daughter of bank-house, the lady of Major Charles Simon Fraser, Esq. of Foyers.-24. At M'Gregor, Toth "regiment, a daughter.- Rose Terrace, Perth, George Ballingall, 22. At Milton, Lady Hunter Blair, à son Esq. surgeon of the 33d regiment, to Jessie, and heir.-23. At Logie-Elphinstone, Mrs daughter of the late James Ballingall, Esq. Horn Elphinston, a son. 24. At Edin. of Perth. 27. At Ghent, Major Henry burgh, the lady of H. St George Tucker, Balneavis, 27th regiment, to Georgina, Esq. a son.-25. At Edinburgh, the lady second daughter of Colonel Graham, Lieut.of James Wedderburn, Esq. his Majesty's governor of St Mawes.-29. At Edinburgh, solicitor-general for Scotland, a son.-.-28. Frederick Mackenzie Fraser, Esq. captain, At Brighton, the lady of the Hon. D. M. 78th regiment, to Miss Emmeline Sophia Erskine, à son.-30. At Balloan, Mrs M.Leod, daughter of the late Alex. Hume, Fraser, Culduthil, a son. Lately, at Castle Esq. of Harris. Bona, Isle of Man, the Right Hon. Lady April 8. Lieut.-Colonel A. Anderson, Sarah Murray, a daughter. Lately, at the C.B.K.T.S. colonel of the 12th Portuguese seat of her father, Sir E. Harvey, K. C. B. infantry, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the lady of John Drummond, jun. Esq. of the late Thomas Bigge, Esq. of Bromptontwin sons.

row, Middlesex.-10. At St James's church, April 14. At the palace of the Bishop of London, Charles, Earl of March, eldest son Norwich, the lady of the Rev. Archdeacon of the Duke of Richmond, to Lady Caroline Bathurst, a daughter. At Lisson Grove, Paget, eldest daughter of the Marquis of North, the Countess of Rothes, a daughter. Anglesea.-17. Sir William Hoste, Bart, - 17. At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain R. N. to the Right Hon. Lady Harriett Barclay, R. N. a daughter.—18. At Clon. Walpole, daughter of the Earl of Orford.. caird Castle, the lady of Robert Cuningham, 24. At Edinburgh, Farquhard Campbell, Esq. a daughter.-19. At Dunse Castle, Esq. of Huntington, to Miss Penuel Jane the lady of William Hay, Esq. of Drum- Baillie, daughter of the late Hon. William melzier, a daughter...At Arbuthnot-house, Baillie of Polkemmet. At the house of his the Viscountess of Arbuthnot, a daughter. Grace the Duke of Wellington, Colonel -22. At Clumber Park, the Duchess of Hervey, aid-de-camp to the Prince Regent, Newcastle, a son.-26. At Houndwood. and military secretary of the Duke of Wel. house, the lady of Captain Coulson, R.N. a lington, to Louisa Catharine, daughter of daughter.-Ai Glen-Stewart, the Marchion. Richard Caton, Esq. of Maryland, U. S.ess of Queensberry, a daughter.

25. At Drumsheugh-house, Colonel Charles Fraser of Inveralochy and Castle Fraser,

M. P. to Jane, fourth daughter of Sir John March 15. At Guernsey, John Peddie, Hay of Smithfield and Haystoun, Bart.Esq. major of brigade to the forces of that 29. At Northumberland-house, London, island, to Louisa, daughter of the late Wil. Earl Percy, to Lady Charlotte Clive, eldest liam Peter Price, Esq.-19.

At Perth, Jameš daughter of Earl Powis.- Lately, Colonel Stewart Robertson, Esq. of Edradynate, to Cunyngham of Malshanger, to Miss Ger. Dorothea, youngest daughter of the late trude H. Kimpton, Brompton. Lately, Adam Stewart, Esq. of Cluny. At the Colonel James Campbell,

of the 94th regt. English ambassador's hotel, Paris, Thomas Ro Lady Dorothea L. Cuffe. Clifton, Esq. of Lytham-hall, Lancashire, to Mrs Campbell, widow of the late David

DEATHS. Campbell, Esq. of Kildaloig, Argyleshire. Jan. 27. - At Kingston, Jamaica, at the - 19. At Edinburgh, Robert Hunter, Esq. great age of upwards of 130 years, Lucretia late of the island of Jamaica, to Helén, Stewart, a free black woman.

She was youngest daughter of the late Patrick War. brought to that island a few days after the ner, Esq. of Ardeer.-20. At St George's dreadful earthquake which destroyed Port church, Hanover-square, London, Major. Royal in 1692, and had seen her fourth General Sir Thomas Sidney Beckwith, to generation. Mary, eldest daughter of the late Sir Wil. March 15. At Edinburgh, Lieut.-Col, liam Douglas, Bart. of Kelhead, Dum. J. Ainslie, of the Hon. East India Com


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JUNE 1817.


