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Christ our Head, Tract No.

212, p. 225. American Unitarian Associa- Concessions of Trinitarians re

tion, Twentieth Report, page specting 1 John v. 7, Tract 283.

213, p. 239. Auxiliary Associations, the Constitution of the Am. Uni

number formed, &c., 294. tarian Association, 323. Amendments of the 5th Arti- Clergymen Life Members of

cle of the Constitution, 323. the Association, 325.

[blocks in formation]

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Tract 206, p. 37, and Tract 287. 214, p. 263 ; his Remarks Destitute Societies and Des

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England, 303. Buffalo, N. Y., some account of Rev. Mr. Hosmer's So

E. ciety, 300. Burnap, Rev. Mr., of Balti

East Lexington, an appropriamore, some account of his

tion to the Unitarian Society society, 301. Bulfinch, Rev. Mr., his re

there, 288. marks at the Anniversary,

Eliot, Rev. Mr., of St. Louis, 316.

some account of his society,

301. Belvidere Academy, 321.


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