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The exterior is principally of brick-work, but has rustic quoins and other facings of Portland stone. At the west end is a tower, surmounted by a clock spire, rising to the height of about 150 feet. The interior is divided into a nave, and two aisles, by a double range of Corinthian columns, placed on square panelled piers, which serve also to support the galleries ; from these pillars spring a semicircular arched roof, divided into sunk and enriched panels, and intersected by arches Winch run through to the external walls. At the east end, over the altar, is a large window, originally designed for Raffaelle's celebrated Transfiguration: it consists of two stories of columns, the lowermost of which is of the Corinthian order ; the upper (the centre intercolumniation of which is connected by a semicircular arch) is of the Composite order. The body of the church, which is 84 feet in length, 68 feet in breadth, and 10 feet in height, is capable of containing 2,000 persons, with ease and comfort. The organ, which is of superior excellence, was the gift of Queen Mary in 1691 ; it is said to have been made by order of King James, and designed for his Catholic Chapel at Whitehall. The carving of the altar-piece is the work of that celebrated artist, Gribelin Gibbons, and is deserving of great praise, particularly the foliage. The enclosure of the altar is of white marble, ornamented with pierced scrolls of bronze. *

• The scrolls were formerly of marble, but during some late

s of the irch, they were so much lated as to require

The Baptismal Font, also from the chisel of Gibbons, is a most beautiful specimen of art. It is sculptured in white marble, and is between four and five feet in height; the circumference at the top of the basin is about six feet. The shaft which supports it represents the Tree of Life, with the serpent twining round it, and offering the fatal apple to Eve, who, together with Adam, are reclining against it: these figures, which are most delicately sculptured, are about eighteen inches in height. On the basin are sculptured three scriptaral subjects in basso-relievo: viz.-St. John baptizing our Saviour, the baptizing of the Eunuch by St. Philip, and the Ark of Noah, with the dove bearing the olive branch, the type of peace to mankind. There seems formerly to have been a pipe passing down the shaft from the interior, secured by a plug, in order to carry off the water. This font, as appears from the annexed print (copied from Vertue's engraving) had formerly a suspended cover, ornamented with foliage, and surmounted by the figure of an angel in the act of flying, above which, on the chain which suspended it, were a group of four cherubs.*

Evelyn, in his "Diary," thus notices the altar of this church" December 16th, 1684, I went to see the

removal, when their place was supplied by similar ones in bronze.

This cover is said to have been stolen about thirty years ago; but, however that may be, it was subsequently hung up as a kind of sign, at a spirit shop, in the immediate neighbourhood of the Church.

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New Church at St. James's, elegantly built; the altar was especialy adorn'd, the white marble enclosure curiously and richly carved, the flowers and garlands about the walls, by Mr. Gibbons, in wood; a pelican, with her

young at her breast, just over the altar, in the carv'd compartment and border, invironing the purple velvet fringed, with I. H. S. richly embroder'd, and most noble plate, were given by Sir R. Geere, to the value (as was said) of £200. There was no altar any where in England, nor has there been any abroad, more handsomely adorned.”


On part of the ground now occupied by Lincoln's Inn, the Friars Preachers, or Black Friars, had formerly an establishment, or House, as the phrase was. That Order first came into England, in 1221, and settled “ without the Wall of the City, by Oldbourne, pear unto the old Temple." Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, was a great benefactor to this foundation, to which he gave his palace at Westminster, and was afterwards buried in their church ; Margaret, the widow of Geffery, Earl Marshall, and sister to the King of Scotland, was also interred there. - In the yeere 1250,” says Stow, “ the Fryers of this Order of Preachers, thorough Christendome, and from Jersusalem, were by a Conuocation assembled together, at this their house by Oldbourne, to entreat of their estate, to the number of 400, hauing meate and drinke found them of Almes, because they had no possessions of

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