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I have also taken the opportunity of including in the appendix, some papers respecting the proposal of establishing a tribunal for the purpose of restoring the ancient distinction between superior and inferior courts. These consist of the draft of an act prepared by myself many years ago, and of which copies have been, at various times, submitted to the attention of several persons in authority ;-the copy of a bill introduced by Lord Redesdale into the House of Lords in 181C;-and a letter to that noble lord upon the difference in the objects and regulations of the respective plans. This article may be, in some degree, regarded as an appendage to the provisions in the Slatute of Gloucester, prohibiting suits for goods in the king's courts under 40s, and is referred to in the note to that Statute accord. ingly.— The importance of the subject is very considerable, and if it should ever engage the attention of the legislature, -I flatter myself with the hope, that the enquiries respecting it may be assisted by a perusal of the pieces now submitted to their attention.

The plan of this work had been completely framed, and a very considerable progress made in the execution, before the appearance of Mr. Gabbett's publication, entitled “ A Digested Abridgement and Comparative View of the Statute Law of England and Ireland."The design and character of the respective publications are, in some respects, similar, but in others there is a material difference.—Independently of the particular distinction of Mr. Gabbett's Digest, as including the Irish Statutes, it contains a more extensive range of subjects, which are classed under the precise titles of the chapters in Blackstone's Commentaries. The enactinents are extracted from the several Statutes as referable to that order, without bringing the whole contents of each particular act together, as they appear in the staluie book, which (subject to the exceptions that have noticed) is the general course adopted in this collection. The notes, which are a material part of the present work, are not included in the plan of the other.-Since Mr. Gabbett's Digest appeared I have frequently availed myself of its assistance, and have every reason to bear testimony in favour of the skill and accuracy which are manifested in its execution. Some references have been made in the notes of this work to the information derived from Mr. Gabbett with respect to the enactments of the Irish Parliament upon similar subjects, and these references would have been much more general and frequent if I could have commanded a greater leisure from other avocations.


Such are the nature and objects of the work which is now submitted to the candour of the public.—Having devoted to it a considerable portion of time and attention I cannot but feel an anxious wish for its favourable reception. The utility of the design has been very generally acknowledged : frequent enquiries have been made respecting its progress by respectable individuals with whom I have no personal acquaintance or connection, and allusions have been made to it in the course of parliamentary discussion, by which I have been equally gratified and obliged. I am perfectly aware that in many respects, I shall stand in need of indulgence, but I indulge the hope, that the collection, with the accompanying notes, will be found, in a considerable degree, to have accomplished the purposes for which they are intended, and in case of any subsequent editions, shall be happy to avail myself of any suggestions for their correction and improvement.


X. B. The Titles only are inserted of the Numbers marked,

P. Denotes that Part of the Statute only is inserted.
Where any Part of the Title is in black Letter, it denotes thọ

Part inserted.
The Acts numbered in Brackets have been casually omitted,

or passed during the Progress of the Work, and will be

noticed in the Addenda.
The Letter N. denotes that there is a general Note on the

Subjept of the Class or Number.

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