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Lincoln & Edmands, No. 53 Cornhill.

Buck's Treatise on Religious Experience : in which its na

ture, evidences, and advantages are considered, under the

following heads, viz. The nature of Religious Experience in general.--The advan

tages of Experience. The Young Christian's Experience. Experience of the Christian in middle age.- Distressing Experience.-On Happy Experience.--Remembrance of Past Experience. On the Relation of Experience.The Aged Christian's Experience.--Dying Experience.Advice respecting Experience. The evil of the want of Experience.

1,00 pa This work is recommended to the attentive perusal of

young Christians in particular, and to all who desire infor

mation relative to the true Christian Character. Cheap Repository Tracts, entertaining, moral, and relig

ious,Principally by Miss Hannah More, 3 vols, 3,00 Davies' Sermons, on important and interesting subjects, a new and complete edition, in 3 vols.

7,00 The following Clergymen have cordially recommended these

excellent Sermons. Edward D. Griffin. D. D.

J. Lathrop, D. d. West Soring field. Moses Stuart, A M.

Edward Payson, A. M. Portland. Leonard Woods, A. M.

J. Huntington, A. M. Boston. Eliphalet Pearson, L L. D.

John Codman, A. M. Dorchester. Jedidiab Morse, D. D. Charlestown. Zeph. S. Moore, A. m. Prof.D. Col. Samuel Worcester, A. M. Salem. Isaac S. Keith, D.D.Charleston, s.c. A. Hooker, A. . Goshen, Cun.

Andrew Flinn, A. M. do. R, Furman, D. D. Charleston, 8. c. John N. Abeel, D. D. New Bork. Davies' Select Sermons, 1 vol.

2,00 Doddridge's Sermons to Young People, On the importance

of the rising generation-Christ formed in the soul the foundation of hope-a dissuasive from keeping bad company--the young Christian invited to the Lord's tableihe orphan's hope-reflection of a parent on the death of a

wicked child-youth reminded of approaching judgment, 62 Doddridge's 10 Discourses on Regeneration,

87 Essay on the Inspiration of the Scriptures of the Old and

New Testament, by John Dick. To which is added, an Inquiry into the nature and extent of the Inspiration of the Apostles, by William Parry.

This work contains an able illustration of a very interesting subject, which probably has not sufficiently occupied the attention of christians. It is here attempted to show what is meant by Inspiration, and in what sense the sacred writers were inspired,


Essays to do Good, addressed to all Christians, whether in

public or private capacities. By the late Cotton Mather, D. D. F. R. S. of Boston. A new edition, improved by George Burder, author of the Village Sermons.

75 French Testament, a handsome edition, from the English stereotype edition,

1,50 Gospel Hymns, an original Collection, by John Kent; to

which is acided, an Appendix, containing a number of select Hymns. Very convenient size, and happy subjects for conference meetings,

50 Life of Col. Gardiner, a handsome edition, with an Appendix,

relating to the ancient family of the Munroes of Fowlis, an Elegy on the Colonel's death, and Dr. Doddridge's Sermon on the occasion,

1,00 Mason's Spiritual Treasury for the children of God, consist

ing of a reflection for every morning and evening in the year, from select texts of scripture, 2 vols. 12mo. 2.50

Those whose hopes centre iu a crucified Saviour, will find this a pleasant companion for their retired moments. Tappan's (Professor) Sermons, and Lectures on Jewish Antiquities, 2 vols. 8vo.

4.00 Village Sermons, by George Burder. Consisting of 65 short

and plain discourses, particularly adapted to families or conference meetings in country villages, 3 vols.

2,25 Cowper's Poems, in 2 vols. and 3, various prices. The T'ask, by Cowper,

87 Select Tracts, by Miss Hannah More,

1,00 Two Wealthy Farmer's, do.

75 Trial of Antichrist, otherwise the Man of Sin, for High Trea

son against the Son of God. Tried at the Sessions House of truth, before the Rt. Hunourable Divine Revelation, Lord Chief Justice : The Hon. Justice Reason, of the said Court ; and the Hon. Justice History. By a friend of St. Peter.



Have also for sale, DR. GILL'S COMMENTARY, 9 vols. quarto. SCOTT'S COMMENTARY, royal octavo, in 6 vols. printed on

paper of three different qualities. SCOTT’S COMMENTARY, handsomely printed in quarto, 5

yols. With and without Butterworth's Concordance, and valu

able Maps. DR. ADAM CLARKE'S COMMENTARY, an original work,

elegantly printed, to be comprised in 20 or 30 numbers, at

1,50 per Number. BROWN'S Dictionary of the Bible,

7.00 BUCK'S Theological Dictionary, SIMEON'S Helps to Composition ; being 600 Skeletons of Sermons,



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