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Sometimes the Bard wou'd ftrike the tuneful Lyre
With Pindar's Judgment, Strength and Fire:
Then wou'd he foften Man to Love and Wine,
Anacreon-like, melodious and divine.

Like Horace, how in lofty Lyrick Odes
Sublimely foaring, he convers'd with Gods.
O happy Soul, how gloriously endu'd!
His Thoughts, his Actions always great and good;
His Pleasure Study. Thus his noble Mind

To Learning, not to Grandeur, was inclin'd:
He ftrove to fly from a precarious Fate,
And thought that to be curs'd, was to be great.
All his Ambition was a little Seat,
From Courts and factious Rage a fafe Retreat,
There to enjoy a Confort chafte and fair,
Such as Cornelia or Eudocia were.

Part of his Wifh, the little Seat he gain'd,
The latter, better Part, he ne'er obtain❜d.

"Had the deferving Bard, like thee, been blefs'd, "And of a Confort, fuch as thine, poffefs'd; "Like thee enjoy'd the greatest Good of Life, "A tender, beauteous, loving, virtuous Wife; cc Cowley had ftill the Mark of Envy been, "Of Husbands now, as of the Witling then.



in the Shade

With Arms acrofs, and Head reclin'd:
Pale Looks accus'd the cruel Maid,
And Sighs reliev'd his Love-fick Mind.
His tuneful Pipe all broken lay,

Looks, Sighs and Actions feem'd to say,no del
My Chloe is unkind.


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Why ring the Woods with warbling Throats?
Ye Larks, ye Linnets, ceafe your Strains.
I faintly hear in your fweet Notes

My Cloe's Voice, that wakes my Pains.
Yet why thou'd you your Songs forbear?
Your Mates delight your Songs to hear,
But Chloe mine difdains.


As thus he melancholy stood,
Dejected as the lonely Dove,

Sweet Sound broke gently through the Wood.
I feel a Sound, my Heart-ftrings move;
"Twas not the Nightingale that fung:
No, 'tis my Chloe's fweeter Tongue.
Hark! hark! what fays my Love.


How fimple is the Nymph, fhe cries,
Who trifles with her Lover's Pain:
Nature still speaks in Womens Eyes,
Our artful Lips are made to feign.
O Daphnis, Daphnis, 'twas my Pride,
"Twas not my Heart, thy Love deny❜d:
Gome back, dear Youth, again.


As t'other Day my Hand he feiz'd,
My Blood with trickling Motion flew:
Sudden I put on Looks difpleas'd,
And hafty from his Hold withdrew.
'Twas Fear alone, thou fimple Swain;
Then, hadft thou prefs'd my Hand again,
My Heart had yielded too.


'Tis true, thy tuneful Reed I blam'd,
That fwell'd thy Lip and rofy Cheek;
Think not thy Skill in Song defam'd:
That Lip fhou❜d other Pleasure seek.
Much, much thy Mufick I approve;
Yet break thy Pipe, for more I love,
Much more, to hear thee speak.


My Heart forebodes that I'm betray'd;
Daphnis I fear is ever gone.
Laft Night with Delia's Dog he play'd:
Love by fuch Trifles firft comes on.
Now, now, dear Shepherd, come away;
My Tongue wou'd now my Heart obey.
Ah, Chloe, thou art won!


The Youth stepp'd forth with hafty Pace,
And found where wifhing Chloe lay.
Shame fudden lighten'd in her Face;
Confus'd, fhe knew not what to say.
At laft, in broken Words, the cry'd,
To-morrow you in vain had try'd,
But I am loft to day.

Lara GIBSONI Soboles, capaci
Qui refers tantum ingenio Parentem ;
O novum Etone decus, & tuæ fpes


Altera gentis!

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Ad JOHANNEM GIBSON, Schola Etonenfis Alumnum.

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Cernis, ut gratus ftudeam videri,
Dum, tuis captus numeris, repono
Impares, defueta diu retractans


Munera Mufæ.

At tuo magni modo vox Maronis
Fulminat verfu, modo Nafo mollis
Ludit, aut Cycnus Venufinus alta

Nubila tranat.

Quàm velim tecum (modo Fata vellent!)
Denuo facros iterare cantus
Templa quà mufis viridefq; fedes

Pandit Etona!

O tuas, prædulcis Etona, fedes
Quas alit pulchro Thamefis Buento
Quas colit Phœbus, facili & miniftrat

carmina venâ!

Fida dux olim mihi tu Juventæ,
Sed tuis juffis malefidus ipfe;
Tamq; fælici (pudet heu!) parente in-
dignus Alumnus..

Te tamen, fiquid loquar audiendum,
Grata vox unam celebrare geftit;
Et tibi quæ tutè dabas rependet

Dona Camana.

At mali quid Fama fufurrat audax ?
Caftra Mufarum trepidant tumultu
Bellico En ipfum coit in Magiftrum
Turba rebellis.


* The Scholars of Eaton had at that time bid defiance to the Mafter, and openly •ppos'd him.

Quid, Puer, vanos agitas furores?
Projice imbellis fera tela: Marti
Diffidet Phoebus; piaq; inter arma

Mufa filefcit.

Heu breves veftri, Juvenes, triumphi!
Intonat fæva fcutica Magifter,
Et graves pœnas repetit flagellis

Corpore fecto.

Interim te lætor, Amice, tantæ
Temet immunem tenuiffe culpæ:
Sic decet veftrum genus, ac piorum
Juffa Parentum.

Gaudeo & fratri veteres triumphos.
∗ Jam novis auctos: premit æmulus te,
Ac tibi fefe probat effe plufquam

Stirpe Gemellum.

Nempe cum mox Oxonium, fuove
Alma te Mater gremio fovebit;
Hunc fuum, poft te, fchola jactitabit

Proximum honorem.

* His Brother had not long fince been removed higher in the School, as had the young Gentleman himself fome time before.

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The prefent State of Affairs in EUROPE.


HAT Our News, and the political Reflections we shall hereafter make, may be the better understood, it will be neceffary to give the Reader a fhort, but juft Idea of the prefent Pofture of Affairs, and of the different Views and Interefts that are purfuing in Europe, and fome other Parts of the World.

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