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Vernon stigmatized by Lord Byron as “the Butcher."

..Anniversary of bis Birth-day.

Provisions in Queen Elizabeth's Reign


Prices of Provisions from an old Household account for

the years 1594 and 1595.

Walk of Robin Conscience through London


Analysis and Extracts from the satirical ballad of

“ Robin Conscience, or Conscionable Robin," illus-

tratiog the habits of the Londoners,

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Eustcheap, and the Boar's Head Tavern


Abode of Dame Quickly..“ London licke Penny," a

satirical song.. Geoffrey Crayon.. The Boar's Head

the Chief Tavern in London'..Goldsmith's “ Re-

verie”.. Anecdote of the Princes Thomas and John,

sons of Henry IV.. Epitaph Robert Preston, the

Boar's Head Drawer

Westminster Abbey.--Monument of the Great Earl of



Designed by Bacon.. Description of the Monument,

and critical remarks.. Anecdote of George III.

Fire of London,-Conduits destroyed


Quaint account of the “ Spoiling of the City Conduits."

Parish Churches erected in London, by Sir Christopher

Wren, after the Great Fire


Sir Christopher Wren appointed Assistant Surveyor-

General to Sir John Denhamn.. Succeeds him in

office.. Enumeration of Parish Churches erected by

Sir Christopher.. Cost of Building each..Other Pub-

lic Works erected by the same Architect. . Repairs

of Westminster Abbey.

St. Paul's Cathedral.- Walkers in Paul's .


Disorderly Conduct in St. Paul's. . Ancient Inscription

on the doors. . St. Paul's, a thoroughfare for Porters.

..Lines for Donations.. Irreverent practices in the

time of Elizabeth..Houses built against the walls.

Great Plague of London.-Story of the Blind Piper. 74-76

Anecdote of the Blind Piper, as related by De Foe.

Merchant Taylors' Company and Hall


Origin of the Company.. Confirmation from Edward I.

..The Pilgrim.. Incorporated by Edward IV.. Rein-

corporated by Henry VII. .Members of the Company

..Splendid Entertainment given to James I... History

and Description of the Hall. . Extracts from the

Company's books, relating to the above Entertain.


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God save the King, and Non nobis Domine.- Epitaph

on Sal. Pavy


Mr. Richard Clarke's origin of our National Anthem,

“God save the King”..“ Non nobis, Domine,” com-

posed by William Byrde.“ God save the King" at-

tributed to Dr. Bull, by Mr. Clarke, but erroneously.

Epitaph on S.P. (Salomon Pavy), by Ben Jonson..

Some account of that youth.

Pentonville, and St. James's Chupel


Origin of the name of Pentonville.. Chapel erected..

Description of the Chapel.

Clothworker's Company and Hall


Cloth worker's Company Incorporated by Edward IV.

Reincorporated by Queen Elizabeth.. Description

of the Hall

Forced Loans in Queen Elizabeth's Reign


Benevolences, and forced Loans. . Assessment on the

City Companies in Queen Elizabeth's reign.

Westminster Abbey.-Shrine of St. Edward the Con-

fessor .


Chapel of Edward the Confessor, Edward's decease;

and offerings made at his tomb by William the

Norman..Coronation of William.. Miracles and

Canonization of King Edward. . Translation of his

remains by Archbishop Becket; and retranslation

into the New Shrine, erected by Henry IlI..The

Shrine described.. Inscriptions. . Mistakes as to the

Italian artist Cavalini. . Reliques deposited in St.

Edward's chapel.. Veneration of his memory..

Particular observances on St. Edward's Day..

Mortal seizure of Henry IV..Offerings at St. Ed-

ward's shrine after the victory at Azincourt. .Offer-

ings of Edward IV.. Oblations of Richard III.

Westminster Abbey, ancient Coronation Chair, and

Prophetic Stone


Coronation Chair..Prophetic or Fatal Stone. . Tradi-

tionary story of its having been Jacob's pillow..

Account of this Stone by Fordun, in his “Scolo

Chronicon”.. Account of, by Holinsbed. .Mentioned

in the manuscript additions to Robert of Gloucester's

Chronicle. .History of the Stove in “ Wintownis

Chronikil”..Brought into Ireland.. Its property of

issuing sounds.. Taken into Scotland. Inclosed in a

wooden chair.. Last of the Scottish kings crowned in

this seat. . Removed from Argyle to Scone, by Ken-

neth II..Conveyed to London by Edward I.. Vast

importance attached to it by the Scots.. Conference

between Edward III. and David, King of Scotland..

Description of the Prophetic Stone.. Its mineralo.
gical character.. How described by ancient Histo-
rians.. Coronation Chair made in Edward the First's
reign.. Description of the same in its ancient and

present state. .Coronation of Charles II. . Chair made

for the coronation of Queen Mary.

Fishmongers' Company and Hall


Junction of the two companies of Salt and Stock Fish-

mongers. . Incorporated by Henry VIII. . Fined in

the reign of Edward I..Strong prejudice excited

against them.. Disputes between the Company and

the Goldsmiths.. Their Hall destroyed by the Fire

of London. . Rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren..

Pulled down in 1827.. Statue in wood of Sir William

Walworth, Knt..Lines beneath the statue.. Sir Wil-

liam's burial, and funeral pall..Pictures.

Great and Little Turnstiles, Holborn


Derivation of the two Turnstiles.. Books published at

the Turning Stile in Holborn. .Strype's account of

Great Turnstile. . New Turnstile.

Deanery at Westminster ---Jerusalem Chamber, and

Death of Henry IV... College Hall and Kitchen 126-130

Deanery, formerly the abode of the Abbots of West-

minster. .built by Abbot Litlington.. Pictures in the

Deanery..Painted Glass. . Tapestry. . Painting of
Richard II.. Death of Heary IV. in the Jerusalem
Chamber.. The College Hall, now Dining Hall of

the Westminster Scholars., The Abbot's Kitchen.

Vintners' Compiiny and Hall

130, 134

Vintinarij and Tabernarij. .Price of Gascoigne and

Rhenish wines.. Merchant Vintners.. Privileges

granted to the Vintners' Company.. Vintners' Hall.

.. Stody Place. . Destroyed by the fire. .Description

of the present edifice.. the Court Room.. Portraits.

..An Aldermannic Jeu d'Esprit.

Bishopsgate Street.- Mansion, and Biographical Sketch of

Sir Paul Pindar


Mansion of Sir Paul..bis family.. apprenticed to an

Italian mercbant. .appointed Ambassador to the

Grand Seignor..made a Farmer of the Customs..

furnishes the Crown with Money and Jewels..large
Diamond..his Manufactory of Alum.. his immense
riches..Suicide of his Executor.. Buried at St. Bo-
tolph's, Biskopsgate..bis Leaden Coffin..his Gifts

towards the repairing of St. Paul's.

Ben Jonson's Masque of ChristmusPlaces in Lon-

don in James the First's Reign


Masque “presented at Court" in 1616..The Drama.

tis Personæ. . Extracts from the song of Old Christ-

mas..Bosom's Inn..Fill-pot Labe. .Scalding Alley

..Distaff Lane. . Pur Alley..Honey Lane.. Thread-

Deedle Screet. . Penny Rich Street. .Crooked Lane.

Clothworkers' Company and Hall


Incorporation of the Clothworkers by Edward the

IVth; and Reincorporation by Queen Elizabeth..

Clothworkers' Hall. .Screen..Carved Statues of

James I. and Charles I.

Decapitation of Lady Jane Grey


Lady Jane beheaded in 1554..Her heroism, as stated

hy Howes.. Account of her bebaviour on the Scaf-

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