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ORIGINAL POETRY. Account of the Wernerian Natural His Sonnet to the Yew-tree (By the late Dr tory Society of Edinburgh ... 231 Leyden)

277 Communication from Colonel Mudgecom234 The Wreath.

macam ib. Account of Bowed Davie, the supposed Song

ib. Original of the Black Dwarf .235 The Burial of Sir John Mooremmanoma ib. Epistle of a Highland Chief

common 236 The Moss Rose (From the German of Oath of Bread and Salta ib. Krummacher)

mm 278 Remarks on the Humour of Ancient The Two Graves (From the German of Scottish Songs

1237 Klopstock) Experiment, by Mr Lauder Dick, relative to the Preservation of the Ve.

REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. getative Power in the Seeds of Plants 239 Lalla Rookh ; an Oriental Romance. Narrow Escape from drowning of the By Thomas Mooremaa

m.279 Blind and Deaf Boy, James Mitchell 240 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Extracts from a Communication to J. George Buchanan. By Dr Irving..286

C. Curwen, Esq. M.P. on the Relief The Craniad, or Spurzheim Illustrated ; of the Poorcomm

a. Poem

Origin of the Terms, Whig and Tory..246 Manfred ; a Dramatic Poem. By Lord
Tales and Anecdotes of the Pastoral Life, Byron

Anecdotes of the Inquisitioncamaronen .250
Sketches of Foreign Scenery and Man-

Quarterly Review, No 32 cananna 296 ners

0251 Edinburgh Review, No 55mmmmmm. 300 Letter from the late Dr M.Lagan, rela LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC

tive to the Compilation of a Gaelic INTELLIGENCEcammananana Dictionary

256 WORKS PREPARING for PUBLICATION 308 Letter of Dr Vincent respecting Dr MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICAAdam man

mm 260

min 310 Observations on Mr Wordsworth's Letter relative to a new edition of Burns'


261 FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE womanom315 Introduction to a Medical Report of PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT 319 Edinburgh 266 BRITISH CHRONICLE

323 Sketch of a Tradition related by a Monk Promotions and Appointments. in Switzerland maman

270 Commercial Report Account of Sir George Mackenzie's MS. Agricultural Reportmom

336 History of Scotland (By the Rev. Dr Meteorological Report.

338 M-Crie)

man273 Births, Marriages, and Deathsmannamin339

am 289

Manananana 247

mm 303

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To whom Communications (post paid) muy be addressed.

[OLIVER & BOYD, Printers, Edinburgh.]


The following Articles, which we have been under the necessity of postponing, shall, if possible, appear in our next : Car-Rock Stone Beacon' On the Study of some branches of Natural History' Attack upon Bergen-op-Zoom'

Danger of Early Attachments, a Tale;'-Continuations of the View-Hunter -Greek Tragedy-and Scottish Gypsies ;-Reviews of Grenfell's Speech of the Life of William Hutton'-of Miss Edgeworth's 'Comic Dramas' and of Colman's 'Eccentricities for Edinburgh.'

The communications upon · The Origin and Descent of the Gael - Etymology of the Alphabet Isle of Man'-Dangers of Good Fortune'- Origin of the Gypsies' Story of Colonel M'Gregor --Valley of the Voice of Fear, -and a number of poetical pieces, are under consideration.

Besides the paper by “Candidus,' noticed in our last, we have received various communications upon Dr Spurzheim's system-or rather upon the controversies to which it has given rise. Two of these now before us are ably written, but nevertheless inadmissible. They are opposite in their views of the subject, but equally objectionable on account of frequent and invidious personal reflections, We have no objection to insert another paper on Craniology, but only on con dition that the subject be treated exclusively upon its own merits as a philosophical discussion, and not as a party quarrel.

We have just received a valuable communication, entitled, “ On sitting be low the Salt, and the Stewarts of Allanton.' This able vindication of that ancient family was too late for our present Number, but it shall occupy a prominent place in our next.

From the press of materials requiring immediate attention, and the length of our Review branch, we have been obliged to leave over, till next month, the very excellent paper (already in types), entitled, ' Cursory Remarks on Music, and likewise our Select Extracts and Antiquarian Repertory.

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SOME ACCOUNT OF THE WERNERIAN to this view, it will be well to illus.

OF "trate its truth, and to trace the insen, EDINBURGH.

sible though progressive influence that

has been exercised on the minds of To determine the utility of Natural “many, by one enlightened, zealous, History, it is scarcely necessary to do and persevering individual. more than to enumerate its various The state of mineralogical knowbranches, by which it will be seen in ledge, within the last forty years, was its most convincing form. In truth, the confessedly low in every part of the * correctness of this opinion requires no world, as it consisted of little more proof, since the general attention which than an acquaintance with the more has, within a few years, been excited valuable substances, and of a catalogue to the study of every department of of localities. On the Continent of Exnatural knowledge, must have render- rope, the first steps towards improveed every illustration that can be offered ment were made; while, in our counperfectly familiar to our readers. This try, though so rich in its mineral treasa being the admitted fact, the impor- ures, scarcelya work appeared, with the "tance of all attempts to facilitate such exception of Williams' Mineral Kinga studies, to excite ardour, and to sti. dom, and Price's Cornwall, that con. mulate exertion, will be fully appre- tained accurate observations. Yet, in *ciated. Under the influence of this the midst of this most deplorable iga conviction, we make no apology for norance of the works of nature, her submitting to the public the following most secret mysteries were resolved sketch of the rise, progress, and pre- with a boldness and temerity scarcely sent state of the Wernerian Natural to be surpassed by the flights of Para"History Society of Edinburgh, as well celsus, or of Arnoldus de Ville Nova. as a few general observations on that It would be a fruitless and unprofita branch of natural history to which able task to give even a sketch of these some of its most distinguished mem- whimsical, though often ingenious, bers have hitherto devoted their ta fancies. lents. The history of this society is,

The individual to whom mineralin fact, so intimately blended with the ogy is most deeply indebted, is the progress of mineralogical science in well-known Werner of Freyberg. He Great Britain, as to make it impossi- has taught the vast importance of acble to notice the one and neglect the curate observation, and patient invesother. To this society, we, without tigation. He has shown, that in this hesitation, refer not only a large share science, as in every other, facts should of the enthusiasm that has been kin- not be made to bend to hypothesis ; dled, but some of the most interesting but that every man who wishes to obo observations on the internal structure tain accurate views, should begin his of Great Britain that have yet been career unfettered by theory-and that presented to the world. In addition the result must be a more accurate

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