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Group of Armour.

W. L. Taylor “ 'Twas more than midnight now W. L. Sheppard . “ What a sight was there before her !”

W. L. Sheppard . Decorative Border

W. L. Taylor “ And Zelica was left”.

W. L. Taylor “One morn a Peri at the gate Kenyon Cox “Fleeter than the starry brands ” Kenyon Cox “ Swiftly descending on a ray” Kenyon Cox “ And sleek'd her plumage at the fountain ”

Kenyon Cox “ Poor race of men

Kenyon Cox She, who would rather die with him

Kenyon Cox “The bright spirit at the gate smiled”.

Kenyon Cox “ Watching the rosy infants play” Kenyon Cox “ The ruin'd maid, the shrine pro

Kenyon Cox * Bidding the bright-eyed sun farewell”

F. T. Merrill “One who will pause and kneel unshod"

F. T. Merrill “ 'Tis she, the Emir's blooming child”

F. T. Merrill “ Beautiful

are the maids that glide”

F. T. Merrill “I never nursed a dear gazelle”. F. S. Church “I take him cool sherbets and flowers ”

F. T. Merrill “I am of that impious race

F. 1. Merrill “My signal lights! - I must away

W. St. J. Harper Again she sees his pinnace fly” W. St. J. Harper Architecture.

Frank Myrick Architecture.

Frank Myrick “ Of sainted cedars on its banks J. A. Fraser

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“ A rocky mountain o'er the sea W. J. Mozart “ A deep and wizard glen ” . W. J. Mozart

Persian lily shines and towers”.

J. A. Fraser “She fancied she was sailing ” J. A. Fraser Sleeps the grim wave

W.). Mozart “ Once more to see her dear gazelles”

E. L. Weeks “She sits all lovely in her gloom E. L. Weeks “ The stilly hours when storms are gone”

W. J. Mozart “A group of warriors in the sun Walter Satterlee .

Uplifted by the warrior throng” Walter Satterlee . “ But vainly did those glories

G. R. Barse 6. The warriors shout that dreadful

G. R. Barse “ The mighty ruins where they stood”.

W. L. Taylor “ A ponderous sea-horn hung” F. H. Lungren “ As their coursers charged the wind"

F. H. Lungren “ No pearl ever lay under Oman's

W. L. Taylor They'll weep for the maiden who sleeps in this wave

W. L. Taylor “In this delightful solitude" J. A. Fraser The Light of the Harem

W. H. Low. * Like broken clouds"

W. H. Low. “O you that have the charge of love

W. H. Low . “He wanders joyless and alone" W. H. Low. “ New-blown lilies of the river" W. H. Low. * No sooner

the flowery crown

W. H. Low . “ And hourly she renews the lay” W. H. Low . “ When the first star of evening” W. H. Low.



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